Happy Tales From Tails of Joy – July

Hi Peeps,      10411785_10152326159663208_8365339528180474569_n

We thank you so much for keeping Tails of Joy in mind while you are enjoying your summer. Thanks to you we were able to lend a hand in many places, and make life better for animals and people too. We love bringing you all the happy endings, and new beginnings…

We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to Wee Paws Animal Sanctuary in Pahrump, Nevada. They have lots and lots and lots of cats, and even some doggies too. We also helped their founder, Leigh-Ann, put her darling boy Mack to sleep, by making it possible for a vet to come to the house, since Mack could no longer get up into the car. Mack had a terrible life, and Leigh-Ann rescued him as a senior, my favorites. He had a great life after that. Leigh-Ann says it best: “ Thank you for your help. I know rescue is about saving lives, but I think it should be ensuring that those saved lives end with dignity, too.”

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Mack (above)

We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary. They went right out and bought much needed food. We forget that even though their rescued animals are often small, there are lots of them and they eat a lot! Visit their website and be delighted. And now you can be a part of their new building; buy a tile, decorate it with your name or your company’s or children’s or pet’s names, they’ll fire it in the kiln and you can be a permanent part of their new sanctuary.


We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to Bama Bully Rescue, in Alabama.  They are a really fantastic organization, saving, healing and re – homing the bully breeds and more. Here’s one happy ending, safe at last in a new home:



We donated to The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. We helped support an ongoing program of theirs, which treats the pets of homeless people in, around, and passing through NYC. Through helping these animals, relationships are made with homeless people who ordinarily don’t come in for care and aid for themselves. In this way, resources and help are also given to homeless people, all through the love of animals.



We made a “Little Guy Grant” to Soi Dog Rescue, Phuket, Thailand. “Treating those who are otherwise left suffering. Spaying and neutering, feeding dogs and cats who would otherwise go hungry. Sheltering and re – homing the street dogs and cats of Thailand.”


We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to SOS4PAWS in South Florida.



We paid for a family in Detroit to spay and neuter their two dogs. That helped get the city off their back. Good dogs, good people.

We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to Be Kind to Animals Rescue, South Florida. Taking in all the dogs and cats and making them well, safe and happy.




We helped Beyond Breed, in NYC and surrounding areas. Check out their excellent programs and help for pet owners and new adopters.



As always, we paid some vet bills across the country for people’s pets, and organizations in dire straits, and networked along with all of you all month, to get homeless animals to safety.

BIG BIG BIG THING coming at the end of August. Get ready and start saving up!! We can save literally THOUSANDS of animals this coming year, and what I will need from each and every one of you is NINETY NINE CENTS. Once. Ninety-nine cents, once, in September. Not only will you be getting something amazing for your ninety-nine cents, you will also be entered in a raffle to win one of twenty fabulous prizes. Get your ninety-nine cents ready!  

Big thanks this month to all our regular monthly donors, we can’t do it without you. As I say, it really does all add up, nothing is “too small”. And big thanks to our very kind occasional donors this month, it lets us do so much more. Thanks Lisa-Dianne Gray for your early “birthday” donation for me. Thanks Seven Colonial for your ongoing sales that benefit us. I’m so glad you had a great month, which meant we had a great month! Thanks Julie Gall for not only making the amazing Tails of Joy keychains, but also for your incredible donations. Thanks Debra Keeler for your constant support.


Thank you dear neighbors David and Natalie for making a very generous donation to us in honor of your sweet, funny, loving Murphy, whom you lost just this week. We will save many lives in honor of your wonderful boy. We will miss our neighbor.


David, Natalie and Murphy