Happy Spring Newsletter: Love is in the Air

Happy Spring Everyone!

Today we bring you a beautiful Mexico – to -Michigan love story, as well as these uplifting happy rescue stories you made possible with your donations. Every organization in this newsletter received a Tails of Joy Little Guy Grant. We also paid vet bills, and supplied food and supplies for needy folks’ pets. We could not have done this without you. Thank you! Enjoy.

Dave – A 2500 Mile Love Story

From the hard streets of Mexico to a soft bed in Michigan

In December I posted a photo on twitter of a street dog in Mexico whom school kids had painted eyebrows on and then beaten. 

A man named Terry and his wife Gayle saw the photo on twitter and instantly wanted to rescue Dave (he wasn’t called Dave yet). They lived in a beautiful dog friendly community with parks and trails and already had an English Mastiff named Bodhi. Somehow, they just knew they had to save Dave no matter what:

“We don’t care how old he is, whatever physical, medical, or emotional changes that will be faced, we just want to see a happy look on that boy’s face and we think we can give that to him.”

Super rescuer Naida of Crossing Guardians (aid for US – Mexico border strays) rescued Dave and took him to a vet. Tails of Joy paid. He was suffering from Ehrlichia, anemia, and wounds. It would take a few months to recover, after which he would have to be neutered and get his rabies shots in order to enter the US. Naida and I both knew after our combined million years of rescue that it was a long shot that after having to wait several months for Dave to be healthy, Terry and Gayle would still be interested. We see enthusiastic people lose interest all the time. Then there were the variables; would Terry fly down to San Diego from Michigan to pick Dave up, stay overnight at a hotel, rent a minivan, and drive 2500 miles back to Michigan, incurring all this expense for a Mexican street dog he and Gayle hadn’t even met? Yes.

“I got him!”


Would Bodhi and Dave get along… Yes.

“After 2500 miles of driving Dave is officially a Michigander and little brother. He has settled in like he has been a part of the family for years. He loves Bodhi and they have been wrestling and chasing each other since he got here. This is an absolute home run.”


Would Dave be un-traumatized despite what he’d been through, would Terry and Gayle feel that same love in person that they felt in seeing the photo? Yes.

“He goes for his first vet appointment today and starts obedience class tonight. He is loving all the small animals in the area and also likes the long walks on the trail near our house. He also LOVES Gayle. He sticks by her like glue.”


Terry and Gayle are the kind of people rescuers only dream about.

And now, some observations by Terry and Gayle, who encourage you to rescue and take that leap of faith…

“Good morning and thanks for checking in. What a week it has been. Dave is settling in and he is a handful (in all the best ways) to say the least. The first few days were challenging as he got used to his surroundings. Everything is brand new so you could tell by his body language he was a bit apprehensive and guarded, which was to be expected. He and Bodhi bonded quickly which helped settle him down. It has been amazing to watch him slowly realize he is safe and okay and he doesn’t have to fight and scrounge for things. The 1st few mornings he gobbled his food down and then looked around to see if anyone was going to take it. Now that he realizes it is all his he is slowing down and eating more normally.”
“Dave continues to flourish. He graduated obedience class and agility training.”
“He also was rearranging the house at night which was hilarious. He doesn’t chew anything up but I would wake up in the morning and he would have taken all the coats in the house and pulled them into the hallway or taken a bunch of shoes and done the same thing. It told me he still wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep at night and he wanted something safe nearby. Now he is on his dog bed at night and sleeping soundly although he will sneak up on our bed and curl up with Bodhi every now and again when he can.”

“Dave is not a good dog……..Dave is a SPECTACULAR dog. We are moving toward a month (Note: it is now almost three months) with him in the family and he is a joy. I can’t believe how resilient he is. 4 months ago he was beaten up and today he is the star of the neighborhood (everyone in the subdivision loves him).”

“Please feel free to have anyone considering adopting a dog like this but has reservations contact us. We have had eyes wide open and have had a fair share of challenges trying to get him comfortable but what a great little guy.”

“He and Bodhi are now best buddies and are playing constantly. I think Bodhi is as happy to have him as we are.” 


Peeps, when people adopt and then return a dog because he isn’t “socialized” yet, or “perfectly trained” yet, or “outgoing” yet, please remember they have often been through so much, and how completely they can adjust and blossom when you show them patience, understanding, and love. Wishing Terry, Gayle, Bodhi and Dave years of joy and happiness to come.

Dream Fetchers


“Dream Fetchers is dedicated to the idea that through the unconditional love of animals any individual can, in spite of their disabilities, be touched and delighted by a friendly pup through a program of learning and love. Our programs bring people and animals together to interact and bond, a wonderful distraction from pain, depression, or frustration. Our skilled and caring trainers and staff all share the same belief that through interaction with our canine helpers we can break through barriers. Each dog is trained and repurposed as they journey from death row to loving homes to hospitals to hospice with a new beginning. Canines Working, Assisting, and Giving. 

Adopt Beautiful Rusty


This is a very, very special German Shepherd. She got into the backyard of a facebook friend who called us for advice. She already has a small dog and three cats and she could not approach this larger dog wearing a “tough dog” prong collar, who was wary and afraid of her but showed no signs of aggression and no signs of leaving. Believe it or not, she let Rusty keep her distance and fed her, talked to her, and left a bed out for her for three weeks. Each week Rusty came a little closer until she was half in and half out the open outside door. After three weeks Rusty was leashed, had a new collar appropriate for a sweet girl, and she played endlessly with my friend’s little dog. She went to the vet. She was chipped to a “show breeder” who gave her to “some friends” who put this ridiculous overkill choker on her and paid her no attention. They say animals find the person who will help them, and they are right. Rusty got herself away from those people and went looking for help. Rusty was terrified, but knew that she was safe in that yard. My fantastic friend’s patience and kindness overcame Rusty’s fear and Rusty is now ready for a home where she will be safe and loved. She is so smart. The previous owner has signed the chip over and is gone forever, yay. To adopt Rusty email elayne@tailsofjoy.net. 

Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary


One of our favorite rescue organizations year after year. They concentrate on the seniors, our favorite. Seniors are the most wonderful dogs/cats you could ever have. They KNOW you saved them, they are so happy and full of love. They are trained, trouble free and move in ready. And also perfect for older folks who want someone to keep them company and watch tv with. But seniors can also be your jogging partner.

Adopt Us!

Miracle’s Mission/Protect All Wildlife

From the UK to Egypt, Borneo, and Around the World

Miracle’s Mission works with sick, injured and disabled animals worldwide. They  provide a place of safety for animals in danger, educate on the needs of neutering both pets and strays and neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more animals onto the streets. They also rehabilitate and re-home dogs in need, often with disabilities.

See their adoptables.

Giselle’s Legacy, Rescue and Sanctuary

Texas, California

Mom, Dad and seven newborn puppies needed out of a high kill California shelter. Giselle’s stepped up to take them if we could make a Little Guy Grant along with any other donations that came in. We did. The whole family is safe and well and waiting for their forever homes.

Who Wants to Adopt a Puppy? 

City Ferals

Los Angeles

You guessed it; feral cats, cats, and more cats. LA Community Cats/City Ferals was founded to help organize and educate communities about street cats (not all are feral)  and to help stem the feral cat population. “We accomplish our goals via education which encourages local citizens to accept responsibility for feeding and TNRing community cats in their neighborhood.”

Badass Animal Rescue

Based in Brooklyn with a wide reach.


“Saving Badass Dogs From Idiot Humans.” 

We LOVE this fantastic organization. They have an incredible network of volunteers and get the job done. “Badass Animal Rescue is on a mission to save and rehabilitate loving, adoptable dogs from high-kill shelters. Our largely volunteer-run team has rescued over 3,500+ dogs since our founding in 2011. As a leader in responsible rescue, we focus on saving the most at-risk dogs from underserved communities in the rural American south and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Adopt a Badass!

Last Chance Animal Rescue

South Carolina, New York and the East Coast

They are one of the best. They hold adoptions every week with their fantastic volunteer crew. Their Adoption Program has successfully found homes for over 15,000 cats and dogs since December 2008. Their Middle Mutts Program has saved over 15,000 cats and dogs since March of 2011. And their St. Francis Farm is a companion animal sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. This farm is home to approximately 100 dogs and 200 cats on any given day.  Annually this location serves to harbor thousands of animals as they embark on their journey to find their new furever family. Whether just passing through or spending their last years in safety and love, all are welcome and none are ever given up on. 

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

All throughout the northeast.

A great organization that saved one hundred dogs last year and currently have fifty five beautiful healthy Boston Terriers in their care, waiting for you to take one home. 

Adopt Us!

Desert Dogs@ Rock and Rescue


They pick up the huge number of dogs dumped in the desert in California, which happens without end. Found in dumpsters, tied in bags, left on the side of the road, this happens all day, almost every day. Of course the expensive vet care to help heal these dogs could be avoided if these owners would just surrender the dogs to a shelter or rescue, instead they cause trauma and injury that rescuers have to pay to heal and dogs have to suffer. Sigh… They can always use fosters and always need adopters.

Saving Hope Animal Rescue

Texas and more

Since its formation in March of 2018, Saving Hope Rescue has successfully rescued and facilitated the adoption of over 5,000+ dogs and cats, and currently has over 600 dogs and over 400 cats in its care (all in foster homes). In 2022 Saving Hope Rescue spent approximately $1.2 Million on Veterinary Expenses. In 2020 Saving Hope Rescue spayed/neutered over 1,000 dogs and cats, as well as provided other emergency and wellness veterinary services. See their website for hundreds of adoptable animals. They are well worth supporting. 

Adopt Us!

UTAN Rescue (Until There Are None)

Ozark, Alabama

There is so little support for rescuers in rural areas. Once again, Tails of Joy fulfilled the wish list of food and supplies for these hard working volunteers in Alabama. Two months later with a second Little Guy Grant, TOJ made it possible for them to buy poundage of dog food, got a needy dog with a cracked and bleeding skin infection to the vet, save eighteen chickens and one ferret.

All Star Fur Pet Foundation


We got an appeal from a local shelter asking if anyone could take this brand new mother (a puppy herself, maybe a year) and her six brand new puppies. We offered a Little Guy Grant to any reputable rescue who would step up and save them. All Star found them a foster and everyone is safe and thriving right now. 

Adopt a Puppy and/or a Mom

Mastiff Retreat Sanctuary

A facebook rescue friend saving and caring for these gentle giants.

Specializing in Tibetan Mastiffs. He has a way with them and can even turn around misunderstood dogs. We helped with much needed liquid nutrition and special food.

Pal’s Medical Supplies

Our facebook friend Annette has been helping rescue forever, we met over a dog in 2012. Her heart dog, Pal, has been fighting cancer for a long time, and it’s been a long time because she has come up with an amazing regimen of holistic as well as western therapies/meds/supplements that have shrunk his tumors and kept him pretty healthy despite it all. Of course that all costs money, which Tails of Joy supplies every month to thank Annette for her continuing years of rescue. 

R&R Boxer Rescue


Mostly Boxers (yay Boxers!) but other dogs too! I LOVE Boxers, they are the clowns of the dog world. So much spirit and joy. Take one of these little loves home and fatten ’em up! 

Twitter Cats

It’s true, feed a cat, she shows up with her friends. Pay for a cat’s medical needs on twitter, she brings two more who need vet visits. Tails of Joy was happy to pay.

Forte Animal Rescue

Los Angeles

Another great organization that has already saved over 1500 lives. Meet their great dogs at one of their weekly adoption events!

Los Feliz Animal Rescue

Los Angeles

“Los Feliz Animal Rescue was born from the Los Feliz Cat Rescue Network Group on NextDoor.  Melody King created the group in order to create an efficient, effective way for all of the rescuers and animal lovers on the site to be able to take care of the cats in the neighborhood. The Los Feliz area is so unique with its combination of domestic pets, from dogs to turtles, and the wildlife that surrounds it, that we couldn’t stop with just cats. The only reason this organization exists is due to the support from the local community, and we sincerely hope it makes you proud.”

Noah’s Arks Rescue

South Carolina

“Noah’s Arks Rescue supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals. We are not a shelter.  Our wish and lifelong hope is that our Society becomes educated in the ethical treatment of all animals and to stop the senseless killing of animals that have been tortured and abused.” And we help them save these animals.

Adopt Us

Much Love Animal Rescue


Finding Forever Homes for dogs and cats since 1999.

Adopt Us!



Trina & Friends K9 Rescue

New Rochelle, NY

“We heal hearts and work to provide loving, permanent homes, one dog at a time.  Our families not only get a wonderful new family member, but they join our family. We try our very best to match the perfect family to each and every one of our dogs and we will be there for the long haul. EVERYONE HAS THE OPTION. PLEASE CHOOSE ADOPTION.”

Maria in Mexico

Our hardworking partner in Mexico never stops.  She got these two beauties off the streets. Took them to a vet and put them in boarding because there was no place for them to go. The group of independent women here in the states who support Maria’s work were paying for all of it but it couldn’t go on like this. The bills were adding up, and the dogs needed a chance at adoption. The women raised some money as a dowry, Tails of Joy added to it, and once again the wonderful Judith at the excellent Baja Animal Sanctuary came to the rescue and took them in. They will have a great chance at adoption or will live happily and safely at Baja Animal Sanctuary.

Peace 4 Paws

“Through our foster – adoption program we provide food, medical, transport, toys, leashes and love to animals in need.  Our animals are retired research animals, shelter dogs or owner surrendered dogs. Initially we focused exclusively on research animals.  When the labs are not releasing to us these beautiful animals, we work diligently to help those kill shelter and owner surrender dogs. The scope of our reach is dependent on available foster homes, as all our dogs are in foster homes.”



Roman and his mom finally escaped from an abusive home. His mom couldn’t take him with her while she tries to rebuild her life. A friend offered to keep him for a while. That ended. He has now been living with a wonderful woman for months, while Tails of Joy pays for his food and supplies. We still need a new foster as this woman is older and worn out by this big strong guy who loves his walks. If anyone on the east coast around the NY, NJ or PA area would like to foster Roman at no cost to you, please email elayne@tailsofjoy.net. He has a bit of separation anxiety and is full of love. 

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County


We love this rescue, they are incredible and we love helping them. Right now they are FULL TO THE BRIM. They have beautiful Shepherds and Malinois, LOOK at all these beautiful dogs!!!  


Meet the dogs at one of their upcoming adoption events.

Ronald Thomas, Independent Cat Rescuer


We met Ronald on NextDoor. Think one person can’t make a difference? Ronald feeds 300 cats a day in a 35 mile area all throughout LA, as well as picking up woeful dogs when he comes across them. He has TNR’d thousands of cats, preventing the births of thousands of cats who would live short, terrible lives in the streets. We are happy to support his work. See Ron in action on Instagram here.

We also donated to many Facebook Birthday Wishes to benefit animals, paid vet bills across the country to help pet owners who couldn’t afford to, and sent the last of our one year of food and supplies to the many many pet owners who adopted off kill lists and received a full year of everything for 2023, some of which spilled over to 2024 and just finished up. 


We are heartbroken to bid farewell to beautiful Frida, our friend Jennifer Peterson’s heart dog of 15 years. Jennifer does so much good work for Tails of Joy, and helps so many other rescues and needy animals. Frida was such a great partner to her through thick and thin for 15 years. This was a very hard loss for all who know and love them both. Even though Frida is now gone, Jennifer and her little dog Bodhi keep finding hair bows of Frida’s in places where they did not exist the day before. 

It’s so beautiful that Frida is hanging around until Jennifer and Bodhi are ready to let go. Run free Frida!! We’ll all meet again at the Bridge.


Boxer Coffee Supports Tails of Joy

The BEST coffee at the BEST price and every delicious sip saves not only Boxers, but all animals’ lives through Tails of Joy. 

If you live in California and shop at Ralph’s markets please link your Ralph’s card to Tails of Joy and we get a donation from Ralph’s every time you shop. Start here.


Donating makes your heart soar, try it, you’ll see. Knowing you saved a life feels better than anything!

Put Tails of Joy in your will. But don’t die!

We’ll keep your name alive and name a fund after you. You will be saving lives for years and years and we will sing your praises,  “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” is in honor of Julie Bell who left us a legacy in 2015. She has saved and improved the lives of thousands of animals through us and her name lives on in the best way. 


Be safe and well everyone. Thank you so much for helping the animals. See you soon!