Beginning of Summer Newsletter 2023

Happy June Everyone,

We hope you are getting to enjoy the outdoors with your pets after a long winter. This year has been a record year for pets being given up, returned to the pounds, abandoned. We all do what we can to save as many as we can, and we love you all for always helping when you can. Thank you! All the rescues listed below received a Little Guy Grant from Tails of Joy. Many were big grants but they went to little guy rescues and that’s what they’re for, to help the smallest, neediest groups, people and animals across the country continue to save lives.

Lauren’s Lost Cats

Havertown, PA

Tails of Joy donated to the building fund for this newly registered non-profit. Lauren has been rescuing cats all around Pennsylvania for years, practicing TNR to help cut down on the feral cat population, and now someone has donated a small building to them. We helped with funds to build it out into a cat sanctuary.

PASA (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance)

Cameroon, Africa

“PASA’s 23 member wildlife centers rescue orphaned and injured chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and monkeys from the illegal wildlife trade. We donated to PASA’s Emergency Rescue Fund and you can too. Help free these amazing primates from cruel captivity. Give expert care and a second chance at life to these extraordinary, intelligent animals and save humanity’s closest relatives from extinction.” We did!

A Little More About

I understand everyone who said they don’t want to give their info to yet another website. I did not install their button. I do not surf the web through their portal. They don’t store my payment info. What I DO, to raise money for Tails of Joy, is go directly to and shop through that site. If the store I want is in their program, my purchase gets some money for Tails of Joy at no extra cost to me. So if you can just choose Tails of Joy as your charity, and if you are looking for a store, go to and see if that store is registered with If they are, you can make your purchase and we’ll get a little donation from them. This helps replace the Amazon money we used to get. THANKS!!! #iGiveDoYou


2nd Chance Dog Rescue

CaliforniaThey do so much great rescue work. They have so many great dogs available for adoption or foster. We are happy to help them do what they do.


Boxer Coffee has now doubled their donations to Tails of Joy when you buy this incomparable coffee (details below). 

Dizzy Dog Rescue


They are only a couple of years old, but mighty and have already saved hundreds of dogs in a single year. Volunteer, donate, adopt, foster, help them continue their excellent work.

The Little Red Dog


This excellent rescue is so well run and has saved so many lives, and now they have a chance to do even more. They have a new property that they are going to build into a profit making shelter; offering day care, grooming, training, etc., while they save dogs in a beautiful setting for adopters to come to. Tails of Joy was happy to donate to the building of this new facility and a kennel run named after TOJ. See some of their dogs for adoption.


Tail Waggers Rescue


Twice again, Tails of Joy helped one of our favorite rescue organizations to pay for help, food, medical bills and more, all for homeless people with pets.

We also sponsored little Gunner’s vet visit cause he wasn’t feeling so good..

And helped with BG’s vet bill.

BFF Pet Rescue


When a longtime facebook friend and donor to Tails of Joy emails us with a request for us to help a rescue group in need that she supports, we are more than happy to do so. We helped pay vet bills and boarding for these two sweeties, one with kennel cough and one with a broken leg.

Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary

Finding Homes for Senior Dogs

Cherished Tails focuses on senior dogs who are at risk in local shelters due to age, medical needs or behavior problems. Since 2017 they have rescued over 1,000 animals. They also provide “fospice” care for those who are not adoptable.

In the summer of 2021 they started a new program called Cherished Tomorrows to serve younger dogs who are at risk due to lack of space in rural local “border” shelters. They have fosters specifically to help these pups and since have been able to save over 50 dogs under 5 who would have been euthanized at this very overwhelmed shelter.


See so many more great dogs on their website!

Adopt Caper!


We paid to pull Caper from the pound. We have supplied his foster with food, toys, treats, leash and collar, and a bed. You get all that when you adopt this boy. Cattle/shepherd mix about 2 years old. Friendly, loving and affectionate, great with other dogs, Great on the leash. He knows basic commands but might require extra patience and training, as do most rescues. Email Ali Milena at for more info and to meet this beautiful boy.

Mini Horses


This lovely young man has been working with horses at a California ranch for several years. He is blind and does really well taking care of large horses, but when he heard that two mini horses needed rescue from a feed lot where they were to be slaughtered for food, his family reached out to us. If we would rescue the horses, Micah would take on a second job to pay for their monthly upkeep. Success! Here is a letter from his mom:

“Hey Elayne,

I wanted to type you a quick note to update you on Micah and the mini horses. He has had them for a two week trial period. During these 2 weeks he has worked on a budget to afford monthly care for these rescues and we found a place fairly close by and built a pen and prepared it for the minis. He has figured out rides to and from the place where they live. 

Since he is totally blind, caring for them is a bit of a challenge but my husband has helped set up the area where he can find the hay room, hay bags, tack…independently. He has a system where he fills the bags up with hay and can hang them up for the minis. He can fill their water trough and groom them almost by himself. Catching them is not so easy but as they begin to trust him it will become easier. He takes them on walks by himself and loves grooming them and giving them treats. His life has changed so much in these 2 weeks. He is finding a purpose in life and becoming more confident and independent. The horses and he have a better life.”

People rescuing animals rescuing people rescuing animals rescuing…..

Tails of Joy……

We have helped many independent cat rescuers this quarter!

We paid a vet bill for Benny.

We supplied more months of food/treats/supplies/vet visits for scores of dogs/cats adopted over the holidays.

We donated to a Go Fund Me for an emergency vet visit that wiped out a woman’s entire available money. Emergency overnight vets just charge whatever they want..

We donated to help Peach, a sweet pittie, get entropion eye surgery after suffering for years. She’s doing great.

We fulfilled a large wish list for another independent rescuer in Mexico, who saves many, many dogs.

We fulfilled a large wish list for a couple who loves their two dogs but is disabled and needed help.

We paid a lot of vet bills for people and pets in need.

Los Feliz Animal Rescue

So Cal

Rescuing cats, kittens and dogs.

Maria in Mexico

We have been paying vets in Mexico directly for dogs Maria has been able to get to safety. We are all heartbroken that little Nemo did not make it.. Run free little boy!

Now you are free, totally free and happy.
Run through the universe without limitations or borders.
Enjoy that you are now energy and take advantage of infinity.
Play Nemito, play and run eternally and in immense peace.
Always in my heart and in the hearts of those who love you.

We have paid bills for so many more, all who would have been lost without Maria.

Desert Dog Project

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Here is where they help sick, injured and abandoned pets. The CA desert is a wide open place to dump animals. They also post available pets on Adoptapet under

This was the beautiful pup they found dumped near some trash cans. He was tied up in a trash bag.

Just about three months old, now named Juneau, he will be a big happy boy, and his eye will be fixed when he is neutered. One little cut to open up the lid. The internet fell in love with him when Tails of Joy shared him far and wide. We got double digits adoption applications and he is now in the happiest home with two older doggie sisters for company. We were even able to place Tank with one of the lovely families who didn’t get Juneau.

San Antonio Texas

Two dogs were hit by a car in San Antonio and left there. A Spanish speaking woman took them in but no Texas rescue would help her. Finally some good folks helped her get in touch with Tails of Joy. We sent her food and supplies. We paid the vet. And now, six weeks later, they are healing and waiting for their forever homes in a good, safe rescue/sanctuary. They are now named Jaimie and Javier.

Layla’s Heart Ranch and Rescue

Texas and beyond.

Rescuing rescuing rescuing…


See more wonderful adoptable dogs!

Please Don’t Die, But Please Put Us In Your Will

We can only do as much as we do because of bequests to Tails of Joy. It is a great way to be remembered. We can name a fund after you and you will continue to do good after you are gone. Your name will live on. 100% of your bequest goes only to rescue animals, we have no overhead. We continue to be grateful to Julie Bell and our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy”. Her generosity has saved thousands of lives since she has been gone, but certainly not forgotten.

All For Love Animal Rescue


We continued to pay the foster for Winkie and Frankie.

Boxer Coffee!

Boxer Coffee ships all across the country and donates to Tails of Joy when you buy. Thank you to all who have already purchased, we see your names and we love you! Re-orders are the proof that Boxer Coffee is the best! Just about everyone re-orders now.

Quality: Family owned artisan coffee roasting company since 1984. Makers of the great Euro Coffee brand, plus suppliers of coffees under famous chefs’ names and high end markets’ brands. Sourcing and roasting the best coffee from around the world. Certified organic.

Price: You’ve probably noticed that supermarket coffees have shrunk from a pound to about 11 ounces, while still charging you for a pound of coffee. Boxer Coffee comes in two and a half pound vacuum sealed bags, for $27.25 to $29.25 depending on the roast. The same amount of Peets or other supermarket coffees would cost you $52! And less packaging is better for the environment. Order Boxer Coffee here.


We’re all volunteer so 100% of your donation is used to rescue animals. 100% Tax deductible. Donate once or become a monthly donor. We have donations ranging from $5 a month to $250 a month. They ALL add up to saving lives every month. Thank you!


We CAN have nice things. 100% of your purchase is used to rescue animals.

Endless heartfelt thanks to Leon Wagner and John Hesse, our dedicated, caring, amazing volunteers. We could not do half as much as what we do without them both.

They also run Seven Colonial, the best home goods online store you will find. Check them out for great items/gifts/furnishings every day. They have the best customer service in America.

Ralph’s Supermarkets

If you live in California, please link your Ralph’s card to Tails of Joy. Choose us as your charity and Ralph’s will donate to us every time you shop. You have complete privacy, we do not see your purchases. Ralph’s sends us a quarterly check with no info, just the amount for the quarter gathered from all shoppers signed up to us. This helps us save so many more animals. Thank you!


What a good boy..

Be safe and well and see you soon!