“Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund” at Tails of Joy




Tails of Joy is extremely happy to announce the founding of “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund” at Tails of Joy. This is a dream come true and we thank our benefactors very, very much.

We, like all rescue organizations, stand at the bottom of the waterfall of unwanted pets, trying to catch them all as they go by. As is documented by the reality of five to eight million adoptable dogs and cats being euthanized every year by cities across the country, we cannot help them all by standing so far down the river. Only spay and neuter, which offers the chance to prevent pet overpopulation in the first place, can change the deluge of unanswered lives going by, and put us further up the cliff to where the waterfall begins.

If you wish you could rescue but have a busy life, there are still so many things you can do to effect huge changes. For instance, our facebook friend, Donna Zeigfinger, a vegan, travel agent, and travel planner of vegan tours too, has always been a big supporter of rescue, animal advocacy, and Tails of Joy. She has a friend, Julie B., who talked to Donna about Julie’s desire to donate funds to a rescue organization. Donna introduced Julie to Tails of Joy, and after some great conversations between the three of us, discussing long term goals in rescue and what would make the truest impact, “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund” at Tails of Joy was established.  By networking, and keeping rescue in mind, Donna’s impact will be huge, because Edith and Julie’s fund’s impact will be huge, making life better for so many animals and people.

“Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund” at Tails of Joy will:

  • Provide funds for the rescue organizations that provide low cost spay/neuter vouchers across the country, increasing their impact.
  • Provide low cost spay/neuter where not yet available, by contracting with local vets for group discounts.
  • Help needy individuals/families who need to spay/neuter their animals and don’t have the means.
  • Provide a program of “TNR” (trap, neuter, release) for stray cat colonies. We will help fund already established non-profits providing this service, and provide an online directory to find this help in your city. We will partner with local rescue organizations across the country to provide humane traps access, instructional guides, veterinary sources, and the funds to fulfill this mission.
  • Provide free, engaging, downloadable teaching guides to get children started early on the path to responsible pet guardianship and spay/neuter. Provide free, downloadable information guides for shelters/rescue organizations to give out when animals are adopted. Instruction manuals come with everything from electric toothbrushes to cars, yet when bringing home a living creature, many people have no idea what to expect, or the best way to insure a happy and successful future with their new family member.

UPDATE: This fund was founded three years ago and has surpassed our wildest dreams. We continue to provide all of the above for rescue groups and individuals all across the country. And we have prevented feral cats from giving birth to hundreds of thousands of kittens whose lives would be short and awful.