Spring 2021 Newsletter

Happy Spring Everybody!  We hope you are safe and well and carefully enjoying our newly restored freedoms. It has been a verryyyy long year. For many of us, our pets were our most constant source of love and company. Record numbers of pets were adopted during quarantine, and that was great. Sadly now, many pets … Read more

Tails of Joy: Twenty Years of Good News

Happy New Year Everyone! We can still say that because it’s our first newsletter of the new year. And this April, Tails of Joy celebrates our Twentieth year of being the non-profit rescue organization that helps the smallest rescue organizations do their wonderful work. We have helped countless organizations save, heal, transport, feed, spay/neuter, and … Read more

Holiday 2020 and a Happier New Year

Happy Holiday Season Everyone, I know we will all be glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror. What a difficult and challenging year it was for all. Tails of Joy was lucky; our wonderful monthly donors kept donating despite the financial difficulties endured by so many this year. Thank you thank you!! And individual … Read more

All the GOOD News That’s Fit to Paw Print

As always, we gratefully thank our generous donors who make all of this rescue possible. There is not much we can do without you, and we thank you so incredibly much for your support especially in this time of crisis. Thank you thank you thank you from all the wagging Tails of Joy. DONATE Donating … Read more

Happily Catching Up

Hello friends, long time no newsletter. It just means we’ve been busy rescuing, even from home. We hope you are all staying safe and well, and maybe even taking this time at home to foster a dog, cat, or bunny for a local rescue group or shelter. The more empty cages they have, the more … Read more

Tails of Joy Brings SO MUCH Joy!

Happy first half of summer everybody! We hope you have been enjoying the season so far, and that you and your pets are staying cool, hydrated, and out of hot cars. We’ve been busy saving lives all over the country; north, south, east, and west. And in Britain too. We hope these happy stories of … Read more

Happy Spring 2019!

Happy Spring Everybody! We hope the warm weather starts to hang around so we can all get outside with our pets. We have been so busy rescuing, we want to thank all our supporters for making that possible. Please enjoy all the happy stories that happen every day thanks to you! Dogtown Ranch Rockdale, TX … Read more

2019 Off to a Happy Start for Rescue!

Happy first quarter of the new year everyone! We hope your 2019 started out with a bang, without the flu, or bronchitis, or laryngitis, oh wait, that’s just me. No matter. Nothing gets in the way of our rescuing. Here’s to an early, warm and sunny spring!   Wildlife Waystation California We love donating to … Read more