Newsletter – 2011

Dear Tails of Joy Peeps, Members, Friends, Thank you so much for joining and supporting Tails of Joy with your kindness and generosity. We love Happy Endings (not in a massage parlor sort of way). Despite the continuing poor economy, where animals suffer the most, we were able to give out our “Little Guy Grants” … Read more

Tails of Joy Spays Cats

Dear Tails of Joy, This is the kitty who was spayed yesterday, thanks to you. My brother and I rescued her from an alley in July. She was about 3 months old, had ringworm, ear mites and a terrible eye infection. She was dubbed “Sally from the Alley”, but as she has grown, she looks … Read more

Newsletter – 2010

Tales of Tails of Joy! Dear Tails of Joy Peeps, Members, Friends, Thank you so much for joining and supporting Tails of Joy on facebook, myspace, twitter, here, and elsewhere. You made 2010 a banner year for saving lives, with your kindness and generosity. Despite the poor economy, we were still able to give out … Read more

Buster – TOJ Early Success

Man is guilty in attack on dog April, 2003 By CARY DAVIS, Times Staff Writer © St. Petersburg Times, published April 1, 2003 NEW PORT RICHEY — Buster the boxer left Pasco County months ago minus one eye and nursing a broken jaw. Since then, though, he has been living a pampered life with a … Read more

Another movie star retires to Palm Springs and becomes a painter. This one’s a chimp.

For those of us old enough to remember the Tarzan movies, Cheeta is the chimp that made everybody want one of their own. The four foot, hundred and fifty pound primate was bursting with personality and charm. Animal trainer Tony Gentry found Cheeta on an animal scouting trip to Africa in the 1930s. Cheeta went on to star in twelve Tarzan films. … Read more

Comedian Elayne Boosler Leaves Dog Racing Gig at the Gate

Humane Society – November 11, 2002 WASHINGTON—When comedian Elayne Boosler discovered she had mistakenly been booked to appear at the Annual Symposium on Racing, she wasn’t laughing. The Symposium, scheduled for Tucson, Arizona, in December, will bring together representatives from the horse racing and greyhound dog racing industries. Boosler, a long-time animal activist, immediately cancelled … Read more