Autumn Newsletter 2023

Happy Autumn Everyone,

Time to break out the sweaters and get even more cuddly with our fur kids; what a great time of year. Thanks to your generosity we have been as busy rescuing as ever. All the groups below received a Tails of Joy Little Guy Grant which range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We are also helping individual pets across the country. Our Holiday Shop is now open, with 100% of the proceeds going to rescue, of course. And later in November we are going to launch a very exciting travel auction thanks to United Airlines, so stay tuned for that.


Port of Los Angeles

“The Port of Los Angeles Cat Alliance Team (POLACAT) was formed in 2021 by a dedicated group of volunteers who saw the suffering firsthand of stray and feral cats at the Port of Los Angeles and decided something had to be done. Our team provides regular care, coordinates spay-neuter services, transports sick and injured animals for treatment, and rehomes as many cats and kittens as we can. We value the support of our community, partner rescue organizations, local law enforcement and local businesses, without whom we cannot succeed.”                                          Tails of Joy is happy to help.

The Pepper Foundation

Southern California

A great rescue organization dedicated to saving Senior and Special Needs animals. They have many animals in foster care right now (fostering saves lives!) Here’s a little girl they’ve been helping this month. We fulfilled their Amazon wish list for food and supplies.

Until There Are None (UTAN) Rescue


Not many humane laws for companion animals in the deep south. This group of volunteers does its best to relieve the horrible suffering of animals all around them. They do all they can, day after day. No money, no website, no time, just rescue. We sent money for support, and lots of food and supplies.

Second Acts Animal Rescue


Second Acts Rescue does what Tails of Joy does; they fundraise to support the smallest, neediest rescue groups across the country. The list of their recipients is impressive. If you run a rescue organization and are in need you can always reach out to them, or us. And of course since the pandemic Tails of Joy now helps many more individuals feed and care for their pets than ever before.

Maui Humane Society


After the devastating wildfires in Maui that occurred in August, we immediately set out to help as much as possible. We started with a grant, then went on to fulfill the Humane Society’s wish list on Amazon. We also donated to many birthday wishes on facebook that all benefited the Maui Humane Society.

Speaking of Facebook birthday wishes, huge THANKS to Randy Kaspar and John Peterson and Lee Ellen Copstead Kirkhorn and Jann Karam and ALL who donated their birthday wishes to benefit Tails of Joy. I apologize if I’ve left anyone out. We don’t always thank everyone because sometimes people don’t tell us they’ve posted a birthday wish for us. Please always tell us so we can support you, and thank you. And a huge thank you to all who donated to my birthday wish this year. You have saved many many lives with your kindness and generosity.

You can purchase this Tails of Joy greeting card right here.

Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

Washington state

Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society is run by the most dedicated, caring staff. They always go the extra mile to save lives. Tails of Joy was happy to make a meaningful grant to their Food Pantry fundraiser.


Desert Dog Project


Rock and Rescue Desert Dog Project has its work cut out for it. In the desert is where everyone goes to dump their unwanted dogs. It is heartbreaking, and they are there to save as many lives as they can. They are mainly a Medical Rescue for sick and dying homeless animals.  Sometimes the dogs are left in trash bags, or tethered until they are starving and dehydrated, or just left out injured and confused. Thank Dog for the wonderful people at Desert Dog Project.

Some dogs we helped them help.

Little Dirty Whiskers


A dedicated group of volunteers who feed, trap, spay and neuter (TNR) the overwhelming amount of stray cats on the streets in California. When they get the ferals to come in from the cold, they do fantastic adoption work. We are always happy to help support their work.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County


One of the best rescue organizations anywhere. It always seems like they have a million fantastic Shepherds available for adoption. Also, Belgian Malinois, and a few odd pups found along the way who needed their help. Please check out their website for so many great upcoming events and so many great dogs to foster or adopt.


Tail Waggers Rescue


Our friend Maria has worked tirelessly for years to keep the pets of the homeless fed and healthy. While Maria relocates to a new job in a new state (while continuing her rescue work), she herself needed a little help to feed and vet her own dogs. We were more than happy to provide.

Much Love Animal Rescue


Much Love did the leg work, TOJ paid the bills plus a little more for the next needy cases. Judi the Cattle dog got spayed, she had her bad eye removed, and she was adopted into a loving home with a happy fur sister. The happiest! Check her out.


ADOPT OR FOSTER US! Look at some of their fantastic dogs for foster or adoption. Fostering saves lives!

Baja Animal Sanctuary


This is one of the best run rescue/sanctuaries we know. Our good friend Judith goes above and beyond to even take dogs and cats from other rescuers in Mexico when they need more help than they can give. If they can’t be adopted, they can live out their lives in happiness and safety at the sanctuary.

“Good News! In 2022 we placed 232 dogs and 42 cats in their forever homes! We took in 299 dogs and 22 cats. We sterilized 342 dogs and cats for BAS to place for adoption. Our Spay & Neuter Clinics sterilized 796 local dogs and cats. We presently have 273 dogs and 54 cats at the Sanctuary.”

How’s that for making a difference? They needed money to build more dog houses for shelter from the elements. Tails of Joy granted enough for ten houses!

And of course we’re still paying vet bills and sending out food and supplies to the dogs/cats who were adopted under our 2022 Christmas offer of support for a full year. We’ve also added some new animals along with way so they can be fed and cared for.

We are able to provide widespread spay/neuter thanks to our shero Julie Bell, who left a large bequest to us for the Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy. Julie has been gone several years now, but her name, legacy and good works live on through us. Please don’t die but please put us in your will so we can continue good works in your name.

Our Tails of Joy Holiday Shop is now open. Enjoy unique gifts that all benefit rescue 100%. We also have some very special Saint Francis of Assisi medals hand carried back from Italy by Elayne and blessed in the Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Assisi, Italy.

We’re all volunteer so all of your money goes 100% to save animals. And donating makes you look ten years younger.



If you live in California and shop at Ralph’s markets, by linking your Ralph’s card to Tails of Joy, Ralph’s will donate to us every time you shop. It costs you nothing AND your privacy is maintained. We don’t know what you buy. Get started saving lives for free!

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Remember to choose Tails of Joy as your charity on and then start your online shopping there every time. You will be saving lives at no cost to you. Thank you! Get started here.

Farewell to my beautiful Babka. She was dumped on us at 5 years old, more than fifty pounds overweight. She could barely stand. She lost fifty pounds and gained the best life ever. She was a funny, quirky, intelligent personality, with, I’d say, a young/middle aged soul. Some dogs have been around many many times, some are new here, but I think Babka was in the prime of her soul life, and I hope I get to meet her again if she comes around again. Thank you my girl, for being my girl. Your little brother Beau and I will cry forever.

Until next time, be safe and well.