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Click on any of the Success Story headings to see the animals we helped save. Enjoy all the happy endings and beginnings.

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Sunday Smiles

North Dallas, DASH Dog Rescue Today we helped our friends at DASH Dog Rescue in North Dallas. They do so much, and though they concentrate on Aussie Shepherds, they always have a diverse line-up of breeds in their care because, well, that’s the way rescue goes. Right now they are desperate for foster homes. If […]

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Weekend Wescue News

Happy Saturday Everybody! And of course we try to make it even happier for needy animals. This week we made a Little Guy Grant to a fund set up by a dedicated facebook friend, to build a shelter for FIFTY feral cats. Our friend and her husband have spent their lives caring for thousands of […]

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Start the Week by Rescuing!

Collin County, TX As long as we have a little bit of money, we help with some kind of rescue, somewhere, every day. Today we are helping our individual rescue partner Louann Smith with this sweet boy in Collin County, TX. He was left behind in a cage, outside a home about to be foreclosed […]

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Some June Rescue Sunshine

Very often, individual rescuers do more to rescue animals than some of the huge, national rescue groups who spend zillions of your donations on publicity and fundraising. My Brooklyn, N.Y. compadre, Alicia E., has been working in rescue as long as I can remember, and I’m remembering back about twenty years. Today, we helped her […]

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More Memorial Week Rescues

McKinney, TX – At the height of the foreclosure crisis, so many animals nationwide were left behind in empty homes, we named them “The Foreclosure Dogs and Cats”. If only people had turned them in, instead of leaving them abandoned, where they starved and got weak and sick, we could have spent our limited funds […]

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Elayne, Tommy Chong, Shelby Chong, Bill Siddons at the wonderful Wildlife Waystation

Tails of Joy Newsletter — Summer 2016

Happy Summer Everybody! We hope it was a fun and happy one. Time to check in again and show you how your generosity and support help us save so many lives all year. We thank our monthly donors, and all our donors, and we thank everyone who donated to Elayne’s Birthday Wish this August (It’s not […]

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