Midwinter Newsletter 2023

Happy heart of winter everybody! We hope you and yours are staying warm and safe in our challenging weather. We are doing our best to do the same for animals, as always, with your help. All the rescues below received Little Guy Grants to help them continue their great work. You can click on any of their links to see the amazing animals they all have available for adoption.


Better than Amazon Smile. Over 2,000 online stores that will donate to Tails of Joy when you shop, at NO EXTRA COST to you!

Amazon Smile has ended its charity program. That hurts small rescues like Tails of Joy a lot. Luckily, we have an alternative and like Amazon Smile, it costs you NOTHING.

iGive is a FREE service to causes and members. Since 1997, iGive has grown to 350,000+ members supporting 150,000+ causes and raised over $10 Million! For complete info.

  • iGive members generate donations by shopping online at any of 2,000+ Stores.
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  • Clicking on a store link directly from iGive.com or iGive.com/mobile sites. (You must be logged in to iGive for this to work.)
  • Shopping via the iGive App for iPhone, iPad or Android (visit the App Store and search “iGive” – free)

All you have to do is sign up to support Tails of Joy, then start your online shopping every time at iGive.com. Just start at iGive and type in the store/stores and shop. That’s it!

Important: You must start from the iGive referrer link in order for Tails of Joy to get the iGive donation.

$5 New Member Shopping Bonus!

Recruit friends to support Tails Of Joy, when they join today and make their first purchase within 30 days they’ll earn a $5 bonus!

Thank You Steve Bluestein – Rescue Angel

And Thank you to all who donated!

Every year as the new year starts, our friend Steve Bluestein — TV writer, comic, author, playwright, animal lover — starts his Facebook birthday wish to benefit Tails of Joy. Steve is a persuasive fundraiser and every year raises more than we could have ever hoped for or imagined. He did it again this year and because of him and you we will be able to rescue over THIRTY more dogs, cats, bunnies, burros, animals of every type this year. Thirty homeless, desperate animals given a second chance because someone made a wish. We love you Steve, and can never thank you and your generous Peeps enough. Wishes do come true.

Enjoy Steve’s hilarious books:


Thank you also to Norm Jacobovitz for your birthday wish for Tails of Joy. Thank you for saving lives!

Peeps, if you have a birthday coming up, facebook wishes are a great way to help save animals at no cost to you. Just set up a birthday wish for Tails of Joy!

Code Red k9 Crew

Redlands, California

A wonderful Pittie focused rescue that walks the walk.


Karsen and Kammie are each other’s best friends. They’ll brighten up your home with their antics and endless play, the perfect addition to complete your family.


Crossing Guardians

Aid for US – Mexico Border Strays

Big Little Guy Grant to our friends who do some of the hardest rescue work there is: providing help, health and safety to the thousands of strays roaming the California – Mexico border. It takes unbelievable determination and dedication to continue this heartbreaking work year after year, and we are happy to be able to support this fantastic rescue organization again.

Annabelle Before and After

Gigi Before and After


Badass Animal Rescue

New York and the Virgin Islands

We love this rescue organization and help whenever we can. They are currently on track to rescue stray dogs from the Virgin Islands to bring them to Brooklyn for a chance at a real life and the best pizza. Click their website for amazing dogs to adopt or foster. And they have our favorite slogan:

“Saving badass dogs from idiot humans”

Adopt Us!

Liberty Dog Network


For our holiday challenge: We gave Little Guy Grants to rescue organizations who took in dogs/cats on their very last day of life at a shelter. Liberty Dog Network saved Jonah (now Rigby) who got adopted right away and immediately fell in love with his doggie sister Roxy.

The Pitty Committee – Pits and Tits


They rescued Vinnie for our holiday challenge. What a handsome boy. And ready to be yours.

West Coast Cane Corso Rescue


Thanks to our holiday challenge they saved beautiful Jackie now in a foster home and available to be in your home.

Stubby was saved in California with our Holiday Offer.

More dogs and cats who have been adopted with the Tails of Joy Holiday Offer, all receiving their year of FREE food/treats/vet care/beds/jackets/toys/boarding/everything!









Cats Ruby and Jade

She-She now Buttercup



Max n Cheese now Hercules

Eddy recovering well from leg surgery.

We are paying a foster to foster Winky and his brother Franky. If you would like to be a paid foster contact us!

We paid Michael to foster Willow.

We paid for Atlas and Redford to be sprung from the pound in the nick of time, and for medical and fostering. Beautiful pups ready to belong to someone special.

Boarding for Harper. She’s a happy pup, perfect for you.

Paying for food and vetting for 2 fosters in San Antonio who were hit by a car.

Maria in Mexico

Our tireless rescue partner in Mexico does more than any twenty people, all by herself. Tails of Joy paid for vet bills, medicines and boarding for Sofia and Angel.

We paid the vet bill for dear Mama, who sadly, did not pull through.

And we are donating to the vet bills for Nemo, hoping she will hang on long enough to recover and find her forever home full of love and happiness and food.

Layla’s Heart Ranch and Rescue


“Here at Layla’s Heart Ranch and Rescue, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We are dedicated to saving the lives of at risk animals through rescue by providing shelter, medical care, training and rehabilitation until loving forever homes are found.”

Tails of Joy is sponsoring several of their adopted dogs for a full year. We have also made a Little Guy Grant so they could build more sanctuary dog houses for dogs who may have to stay a while.

It Takes Two Villages

A Malamute and a German Shepherd suffering on the streets of Tijuana Mexico. Malamute Planet reaches out to Tails of Joy. We reach out to Baja Animal Sanctuary  with a Little Guy Grant so they have the extra means to capture them and get them to their vet in Rosarito Mexico, and then to their excellent BAS rescue/sanctuary in San Diego. The Malamute is now TJ. They thought perhaps his spine was broken and he’d never walk, but after food and rest he stood up, and he’s just had successful surgery for hip dysplasia. The Shepherd is now Hope and she’s being treated for mange and will not have to have any more litters. They will be adoptable and healthy, they are already happy. Big shoutout to Judith Ayn Sobel at BAS who always comes through for the animals! Click their link for many many many beautiful adoptable animals!

 Boxer Coffee!

Boxer Coffee donates to Tails of Joy. Thank you to all who have already purchased, we see your names and we love you!

Why Boxer Coffee?

Quality: Family owned artisan coffee roasting company since 1984. Makers of the great Euro Coffee brand, plus suppliers of coffees under famous chefs’ and markets’ brands. Sourcing and roasting the best coffee from around the world. Certified organic.

Price: You’ve probably noticed that supermarket coffees have shrunk from a pound to about 11 ounces, while still charging you for a pound of coffee. Boxer Coffee comes in two and a half pound vacuum sealed bags, for $27.25 to $29.25 depending on the roast. The same amount of Peets or other supermarket coffees would cost you $52! And less packaging is better for the environment.

Order Boxer Coffee here.

Hey Peeps, if you live in California, please link your Ralph’s card to Tails of Joy at Ralph’s Community Contribution Program. We get a little piece of your shopping at no cost to you. You have complete privacy, we do not see your purchases or how much you spent, we get one cumulative check every quarter from people signed up to support Tails of Joy. Start HERE. If it’s difficult, email elayne@tailsofjoy.net and I’ll call you and walk you through it. Thanks!

Thank you Krispy Kreme!

Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters who ordered donuts during the Krispy Kreme fundraising promotion for Tails of Joy. We received the list of names and we thank each and every one of you. We sold 98 dozen and Tails of Joy received $588 for rescue. Thank you so much!!

Shop Tails of Joy for great unique items. 100% to rescue.

We’re all volunteer so 100% of your money is used to rescue animals!


It’s good for your heart. Or better yet, become a monthly donor thru paypal for as little as $5 a month. It all adds up to lives saved. Thank you!


Dog House

Stay well Peeps! Thanks for all your support and we’ll see you soon.