Summer 2024 Newsletter

Happy (Hot) Summer Everyone!

We know how you feel, it’s too hot! Well our dogs are closer to the pavement than we are and even after sundown the heat radiates up so use care in taking them out for walks. Of course never leave dogs in cars and if you break the window of a stranger’s car to save an animal’s life, Tails of Joy will pay your bail/fine. Every rescue organization or individual below got a Little Guy Grant to support their great rescue work. Remember, two little old ladies in Alabama save more dogs and cats in one year than the entire bloated, misleading Humane Society of the United States. That is why we give to the little guys. So give locally and/or give to us! We get bang for your buck, and every dollar is used for rescue.




Animal Recovery Mission


They do it all. They are the worldwide police for animal protection and investigation, from companion animals to farm animals, undercover work at dog meat and horror meat “festivals”, they are working non-stop and deserve our support.

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

Germantown Illinois

Great BIG Thank You to

Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy

for Donating the final $500 for our fundraiser!!

She’s the BEST!!

We love Critter Camp!!

Help Us Stop the Killing (which is MORE out of control than ever.

Testifying on behalf of animals at the California state senate in Sacramento with our new partners at Fix Our Shelters. We asked our social media Peeps to email and/or call in support of that day’s  bill, and almost no one did. It’s going to take a LONG TIME to get any meaningful action passed, so when we ask you on social media to call or email and supply you with easy and simple information to take action on, we ask that you DO IT. If legislators don’t see a major groundswell of public support for helping animals they simply kill the bills, as easily as they are now killing animals. We are not winning and animals are dying in droves. Will you speak up for animals when the time comes?

Street Paws


Doing our part to help them build a new shelter for their currently 47 adoptable pets.

Adopt Us!

Badass Animal Rescue

Brooklyn, the Virgin Islands

Saving badass dogs from idiot humans

We love donating to them in general. This donation was for a special case; a senior needed so much medical care and they wanted to save her. We made a little grant towards helping. They do such great work and save so many.

Daisy Lu Ranch Senior Dog Sanctuary

Camarillo CA

A safe warm place for seniors to live out their lives in great care and comfort surrounded by love,  free of fear or pain.

California “shelters” now have the highest kill rate in America.

UTAN (Until There Are None)

Ozark Alabama

There is so little rescue support in Alabama these independent women don’t even have a website. We help them with donations and fulfilling their food/supplies wish lists.

Did you know that when you DONATE to Tails of Joy, you are helping animals as directly as if you just handed a dog or cat or bunny or elephant or chimp or horse or donkey or bear a twenty? We help save them ALL.

Broken Tail Rescue


Rescuing, healing, treating and finding forever homes for needy cats and dogs.

Adopt Us!

Maria in Mexico

Again, the power of one woman tirelessly working alone. We wiped out all her accumulated vet bills so she could start again from zero.

The Pepper Foundation

Los Angeles

Specializing in senior and special needs dogs. They are truly angels.

Hope For Sweet Homes


Her photo went viral. Begging for her life with one hour left to live. Hope for Sweet Homes saved her but she needed a lot of vet care. That’s where Tails of Joy came in. And of course we provide follow up food to her foster. Dahlia is such a special, soulful amazing girl. Healthy and happy now! Email us if you are interested in adopting. 

Dahlia at her foster’s playing. She is going to be a great dog for some lucky person.

California Bully Rescue


A great rescue organization that concentrates on all the bully breeds, who need our help the most.

Adopt Us!

  Boxer Coffee donates to Tails of Joy every time you buy. But that’s not the reason to buy it, the reason to buy it is because it is the best coffee you ever had, family owned and brewed for decades and the incognito supplier of many famous chef and store brands across the country.







Reva Foundation


Little Guy Grant earmarked for an older couple (on disability) to be able to care for their two dogs.

Coy Granda Rescatista Independiente

Tijuana/California border

Always happy to send supplies and a Little Guy Grant to one of our favorite Mexico/CA rescuers. Coy does more with her little band of foster helpers down there than you can imagine. And the world for stray dogs/cats there is a living hell, which makes Coy an angel.

Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue

Central Florida

“Beauty’s Haven is heaven on earth for equines in need. Theresa knows so much about rehab and has help and support from the finest medical professionals in FL. Most important, each animal in her care knows immense love every day it is at Beauty’s Haven.”

Plus, they now have a stray cat program where they get them placed in local farms and ranches to be happy and well- fed working barn cats.

The Little Red Dog

Laguna Hills CA

They got their own property, every rescue organizations’ dream! We are happy to help with expenses to keep building out better and saving more animals.

We met two independent rescue women on our trip to Sacramento. At their own expense they feed the dogs of the unhoused throughout the city. We supplied them with approximately two hundred pounds of dog food and treats

PM Kennels

Hobart, Oklahoma

Exactly the kind of small but mighty rescue we keep afloat. Dobies, Rotties, Pitties, but the owner got food poisoning and just about ran out of dog food. Now he is set for quite a while while he rescues, trains, and teaches people how to train these breeds.

Cat Behavior Alliance

The Carolina Cat Sanctuary

They are a worldwide resource for solving cat behavior problems via booked online appointments, and providing available videos. They also run a sanctuary for seniors and special needs cats. And if you have cats, they have a great store.

We supplied a full wish list to the foster of this abandoned abused senior when the plea came up on NextDoor.

That is the second time we’ve done that in as many weeks. Here is why: The awful secret that is going on behind our backs is that in order for shelters to appear as though they are getting closer to being “No Kill”, they are turning away animals and leaving them in the streets, and they report to no one. Have you noticed on your NextDoor feed how many more animals are suddenly turning up lost and found with no owners coming forward? Tails of Joy has teamed with Fix Our Shelters to expose this horror and to influence and support bills to correct this awful practice. We can’t do it without your help. When we ask you to call and/or email on specific bills, we can’t win unless you do. It’s what you can do to save animals.


If you live in California Ralph’s supermarkets are still heroes for us in donating a little piece of your shopping to us every time you buy. Your privacy is protected as we just get one aggregated check every quarter. To make your grocery shopping a life saving errand for animals, start here.

Donate and feel FANTASTIC!!!

Until next time friends. Stay cool and calm and safe and well.