Late Summer – Fall 2014 Happy Beginnings Thanks to You!

Hey Everybody,

Our Annie and her dad Bill, whom she absolutely adored.
Our Annie and her dad Bill, whom she absolutely adored.

We hope you had a great summer. Happy Autumn!

November is Adopt-A-Senior Month, and I can tell you that Senior pets are a fantastic addition to any home. They can also fill a lonely life, and need less exercise and attention than frisky young pets, though they are incredibly grateful for all the love and attention you are willing to give. Pets contribute to the good health and well being of senior humans, and offer company, companionship, and a purpose in life.

One of our greatest dogs was a beautiful girl named Annie who came to us when she was about a hundred years old. Still adventurous, smart, knowing, appreciative, loving, trained and grateful, I can’t imagine having a more wonderful member of the family. Most rescue organizations offer a reduced adoption rate for senior pets. Think about adopting a senior for your senior, or for your child or baby, as seniors can be calm and accepting, tolerant and easygoing.

A huge thank you to all our friends who donated to Tails of Joy for Elayne’s birthday in August.

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch (source:…/stories/how-to-make-a-dog-birthday-cake)

And another huge thank you to all our friends who donated throughout the summer and fall, and to our regular supporters who donate monthly. You are the reason all of these happy stories are possible. Thank you so much!

We had a busy quarter. Our Little Guy Grants helped animals in Los Angeles, South Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Texas, Oklahoma, Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Alabama, Illinois, Northern California, Pahrump Nevada, Utah, Ohio, Texas and more.

We helped dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and small exotic animals. If you see a rescue organization’s name here that you’ve seen in previous newsletters, that means we donated again this quarter to help them continue their good work.

Here are some of the critters whose lives you made it possible for us to help save, and make better. Thank you!


SnugglesWe helped little Snuggles get eye-saving surgery through Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama. She should be just fine when she heals and she’ll be ready for her forever home.

START Rescue

We made a Little Guy Grant to START (Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team). Only three years old, START transports animals from Southern and Central California’s high kill shelters to Pacific Northwest rescue organizations where they have a good chance of getting adopted. START also helps with low cost spay and neuter.

Critter Camp

We made a Little Guy Grant to Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in Illinois. Their funding to get them through fall fell through, and well, little guys have to eat too. Critter Camp Sanctuary provides a safe, healthy and happy forever home to un-adoptable, unusual and exotic pets.


Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Linda BlairWe made a Little Guy Grant to one of our favorite rescue organizations, run by one of our most dedicated rescuer friends: The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.

Check them out in California and take home a fantastic dog. While Linda specializes in the bully breeds, she has all kinds of great dogs available for adoption. She also has the most comprehensive and helpful  website  we’ve ever seen for information on animal health, behavior, support, training, and just about everything you ever wanted to know about dogs.

Wee Paws

1379257_10151865053104299_641085054_nWe helped Wee Paws Animal Sanctuary in Pahrump Nevada.

Wee Paws is a no-kill, cage-free rescue organization for felines in crisis.

Check out their great cats and take a few home with you.

Horse and Man Group

We helped The Horse and Man Group, based in Utah. Rescuing horses, and helping to save wild donkeys before they are sent out of the country to a terrible fate. If you’d like to consider some gorgeous jewelry, made to support this noble rescue organization, click here.


We made a Little Guy Grant to Underdogz – Help Carol Continue to Help the Wasco Animal Shelter! Urgent! We received this email:

Calling All Angels:




Carol Parks has been a passionate advocate for Wasco shelter dogs for 5+ years. She has been paying for transport & boarding out of pocket so that dogs would not die. Now she must fight for her own life. Carol has cancer. She faces an aggressive, difficult treatment. Carol needs to know the animals will be okay.

Get well soon Carol. Thank you for all you have done, and all we know  you are going to do in the future when you are well. Until then, we’ll help fill the gap while you are getting better and stronger every day. Come back soon!


Available right now! For any of these pups and more, please contact: Jennie Adams 360-961-7565 cell/text email:

Dogs on the Move

Dogs on the Move by PAWSITIVE4LIFEDogs On the Move by Pawsitive 4 Life, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in South Florida that transports animals from municipal kill shelters to 501(c)3 rescue organizations & no-kill shelters for rehoming.

Tails of Joy donated for THREE separate transports of over a dozen dogs each time, from overcrowded Miami shelters to shelters in the midwest where these dogs would have more time to be found by their forever families. Our donations went to Dogs on the Move by Pawsitive 4 Life Inc., who arranges these transports. They are ongoing, and we will always help when we can. We helped with Transports #124, #125, and #128 this quarter.

Transport #128

Animal Friends of Westmoreland

We made a Little Guy Grant to Animal Friends of Westmoreland, in Youngwood, Pennsylvania, when they did a heroic thing. When the Fayette County SPCA in Uniontown was unexpectedly closed by the state, Westmoreland’s founder and president started organizing the largest rescue their shelter had ever undertaken. Throughout meetings with the state, a dozen volunteers from the Westmoreland shelter put in sixteen hour days (over 1000 hours) to turn a vacant building into a licensed quarantine facility, and Westmoreland saved 67 dogs from the closed SPCA!

Upon their arrival, all of the animals received vaccinations, flea treatments, baths, clean water, fresh food, and of course lots of love from the team of volunteers waiting to receive them. We will continue to help as we can, with their ever growing influx of beautiful, adoptable animals.

Animal Friends of Westmoreland Rescues 67 Animals From Shut Down Fayette SPCA

DASH Dog Rescue

We also helped DASH Dog Rescue in North Dallas. To adopt click here.

Be Kind to Animals

We helped Be Kind to Animals rescue in South Florida.

To adopt any of these animals click here.

Horatio’s Legacy

We helped Horatio’s Legacy Rescue, in California.


Rowdy to the Rescue

We helped Rowdy to the Rescue in North Olmstead, Ohio. They specialize in one of our favorite breeds, pitties.

Strut Your Mutt LA

We sponsored three rescuer friends by generously supporting their rescue walks in the Best Friends Animal Society‘s Strut Your Mutt LA day. They then donated what they raised to their three favorite animal rescue organizations.

Florida Boxer Rescue

Florida Boxer Rescue Boxer doing the happy dance upon hearing of Tails of Joy’s donation.

Hooray for Florida Boxer Rescue! When Elayne tours her comedy show, she sells merchandise to benefit different animal rescue organizations in each city she plays, and leaves the money behind in those communities. On her last swing through Florida in October, she fundraised for one of her favorites, Florida Boxer Rescue. She was happy to leave over $900 behind after her performances.

Florida Boxer Rescue volunteers were treated to the show, handed out pamphlets about their organization, helped sell merchandise, and got to know the community. To adopt a great Boxer, click here.


We always help our Facebook Peeps when needed. We spayed a very lovely cat for a Facebook friend, and we helped this happy little kitty, Buster, get some much needed surgery. We also contributed to ice-cream loving pup Sid’s surgery.

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Ways You Can Help

We have lots of work to do keeping animals safe with winter coming up. We hope you’ll help us either by making a donation, or buying some of our new signature line of Tails of Joy jewelry, or starting your gift shopping on our great shopping page. We are staffed only by volunteers, so 100% of anything you donate or buy goes directly to saving animals.


How To Help Animals for Free!!

#1. If you shop on Amazon, please designate Tails of Joy, Studio City, as your chosen charity for the Amazon Smile Program. Start by going to our website, scrolling down, clicking on “Amazon”, and it will take you to Amazon, where Tails of Joy will now be your charity. Just bookmark us and then you can go directly to Amazon every time you shop. Each time you purchase something, Amazon will donate .5% to us. It HELPS! The more people who sign up, the more it helps!

pin2-150x150#2. If you live in California, please choose Tails of Joy as your charity for Ralph’s markets Community Contribution Program by linking us to your Ralph’s card. You must sign up anew every September and it’s good for a whole year. You shop, Ralph’s donates to us at no cost to you. This made a huge difference to us and the animals last year. You can sign up any time during the year if you haven’t already. Just go here and sign up. And Tails of Joy will send you this pin as a thank you!

#3. If you don’t shop at Ralph’s, there are still some California markets that have programs we can benefit from. Please go here to see if you shop at any of these stores, and if you do, please choose us as your charity.

I’m not too small!

Remember: NO donation is “too small”. If everyone reading this donated $5, we’d be fully funded!

A huge thank you to our regular monthly donors, who keep us going. It does all add up.


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In one week we are going to have LOTS of new items listed for shopping at Please check back with us then.

Wishing a happy, healthy autumn to you and yours. You can always contact us with inquiries, help signing up for any of the programs, or if you need help from us. Thank you! Be safe and well.