All the GOOD News That’s Fit to Paw Print

As always, we gratefully thank our generous donors who make all of this rescue possible.
There is not much we can do without you, and we thank you so incredibly much for your support especially in this time of crisis.
Thank you thank you thank you from all the wagging Tails of Joy.


Donating to animal rescue helps you lose weight, grow hair, become incredibly good looking, gets rid of wrinkles, gives you irresistible cachet and makes you look ten years younger. And it’s deductible. Oh heck, it just makes you sexy!

Happy Autumn Everybody!

Ok, I know, it’s not THAT happy. I have taken to walking around the house yelling, “Honey! I’m home!! And my hubby yells back, “I KNOW!! You’ve been home for seven months!!” Well, we do what we can to get through the lockdown. I am still not going out as I have pre-existing conditions: cowardice, terror, bad hair, etc… But staying in has allowed me to do even more rescue, because I spend lots and lots of time answering emails from unemployed, or under-employed people, who now need a bit of help buying food and supplies for their pets. We feel keeping an animal in a home is as good as placing an animal in a home. And we have been supplying rescue organizations with tons of food as well, since donations have fallen off for many due to Covid. Which brings me to jewelry…

You Peeps are the BEST!! I have been making dog and mermaid jewelry for months now, using my vast collection of charms saved from over forty years on the road. I try to keep the prices low for you, and as in everything we do and sell, 100% of the money goes to rescue. We are posting our last big collection of Comedian Made jewelry this Wednesday, September 23rd, at 6pm Pacific time. Here’s a little peek:


Tail Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass Oregon

Tail Waggers Rescue provides help to pets of the homeless and their human parents. They do a great job and we are always happy to help. We made several Little Guy Grants in the last few months, to help with different needs including food, paw wax, breaking into a hot car to rescue a dog, and more.


Community Cats Coalition


Wonderful work and excellent numbers in making a difference to keep the homeless cat population from expanding. Little Guy Grant made from our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

Paws and Love

North Carolina

Tails of Joy was happy to help this excellent rescue continue their great work. Low cost spay neuter for low income citizens. TNR for reducing the feral cat community. Cat adoptions. Cat sanctuary for the aged, damaged.. any cat who needs to live out a safe and happy life.


Strangest Angels Rescue

CA and Mexico

Tails of Joy is always happy to help our friend Elle at Strangest Angels. We paid to get a bunch of rescued little guys spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and made beautiful.

Independent Cat Rescuers


Tails of Joy pays for feeding, spay/neuter, shots, deworming, flea meds — whatever is needed to help these feral colonies throughout the country and cut down on the feral cat population.


Angels in Training

Calabasas, CA

Angels in Training Senior Dog Sanctuary is a gift to elderly dogs. They rescue seniors from high-kill shelters, give them love and take care of all their needs for the rest of their lives. You would be surprised how many live so much longer than expected, due to good nutrition, medical care, and LOVE.


Basic Needs Foundation

Harbor City, CA

Tails of Joy made a big Little Guy Grant for this very necessary project. The Basic Needs Foundation, which helps the pets of the homeless (and the homeless as well), as well as low income pet owners, needed funds to provide 150 to 175 mobile spay/neuters in some of the very poorest California counties: Oildale (Bakersfield), Wasco, Delano, McFarland, (Kern County). These beautiful dogs are also available for adoption right now!

We were able to do this thanks to our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy. Let me take a moment to tell you how this came to be. A casual facebook friend, Donna Zeigfinger, who owns a fantastic vegan travel agency called “Green Earth Travel“, had a friend named Julie Bell. Julie was a beautiful young lawyer who had terminal cancer, and wanted to donate her estate to several different charities, one of them being an animal rescue charity. Donna told Julie about Tails of Joy, and asked if she could give Julie my phone number. Julie and I had many wonderful conversations, and I was very sad to be losing this new friend that I had just gotten to know. Julie asked what the greatest rescue need was. I said, “Spay/neuter. We’re all just standing down here at the bottom of this waterfall while millions of dogs and cats fall by, out of our reach. Spay/neuter would place us at the top of the waterfall where we could prevent so many yearly deaths.” I told Julie I would name the fund anything she wanted, and she chose to honor her mother Edith, with “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy”. When we lost Julie I flew myself to Washington to attend her memorial service because I wanted to get to know her better through stories, and I wanted to meet Donna and her husband. Julie left so much good behind. Aside from funding several different kinds of charities, she has made our spay/neuter work possible for the last several years, saving countless lives. Donna and her hubby are now our lifelong friends. Every time I use Julie’s fund to help animals, I like to feel she knows how much good she left behind, and I am so proud to be able to honor her in the exact way I promised. So if you are looking for a good place to leave a little bit of money when you go to the Rainbow Bridge to meet your pets, you can count on Tails of Joy to be honest, caring and upstanding. We can even name a fund after you.

BFF Pet Rescue

Fontana, CA

This beautiful sweetheart needed a wheelchair. We bought it. And put in a little extra for treats for all…


And then some more help was needed for him:

So there we were again.

The Sanctuary at Soledad


The Sanctuary moved 300 animals from California to Florida last year, to continue providing forever homes for severely neglected, abused or unwanted animals. The Sanctuary is home to goats, cows, pigs, chickens, horses, donkeys, ducks, sheep, turkeys, llamas, dogs, and rabbits. The timing turned out to be terrible, with Covid hurting donations and all other costs rising. Tails of Joy made a BIG Little Guy Grant to try to give them some room to catch their breath.

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

German Valley, IL

We always enjoy helping Critter Camp, the only Exotic Pet Sanctuary operated solely by volunteers that is USDA licensed, 501(c)(3), and accepts only small un-adoptable unusual pets.

They take in abused, abandoned and otherwise homeless small exotic animals.

This month, we auctioned off a Comedian Made one of a kind “Critter” necklace, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Critter Camp. The winning bid was $200!

ARK Charities

Brookfield, CT

While scrolling through the “Nextdoor” website one day (I highly recommend it if there is one for your neighborhood), I found a post from a young woman saying the rescue organization she volunteers for was very low on pet supplies and food. After reaching out and getting more information from her, Tails of Joy made a big Little Guy Grant to help Ark K9 continue to focus on rescuing and re-homing animals from high kill shelters, with a focus on saving German Shepherds. Shepherds are now in the top three of most euthanized dogs, and they are incredibly wonderful. I hope to have one in the near future. ARK has already expanded to California and continues to expand to more cities.

Michele’s Rescue

Grand Rapids, MI

Michele’s Rescue took a transport of puppies and one turned out to have parvo (which is so deadly). He infected the rest of the litter. The bills are very high, and they have their other dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes to take care of as well. Tails of Joy made a Little Guy Grant. We’ll be here to keep on helping.


Don’t Eat the Bunny!

Pet Food for Individuals During Lockdown

We continue to post on social media that we are here to ship pet foods across the country to individuals struggling financially to feed their pets during the pandemic. We’re also shipping food to rescue groups who need it. If you are truly in need, email and we will help.

One email that grabbed my heart came from North Carolina. I emailed this woman and her daughter that we would help their bunny rabbit and received this email in return:

“You do not know the burden you have lifted from me, I didn’t want to have to rehome her because most of the people around here only want rabbits to eat and I just can’t hand her over knowing I was signing her death certificate. She really is a good rabbit and doesn’t deserve that.”

Whew! And more thanks…

Big meow of thanks to @ElayneBoosler & #tailsofjoy for the cat food for my kitties at #PorchKittyManor.


More pictures of pets we’ve helped feed, spay, neuter, supply, during this crisis. We’ve helped in Pompano Beach, FL, Newberry, SC, Magalia, CA, Auburn, CA, Winchester, KY, and more.

Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary


Of course we helped. Over 550 dogs and cats saved so far! We love the seniors the most, and have adopted so many. They have enriched our lives so much, they are magical. Try one or two..

Amsterdog Rescue

New York, NY

Over 4500 lives saved so far! They, like all rescues, needed a hand up during the pandemic. We were happy to make a Little Guy Grant.

Animal Haven Rescue

Bay County Florida, Panama City

With 80 cats in their rescue and Covid-19 affecting income (to ALL rescues) we sent enough food and litter to keep the kitties fat and happy for several months.

Trap Dat Cat

New Orleans, LA

Helping to cut down on New Orleans’ feral cat population with a Little Guy Grant from our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

Please stay safe and well everyone and wear a mask! That way you don’t have to wear make-up, wax your lip, shave your beard, and best of all for me, no one can see you talking to yourself in the supermarket.

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Remember, new Comedian Made jewelry posts this Wednesday, September 23rd at 6pm Pacific time.

Be safe and well!



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