Spring 2021 Newsletter

Happy Spring Everybody! 

We hope you are safe and well and carefully enjoying our newly restored freedoms. It has been a verryyyy long year. For many of us, our pets were our most constant source of love and company. Record numbers of pets were adopted during quarantine, and that was great. Sadly now, many pets are being dumped at the pounds as people return to work, which is bad. We’ll ask one favor of you if you are giving up your pet (we won’t comment on that). Every rescue chips their dogs with their info, and most adoption agreements you have signed require a pet who is given up to be returned back to them. Due to shame or whatever, many people are dumping these unwanted pets at city pounds instead. Please do not do that. Those rescue organizations already paid to get those pets out of shelters once. They put lots of money into that pet to get her/him healthy and ready to be yours. The pound will scan for the chip and then call the rescue to tell them the pet has been returned. The rescue has to pay again to bail the pet out of the pound, if they even have room, and they will know from their records that you dumped the dog or cat anyway. So please, don’t cause this pet who gave you so much solace and love during lockdown further trauma by putting her/him in the pound again. There is no guarantee he/she will make it out alive this time. Man up and return her to where you adopted her, if you feel you have to give her up.    

Tails of Joy is celebrating our 20th year of being a non-profit rescue organization. When we can’t sleep, we start counting lives saved….

Little Dirty Whiskers


It is kitten season again. Most people have no idea how hard these independent groups work to corral, spay, neuter, release or place, patch up and save, the millions of stray cats who fill our streets. Here is just one little group of volunteers (two women, Nancy Rick and Jann Karam!) doing all this just this month to try to stem the flow of cats born into short desperate lives, and to help the ones already here. We were happy to make another big Little Guy Grant from our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

Animal Defense League of Arizona

They do so much great work on behalf of animals. We are happy to help them whenever we can. And we just did again.


The Animal Defense League of Arizona is a statewide animal protection organization that has worked since 1987 on behalf of companion animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories, animals in entertainment, and farm animals.

Furry Friends Foster and Rescue

Monroe, CT

What a wonderful rescue organization. They stick with every dog even when they become permanent fosters. We were happy to make a Little Guy Grant and also help Gertie get the surgery she needed for her back. We love those sweet Rotties!

Paws and Love

North Carolina

“We help prevent more litters being born with Trap, Neuter, & Return. Low-cost spay/neuter and vetting options available.”

We always love helping these guys out. More sterile cats returned to colonies, fewer feral cats being born into terrible lives.

Tri County Pitbull Rescue


We help this all – pittie rescue often, as Sonja who runs it is so dedicated. These three sweethearts needed surgery, and Tails of Joy helped make it possible.


By the way, every Xmas Sonja cooks an actual Xmas dinner for all the dogs waiting for their forever homes. You can see how many she is caring for. And each dog gets a present, a new toy.



Dogs on the Move

Across the country from Florida to state to state.

“Transport #187 to Charlie’s Strays in Maine and Pope Memorial Frontier in Vermont is ON THE MOVE!  A wonderful transport filled with two senior dogs, an overbred momma dog who came in without her puppies, a dog who had major surgery on his leg, which we saved from amputation, a puppy who came into the shelter with a serious injury to one side of her face (obviously human), two confiscations and a few long overdue and overlooked dogs at the shelter. Some had worms, others at URI and some had hair loss, aside from the other various medical issues. All were a little scared except two. All were vetted and their various illnesses treated. We need to cover drivers fees (2), gas, tolls, incidentals, food, Health certificates for each dog as well as general maintenance of the transport vehicle upon return (oil change, tire rotation).” Tails of Joy helped get this show on the road.


Merrill Markoe has kept the eBay auctions going for Tails of Joy, curating the coolest Late Night and Late Show items coveted by fans. A lovely gent named Brad Phillips won this jacket and then tweeted:

@MrMediaTraining I am beyond thrilled to have won an auction for an original “Late Night with David Letterman” jacket. Even better, the proceeds benefit @ElayneBoosler’s Tails Of Joy animal rescue org. Thank you, Elayne and @Merrillmarkoe for helping animals in need.”

Nope, thank YOU! Wear it in good health and enjoy. And we’re happy to let all our Peeps know how helpful and excellent your Media Training is. We thank ALL our auction winners for saving so many lives.

Tail Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass, Oregon
Tailwaggers helps the homeless and pets of the homeless. We got this email: “Annie’s Dad who once had a drug problem now lives in an RV and runs a ministry group for men.  However, he can’t afford good food for Annie so we’ve been helping with that.  Now, we need to help her get this surgery.” Tails of Joy helped get Annie her surgery.

AND, Tail Waggers came across some starving cows with their calves. It’s rare to see cows with their ribs sticking out; three of the calves had already succumbed to starvation.

“A local men’s ministry has cows on their property. The owner of the cows died (recently), but he stopped caring for the cows a couple of months ago. The men are in the program working on their drug & alcohol addictions. They have no funds to pay for anything. Part of the program is that they care for the animals. Last night, I learned of all of this. Last night, one of the cows had a calf and the calf died within 15 minutes of being born. This is the 3rd time this has happened in recent months. “

So now we are also “Cow Tails of Joy”, as we made sure they got what they needed to survive and thrive. Vet bills and food.

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Acton, CA

Fourteen years and going strong, saving mostly the bully breeds year after year. Linda is tireless and saves so many lives. We made a big Little Guy Grant. Click on her website for tons of great info about dogs, laws, veganism, and everything positive.


Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary


We love the seniors. They are the smartest, most loyal, most grateful pets in the world. They are always trained, loving, and move-in ready. You will always be happy you adopted a senior. They know you saved their lives, and very often they save yours too.


Pawprints in the Sand

Southern CA

Tails of Joy and Pawprints are still partnered on Now-Beautiful Charity, and Still-Too-Feisty Zuma. For adoption info please contact Pawprints.

Update: Charity was adopted by her foster mom!!

Spring Branch Rescue


Little Guy Grant made to help keep them going. Hit hard by the pandemic, this small rescue organization  is just the type we like to help.


For Animals Inc.

New York

Our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy made a Little Guy Grant to this wonderful organization that has spent the last twenty years trapping, spaying/neutering feral cats to cut down on the feral population. They then foster them and get them ready for adoption, finding them forever homes. And they find forever homes for dogs too!

Adopt Us!!

Dave Rygalski to the RESCUE

If you were a fan of “The Gilmore Girls” then you know the love interest in the show was named Dave Rygalski. But did you know that he was actually named after Original Recipe Dave Rygalski, a writer for David Letterman and boyfriend (now longtime husband) of Helen Pai, who was a producer on Gilmore Girls and served as the model for Rygalski’s girlfriend on the show? Complicated enough? Well the real Dave Rygalski loves animals, and when he saw the  exclusive, staff only jackets from the Letterman show were bringing in big bucks for Tails of Joy, he donated his three rare, collectible jackets plus a David Letterman football jersey to us so we could auction them and raise lots of money to rescue LOTS of animals. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity and his love of animals, and many, many, many lives are being saved because of him. We’re going to name all the animals Rygalski!

Farewell to Henry

“Seniors for Seniors” is one of our most successful programs. Having an older person adopt an older dog prolongs both their lives and brings irreplaceable joy. When my “adopted” mother Helen was 75, she started going downhill after she lost her last dog. I thought, “Not on my watch”. We got Henry, a 5- or 6-year-old tragic case, out of the pound. His puppy collar had been left on all those years and his skin grew over it. His throat had to be cut 360 degrees to get the collar out. He looked like he had been hung and the rope broke. I brought him to Helen. “Oh hon, I can’t have another dog.” “I know. I just need you to nurse him back to health for us and we’ll find him a new home.” That was 13 years ago. Our darling Helen passed away seven months ago. Her loving sons took great care of now 18 or 19 year old Henry until this week, when we helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. Helen and Henry are together again. Forever.

Please put your pets in your will with a small bank account for their ongoing needs. You would not believe how many pets of recently deceased people are left with nowhere to go, either because no plans were made or because the person/people who said they would care for them do not, once they get their inheritance. Make their inheritance contingent on caring for your pets. Do not leave your pets without a plan. Would you have a will without making provisions for your minor children, just hoping it will work out for them? Of course not. And please put Tails of Joy in your will; we will honor you in every newsletter and keep your name alive, while your gift keeps needy animals alive. Don’t die, but please put us in.

“Someday I want to help animals too!”

You can do that right now, at no cost to you. Start your Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com every time you shop on Amazon. Bookmark it. But first, go there and choose Tails of Joy, Studio City, as your designated charity. From that moment on, Amazon will donate .05% of your spending to us every time you shop, at no cost to you. You and your purchases remain anonymous to us. It only works if lots and lots of people sign up for us. We hope you will. Tell your friends and family too. It makes a huge difference to the animals it helps us save. Thanks!

Ralph’s Markets in California

In California, linking your Ralph’s Rewards Card to Tails of Joy means we get a tiny bit of your grocery total every time you shop. Ralph’s makes the donation. It costs you nothing, and you are saving lives! Please help us get life- saving free money. Thank you!

eBay for Tails of Joy – Buy and Sell

Click here for all the info. Thanks! 

Shop Tails of Joy for unique and wonderful items. 100% to CHARITY.

And of course, you can just plain ol’ donate, which makes you the most wonderful person in the world.

Thank you so much.