Happy Endings and Beginnings Newsletter Winter 2024

Happy January 2024 Everyone!

We hope 2023 ended happily for everyone and we hope 2024 is starting out with all good things. It is for us! We are very proud to have received the highest rating, Platinum, from Guidestar, now part of Candid, the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations. Candid also requires our tax returns, programs, progress, and insures that donated funds go where the donor  intended. As you always could, you can of course continue to Donate with confidence.


All of the organizations below received Little Guy Grants, sometimes several times during the year, and some also received addition funds for special circumstances.  Thank YOU for making all of this possible with your support.

Best News Evah!

South Korea has just passed a law banning the dog meat trade!! And we can all thank the tireless efforts of the Soi Dog Foundation for their years of unflagging effort. With thousands of supporters including Tails of Joy they got it done!!! On to the next countries who need to stop this horrific practice.

Paws and Love

North Carolina

A great organization that focuses on TNR and spay/neuter of cats in North Carolina. Click here to see their many great adoptable cats.

Pola Cats

Port of Los Angeles

Surgery and then spaying for little Maya. Check out their great work tending to feral cats and TNR.

BB Cat


Well, if a comedian is going to pass away, and his cat BB is now being taken care of by one of our oldest mutual friends, we can take the financial burden of care off her and be this kitty’s comedy aunt who always stuffs her belly.

Coy Granda Rescatista Independiente


Four times this year we fulfilled the full wish list to supply and feed dogs and cats rescued single handedly from the streets of Tijuana. One person can make a huge difference (when you have people like Tails of Joy supporting you).

And here we now are in 2024, hoping this little guy can pull through. We financially made sure….

Getting better!

Read our testimonials

Until There Are None (UTAN Rescue)

Ozark Alabama

We made a Little Guy Grant. A month later we fulfilled their treats, toys and supplies wish list and sent 564 pounds of dog food to feed the thirty dogs plus two new litters in their care. We also helped specifically with individual cases they needed extra funds for. There just often is not a lot of support in rural areas for animal rescue.

Ask Mr. Frisky

Milmay‌ NJ

Cats cats cats and some dogs. From elderly, hospice, and special needs cats to cats with regular cat needs, Ask Mr. Frisky is a dedicated and excellent new rescue doing all the great work to get cats off the streets and cut down on the feral cat population. Here is Vladimir Cat, Postal Inspector, checking out the food and supplies we sent. Check out all their great work and their sanctuary residents.

Tri County Pitbull Rescue


As this photo shows, Sonja, who runs Tri County Pitbull Rescue, cooks a full Thanksgiving and full Christmas dinner for the 50 to 70 dogs in her care every year. She is so full of love for them, and the only rescuer for miles in her area. She takes them all. This holiday we sent 40 large warm waterproof dog blankets and 420 pounds of food. Dog food, not turkey dinners.

This blanket x 40!


Street Paws


As we say, we rescue the rescuers. Broken water heater in their new building? TOJ made a Little Guy Grant of $1000 towards a new one. Check out their site for great dogs and cats to adopt, 37 of them!

Vance and Hailey

Our truck driving fb friend Vance is one of the most creative posters on our Tails of Joy Animal Lovers Group on facebook. The group is only about joy; no sad stories, no financial appeals. It’s a place for pet lovers and owners to laugh, share, and enjoy their pets and the animals of the internet. Hailey stars in Vance’s great ongoing adventure stories (which I hope he will turn into a book), “El Gato and the Farting Squirrels”. Hailey has criss crossed the country hundreds of times in the cabs of Vance’s trucks. But, Vance had a bad turn of health and Tails of Joy is making sure he and Hailey are well fed, well supplied, and free of worry. Here’s to getting back on the road soon.

Join Tails of Joy Animal Lovers’ Group on facebook and throw away your anti-depressants. Only fun, funny & wondrous posts. 100% positive. All day long. 

Florida Boxer Rescue


Always happy to help our friends at FLBR. We love buying their Boxer calendars in bulk every year. If you would like a gorgeous boxer calendar for 2024 click!


Tails of Joy still providing Shimai’s foster with special kidney food every month. We will provide for her whole life. What a sweet girl.

UPDATE: We are very sad to report that Shimai just passed away, peacefully, surrounded by love in a warm home, thanks to rescuers who will always care.

Maria in Mexico

Vet bills. Vet bills. Vet bills.

Lola of the Valley

A happy welcome basket full of goodies to beautiful Lola in her new home. Her mommy and daddy donated so much unused medicine to Tails of Joy when their two furkids passed away last year. Now they and Lola have found each other and we wanted to repay their kindness. Hola Lola!! Wishing you all years of happiness, joy and love together.

Full Year of Feeding and Care Comes to a Happy End for Many But Not Yet All.

Our Holiday 2022 offer was to provide a full year of feeding, medicine, toys, snacks, beds, supplies, and all needs (plus two vet visits, and training if needed) for dogs and cats adopted from kill lists in pounds across the country. We loved this year of getting to know them all and their moms and dads. We loved the updates and watching them settle in. We cry for the ones that did not work out. Rescue is a heartbreak but we all keep going.  Some adoptions formally happened after the first of the year, so we will continue to feed and supply these pets until their year is up. We watched the price of pet food and vet care skyrocket this year, so we were glad we were there to prevent hardship and heartbreak. We will leave everyone well supplied. We hope the photos continue to arrive.

Crossing Guardians

Aid for US – Mexico border strays

This little guy (now named Caleb) was abused outside a high school. First they drew eyebrows on him and then beat him. Crossing Guardians took him to the vet (Tails of Joy paid, along with a big Little Guy Grant) and he is now in a warm bed and on the road to recovery. Then Tails of Joy found him the perfect home with the most wonderful people and dog brother in Michigan. He will travel when he is fully healed. He is such a sweet soul.

Caleb healing in Mexico.

Twitter Cat

People often reach out on social media to ask for help when they don’t have the funds to help their pets. We paid the vet bill for this beautiful Twitter cat to get all the medical care she needed.

Rescue Coop

Rocky Mountains adopting to everywhere in the U.S.

We made several little guy grants this year. They do a great job of daily rescue.

Click their link for all the great available dogs they have.

Lola, the face of Rescue Coop.

Guardians of Rescue

Across the country and around the world.

They do everything everywhere. Seriously. Here are some of their programs. Check out their website.

From this

To this

From this

To this

Facebook Birthday Wishes

We thank Steve Bluestein as we do every year for donating his FB birthday wish to Tails of Joy. He saves so many lives with his birthday wish (and his kind and generous friends), we are forever grateful. And thank you to all who gave Tails of Joy their birthday wishes on fb this season, we love you! Peeps! Create a birthday wish on fb for Tails of Joy or any animal rescue organization you support. It’s easy!

Enjoy Steve’s hilarious books:


Amazon Smile has ended its charity program. That hurts small rescues like Tails of Joy a lot. Luckily, we have an alternative and like Amazon Smile, it costs you NOTHING. Just start your online shopping at iGive.com.

Go to iGive.com, choose Tails of Joy as your rescue, then start there every time you shop. You do not have to download the app. Type the site you are shopping (Macys, Chewy, there are 2,000 stores that donate back!) into iGive.com. If they’re listed shop as you would, nothing more to do! If they’re not listed, thanks for starting there.

Boxer Coffee

Seriously great coffee at a great price. You’re going to drink coffee anyway so why not try a delicious coffee that saves lives.

Remember to check out Tails of Joy when you are shopping for unique things.

Did you know donating to Tails of Joy makes you look at least ten pounds thinner?

Don’t Die!

We are able to provide widespread spay/neuter thanks to our shero Julie Bell, who left a large bequest to us for the Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy. Julie has been gone several years now, but her name, legacy, and good works live on through us. Please don’t die but please put us in your will so we can continue good works in your name.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe and well. Until next time!