Gifted Children at L.A.’s Mirman School Have Tails Wagging With Joy!

Although Mrs. Otto would no doubt read our headline and correct our English, (the children at Mirman don’t have tails, although that WOULD be pretty gifted), we were trying to say they are truly bringing joy to tails everywhere. That’s because every year, the students work hard to raise funds for a few lucky organizations who really appreciate their help! This year, Ms. Statland’s class and Mrs. Otto’s class made Tails of Joy one of their picks. We are so excited we are wiggling.

We got to give a presentation to a hundred 8-10 year old students from Rooms 3 and Rooms 5. We never knew you could ask so many questions about cats, dogs, rabbits, rescue, adoption, behavior, and training. The one nobody could answer:”Why did the ancient Egyptians shave off their cats’ eyebrows?”

Mrs. Otto’s class at Petey’s Fountain at The Tree People

What a coincidence! Every year, the students raise
money for The Tree People, so they’ve visited Petey’s Fountain many
times! Mrs. Shimotsu’s and Ms. Berber’s classes like to help support
Friends of Animals.

They’ve held a bakesale and collected blankets, towels, dog food etc. for them. This year, Mrs. Otto’s and Ms. Statland’s classes will help The Tree People, and will help Tails of Joy save lives by selling t-shirts, shorts, and neat items with nature designs. They will do this on November 2nd and November 7th. Maybe Henry the Pug could come and make change.

Mirman students show their artwork. Henry’s mom is artist Christine
Head, who rescued him from the pound, so he knows good art when he sees it.


Two talented students made the posters above, a cool cat and a hot dog. Tails presented the Mirman School with a signed Tails of Joy art print.

We really enjoyed going to school today. We got to talk about our favorite subject; saving animals and treating them with love and care. There were lots of good questions and lots of good answers, but the one thing we all still don’t know is, WHY did those Egyptians shave off those cats’ eyebrows?