Summer Newsletter

Happy Hot Summer Everybody,

We hope you and your pets are staying cool and comfortable. Thank you all for your continued support that helps us rescue as many animals as possible all across the country, in Mexico, and beyond. As always, below we share the happy outcomes you helped us achieve. We never post the stuff that makes you turn away. That’s for the rescuers to deal with, you deserve to see the joy you helped make possible. All the organizations listed below received a Little Guy Grant from Tails of Joy. They range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, thanks to you.

We did it! Thanks to all our rescue work this year we again qualified as a Great Non Profit. Thank you to all who recommended us. Feel free to write a blurb for us too.

Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers

They themselves say it best: “We train rescue dogs as service dogs for soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. We name the dogs in honor of fallen soldiers and carefully pair the dogs with veterans to allow a better life for both soldier and dog. We work with teens in a juvenile detention facility to train the dogs.” That is a win-win-win that we are happy to support.

Golden Years Animal Sanctuary


A wonderful, caring organization saving every type of senior, disabled, abused, neglected, homeless animal and providing a forever home at the sanctuary.

We’re still providing food and treats for Caper at his foster’s home until he can get adopted. He is such a great dog. Check him out!

Adopt Caper! Email

Coy Granda Rescatista Independiente

(Coy Granda, Independent Rescuer in Mexico) 

Tails of Joy sends food and supplies. Coy does an amazing job of rescuing the neediest and getting them to their forever homes.

Dolly’s Dream Home Rescue


Maybe it’s my eternal love for Bugs Bunny, but we love helping rabbit rescues and these wonderful women do a great job. The bunnies may be smaller animals but it takes just as much money to rescue them.

Boxer Coffee – Ships Nationwide

The BEST coffee at the BEST price and they support Tails of Joy rescue when you buy. Check it out. You will love it.

Animal Recovery Mission

Animal abuse investigators worldwide.

“Established in 2010, The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is a vanguard not-for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating extreme animal cruelty operations worldwide. Our mission is to be an uncompromising defending force for the welfare of animals and to put an end to and prevent pain, suffering, and torture inflicted as a result of inhumane practices.

ARM implements direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and expose illegal activities of animal cruelty. The organization’s primary goals are to improve the quality of life for animals and educate the public. The result will raise awareness of the unforeseen ethical, social, and environmental implications of animal abuse and produce effective changes in the treatment of defenseless animals.”

Peeps, their work is incredible. Please visit their website and sign their petitions. Thank you.

Remember to choose Tails of Joy as your charity on and then start your online shopping there every time. You will be saving lives at no cost to you. Thank you!

Rescue Dogs Lebanon – Canada

From Lebanon to Canada

I met flight attendant Cynthia Ashkar on my flight back to LA from the middle east. She had just started bringing desperate dogs to Canada from Lebanon, where dogs are not held in much esteem. They were all often brutalized, yet they arrived and were ready to give and receive love. Since then this great organization has rescued and placed over 600 dogs and many disabled cats. We love supporting them.

Adopt us!

Jann Karam, independent cat rescuer


I’ve known Jann for years as a great comic, and like some other comics (ahem), she has completely taken to rescue. Jann and her rescue partners are out there on the front lines, day and night, doing the hardest work; feeding and trapping the colonies of street cats to take to vets to get them spayed, neutered, vaccinated, treated, adopted or released back into the colonies to cut down the stray cat population. She and her team are tireless and amazing and many short hard lives will be prevented because of them. We help provide food and vet care.

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Facebook Birthday Wish for Tails of Joy

Thank you so much  Kelly Richard Taylor for benefitting Tails of Joy with your facebook Birthday Wish! Because you were born such a loving and generous soul, many lives were saved. Happy Birthday! Hey Peeps, you can always set up a facebook birthday wish to benefit the charity of your choice. Even us!

Terri Hamel, independent cat (and dog) rescuer.


Terri helps feed about 200 cats daily in her rounds of feral colonies to trap, spay, treat, neuter, and return or get adopted. We provide shipments of food for her to use and to give out to her partners to make the whole thing work. We also help pay vet bills for cats and dogs she rescues. We pay for everything they need; spay, neuter, shots, meds, etc.

Scruffy, a nice doggie who needed vet care. 

Scruffy needed some vet help, and her mommy is a huge cat rescuer! Now  Scruffy is a smiley girl.


Sometimes a rescuer needs help for her own dog. We helped our friend Maria at Tailwaggers Rescue in Oregon with vet bills for her dog Nicki. We are always here to rescue the rescuers.

Help Animals in Impoverished Rural Communities for Cat Utopia (dogs too)

Pacific Northwest

Shaindel Beers, Cindy Spiess, and Carol Boggs go to trailer parks, abandoned homes and trailers, poor areas, and find hundreds of desperate cats and dogs needing life saving immediate rescue. They do incredible rescue work, and we are very happy to help make it possible.

Below: “She was possibly hit by a car (or dumped on a country road) with a dislocated hip and was living in a drain pipe. We had to humanely trap her and raise money for her surgery.”

And cats, always always always cats….

BFF Pet Rescue


They rescued eight out of time pups from the shelter and we paid for vetting them and whatever was needed.


Great comic and great friend Robin Tyler asked us to donate to her friends’ dog Cody who had a spinal stroke. We did. Robin raised so much for us with her facebook birthday wish. We always give it back when needed. Every little bit helps. Link here.

Get well soon Cody!

Baja Animal Sanctuary

Mexico, California

One of our favorite rescue/sanctuary organizations. Always happy to donate to them for their great work. And…. they just volunteered to mentor and help our rescue partner Maria in Mexico. They also offered to take three dogs Maria could not place and we offered to sponsor. Maria drove hours and hours in the heat to get there so Baja could make sure these dogs get their perfect forever homes. We also paid their vet and boarding bills.

And of course we’re still paying vet bills and sending out food and supplies to the dogs/cats who were adopted under our Christmas offer of support for a full year. 

We are able to provide widespread spay/neuter thanks to our shero Julie Bell, who left a large bequest to us for the “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy“. Julie has been gone several years now, but her name, legacy and good works live on through us. Please don’t die but please put us in your will so we can continue good works in your name.

Support our supporters.

Our good friend and board member Steve Bluestein has a new book out. Perfect summer beach reading with much laughter as always. “49 1/2 Shades of BLUE …stein” available on Amazon

Keep those paws cool in the high heat of summer. Be safe and well everyone and we’ll see you next time.



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