Tails of Joy: Twenty Years of Good News

Happy New Year Everyone!

We can still say that because it’s our first newsletter of the new year. And this April, Tails of Joy celebrates our Twentieth year of being the non-profit rescue organization that helps the smallest rescue organizations do their wonderful work.

We have helped countless organizations save, heal, transport, feed, spay/neuter, and rehabilitate needy animals of every kind. From building a kennel in Virginia to house eighty Pitbulls, to buying a huge outdoor generator for a rescue group when one failed in a snowstorm, leaving fifty outdoor dogs freezing in their kennels, to buying a new washing machine for a group whose machine broke.

Laundry is a huge part of rescue when you are housing dozens of dogs. We provided secure storage sheds for  groups to keep rats out of their pet food, and we’ve wired entire kennels and also connected them to municipal sewer lines. We do it all so they can keep saving lives. Daily, we are providing food and medical attention as well as spay/neuter for feral cat colonies, rescue groups, and the pets of individuals finding themselves in need due to Covid. We constantly provide money for transport, boarding, training and vetting; we rescue the rescuers. We have provided support for elephants, rhinos and primates in Africa.

We bought sewing machines and backpacks full of school supplies for transient communities in India so they could give up their dancing bears (electrically prodded) to a sanctuary. We provide support for sea life, wildlife, and every species of animal who needs us. We have also done much hands on rescue over twenty years, and that is our greatest joy. We do this all across the country and often beyond. With our support we have exponentially saved tens of thousands of animals’ lives. So thank you for being there for us all these years so we can be there for all of them. Here’s to many more. We are happy to bring you more joyful stories that you helped make possible.

A Big Thank you to Optical Connection

For the third holiday season in a row, Optical Connection in Studio City, CA, hosted a month long pop-up store for Tails of Joy. They again brought in money selling our totes and ornaments, and we thank them so much. I’ve been seeing Dr. Ruth Lipson there, and having my glasses made there (ask for Armen), for about twenty five years. I cannot recommend them highly enough, as professionals and as people. The animals thank you so much.

Tailwaggers Rescue

Grants Pass Oregon

As always, they are helping the pets of the homeless. And as always, we help them do it!

More Faces We Fed

…and helped with vet visits, medicines, vaccines, and spay/neuter during these hard times



Little Paws of the Valley

Southern CA

This awesome group TNRs (Trap/Neuter/Spay/Release) the feral cats all around Southern California. We help them do it through our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy. They feed the feral colonies to keep them coming until they can  trap them, then take them to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and given any other help they need. We all hope that one day this will finally eliminate homeless cats. They also keep the kittens, wait to spay/neuter/vaccinate them until they are older and then get them adopted. But in the meantime, many foster homes are always needed. Wouldn’t you love to foster a kitty? All food and supplies provided by Tails of Joy. Just contact them, or us!


Living Free Sanctuary

Mountain, CA

I wish I could live here. This magnificent property in what seems like the California wilderness is one of the most beautiful and well run rescue organizations we have ever seen. The people who run it are fantastic. They have incredible adoption numbers into great homes, and like the word “sanctuary” says, no matter how long it takes, they stick with the animals in their care. You might remember that over a year ago, they took in Luna from Tails of Joy. She was the beautiful Cane Corso we tried to get adopted for a year. We finally brought her here. They took great care of her for months and months until they finally found her the perfect forever home. This is just a wonderful place worthy of support.

Adopt Us From Living Free Sanctuary!!


Gracie’s Twilight Dog Haven


“Forever home, placement and care for older and special needs dogs that have been abandoned by their previous owners.” That’s why we help them!

Tails of Joy Hero Steve Bluestein

As he does every year, our dear friend and TOJ Board Member Steve Bluestein used his Facebook birthday wish to fundraise for TOJ. And when Steve fundraises, he fundraises!! Thanks to Steve and everyone who donated, for raising so much money to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home needy animals across the country and around the globe. Happy Birthday! You have the most caring, generous friends (and now so do I). Wishing you the most wonderful year full of joy, good health, happiness, and finally, freedom to get the heck out of the house! Steve’s books provide non stop laughter and enjoyment. His latest book, Point of Pines, is a departure from comedy. It’s serious, or as Steve likes to say, “It doesn’t contain one joke”.

Assist Dogs

Wake Forest, NC

Their mission is to provide service dogs for people with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease to help maintain independent mobility. Their services are free of charge. We were happy to make a Little Guy Grant.

Strangest Angels

CA and Mexico

Elle never gets around to sending the “after” photos that we make possible. We were happy to help spay/neuter a bunch of rescue dogs through our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

Paw Prints in the Sand


This is an organization we love working with. We still have Charity in joint custody, and now we have partnered again, this time on Zuma, a beautiful, feisty girl. Tails of Joy sent her to boarding and training, and when she graduates, Paw Prints will find her the right forever home. How great is that?


Above, Beautiful Charity looking like a new dog! Off to her spay and dental appointment, happily covered by TOJ. If you’d like info on adopting this precious soul, contact us.

CA Labrador Retrievers and More
Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue, Inc.

Both groups are “Friends of Moreno Valley, CA Shelter” volunteer rescue groups

We just helped both of these excellent groups. Yes they’re called Labs and More, the “more” meaning they help every dog who needs it. And seniors happen to be my favorites, along with having a particular soft spot for German Shepherds, so we love helping to save senior Shepherds. We helped both of these organizations with saving some out-of-time dogs from Moreno Valley Shelter. Several of the dogs we signed on to help have happily been adopted (yay!), but please visit these two websites to see their beautiful, move-in ready dogs waiting for forever homes

Baja Animal Sanctuary

CA and Mexico

Tails of Joy has helped Baja Animal Sanctuary often. They place hundreds of dogs and cats every year. As we always say, we are here when the rescuers need rescuing. With the torrential rains California had in early February, one of the sanctuary walls collapsed, setting the dogs free. After they were rounded up, the wall had to be rebuilt quickly, and Tails of Joy was there. Everybody’s safe and back home, and you can visit their website to see all the dogs and cats waiting for you.

Rescue DOGS from Lebanon-CANADA

This great organization that we have been supporting for more than five years has not let the pandemic slow things down. They are still bringing in the neediest dogs from the middle east on the flights on which they are flight attendants. What a perfect use of their jobs. What lucky dogs; from hell to heaven thanks to these wonderful people.

Merrill Markoe — Continuing Rescue Hero

In our last newsletter we thanked our newest Board Member, the great writer/comedian Merrill Markoe, for auctioning some of her unique TV memorabilia collection on eBay to benefit TOJ. These were highly In Demand items from her years as Head Writer on all the incarnations of David Letterman’s shows. Turns out she had even more valuable TV stuff in her closet that people could get only through her, and she continues to raise welcome amounts of loot for TOJ, as well as many other worthy rescue organizations. We can’t thank her enough. Well, you could buy her new graphic novel, We Saw Scenery. That would be a win win, because you will love it. Then you can catch up on all her other books, which I promise will make you laugh out loud endlessly or I’ll come wash your car.


Way too cool early ’90s Late Show jacket from the personal collection of Merrill Markoe. This was never available to the public. It was given to staff only. Rare, mint, never worn.


Tails of Joy as your Pet Health Savings Account

This little guy’s folks needed some help paying for his medical emergency and we helped. Remember, if your pet/pets get sick or need medical attention, Tails of Joy is here to return 100% of any monies you donated to us over the years.

Think of us as your Pet Health Savings Account. We’ll be there if you need us because you have been here for us.

Desert Dog Project

San Bernardino/Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and the High Desert.

They have rescued pets from as far away as Texas and Ohio.

This great rescue organization run by our friend Pat also covers the desert, where the most abused dogs are dumped. It usually takes a lot of time, love and money to get them healed again and ready for a forever home. Pat does great work and we are happy to help. This is Rollo, found in the desert. He’s at the vet now getting the care he needs. Then we’ll get to work on those teeth…

Remember during these months of snow to wash your dog’s paws when you come inside if you’ve been walking where the snow has been salted. If your dog will stand for them, booties aren’t a bad idea. Be safe and well and wear your masks so we can all meet again in person one day soon…

Please remember to shop our great Shopping Pages for unique items. We are all volunteer so 100% of your purchase is used to rescue animals.



Did you know that donating to animal rescue prevents hair loss, weight gain, bankruptcy, acne, bad breakups, and halitosis? It increases your chances of winning the lottery, finding designer clothing on sale, meeting the perfect person, owning your own home at the lowest interest rate, and prevents aging. Whatcha waitin’ for?

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