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We were enthralled with this happy pup and his birthday cake. When these photos went viral, we had to know more. We tracked down the professional photographer who took them, and discovered her rescued boy, Niner, is one of her best subjects. So we made some new friends, and we’re proud to announce Tails of Joy is the only company licensed to sell hard copy greeting cards of these great photos.

Front of card:

"Niner" Tails of Joy Greeting Card

Back of card:

"Niner" Tails of Joy Greeting Card

The inside of the card reads: “Really, could it get any happier?”

The back of the card tells Niner’s story:

“The happiest of birthday dogs is Niner, a rescued heeler mix from San Francisco. Picked up by animal control as a stray, he came dangerously close to walking the long hallway before being spared by a local rescue group and readied for adoption. It was love at first sight when his new mom saw him, all love and excitement and a wildly wagging tail. The two now spend their days hiking, learning new tricks, and of course, eating plenty of cake.” 

Dimensions: 5″ x 7″

Pricing: 3-Pack $10.00. 5-Pack $15.00. 10-Pack $25.00

Smooth finish white envelope included. Free shipping.

Photo credit: Jaymi Heimbuch / Alamy – www.jaymiheimbuch.com

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