Newsletter – 2011

Dear Tails of Joy Peeps, Members, Friends,

Thank you so much for joining and supporting Tails of Joy with your kindness and generosity. We love Happy Endings (not in a massage parlor sort of way). Despite the continuing poor economy, where animals suffer the most, we were able to give out our “Little Guy Grants” to the smallest, neediest rescues across the country. All your donations do add up to make a difference in the lives of homeless, injured, abandoned, animals. And your name on the cause gives us strength in numbers when advocating for needy animals. We are all volunteer, and I underwrite the operating costs, so 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to helping actual animals. Thank you.

I know I was not quick with my “thank you’s” throughout this year. I used to thank everyone immediately, because I know money is tight everywhere, and I want everyone to know how meaningful your donations are to us. This year, rescue took all the “spare” time (ha), and we were always under the gun. Though I dropped the ball on sending out thanks in a timely manner, I want everyone to know I saw each and every donation come in, and was so thankful for every one. I will get my thank you’s out to all this week, but please know you did not donate into a void; every donation was seen, and so gratefully appreciated. As I always say, if a rescue organization thanks you in a timely manner, it’s not busy enough rescuing animals.

Happy Endings

Below is a partial list of how we distributed your donations in 2011, often donating more than once to each over the course of the year. We helped hundreds of animals through these organizations. Sometimes donations were specific; Georgia’s heartworm treatment, Herbie’s surgery, Penny’s surgery, wheels for Teddy to get around, whole groups of sweet pitties saved together from squalor and boarded until a place could be found, Moe and Sugar’s medical expenses, or bail for sweet Molly. We made the grants, you made it possible.

Last Chance Animal Rescue
Saving Furry Friends
Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation
Friends for Animals
Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
Elephant Voices
Paws Ranch Rescue
WayWild Animal Rescue
Horatio’s Legacy Rescue

Dream, Inc.
Florida Boxer Rescue Inc.
BullyWag, Inc.
Valhalla Canine Rescue
The Mutt Scouts
Valley Dogs, Inc.
Precious Paws
Wee Paws
Be Kind To Animals Rescue
Bark Ark Inc.
Rikki’s Refuge
Second Acts
Rescue Rescue Me, Inc.
Lawrence County Animal Shelter
The London Sanctuary
Operation Blankets of Love
One Heart at a Time Dog Rescue
Strangest Angels Rescue
Nova Rottweiler Rescue
Don’t Bully My Breed

We Never Give Up

It took 7 months to place Bennie last year, and here’s his one year report card this month. Just before he ate that kid.

Scooters Pals
Pet Pantry of Michigan
Healing Touch (Boarding for Albert)
Recycled Doggies
Howling Woods Farm
Top Paw Rescue
Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (New water pump, also surgery, and etc.)
Paws Ranch Rescue
Carson Cats
Save Dogs OnLine
Attorney’s Fees to save Molly the dog, Vacaville CA.
Tyler Nasise, to save Styples from Brooklyn Animal Control, and medical care.
Patti Lopez, rescuer.
Steve Spiro, rescuer (For Valentino)
Ashley Denton, rescuer.
Sabrina Vasta (Wheels for Teddy)
Amy Silver (Surgery for Tiny T.)
Nicole Klein (Surgery for Penny)
12 more direct to vet payments for bills across the country for various rescues and rescue groups.
7 more boarding kennel fees across the country to house rescues for over- crowded orgs.

We have tons more photos of happy endings. Will post soon, wanted to get the newsletter out. Okay, keep scrolling.

Just couldn’t get poor old Annie Fannie Bannanie placed. Look’s like she’s hanging around here until we get foreclosed on, or the Occupy people get her blankie.

Two tired woman after a looonnngg rescue night for Billie The Elephant.

Nothing gives like the gift of a warm bed and a life free of fear and pain. If you can donate this holiday season, thank you. If you can’t, no worries, we are so happy you are here to share your love of animals with us. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday, and a happy, healthy, joyful and wonderful new year. You have helped us provide just that for so many people and animals this year, may it shine back upon you at least seven fold.

Thank you so much!