Happily Catching Up

Hello friends, long time no newsletter. It just means we’ve been busy rescuing, even from home. We hope you are all staying safe and well, and maybe even taking this time at home to foster a dog, cat, or bunny for a local rescue group or shelter. The more empty cages they have, the more animals they can keep alive longer while they wait for their forever homes.

It’s also a great time to adopt, as you have more time at home to really get to know your pet. This newsletter stretches all the way back to November 2019!

Since the lockdown began, Tails of Joy has been sending pet food across the country (and beyond) to pet owners who have now found themselves without enough money to feed their furkids. We have also been supplying people who feed feral cats with food for those large colonies as well. We have supplied several thousands of pounds of pet food since February. If you are truly in need of help to feed your pets, contact us.

Also, due to people working from home, feral cat trappers who take cats in to be spayed/neutered and then safely released back into their colonies (TNR) have had more time to trap cats. This prevents litters of homeless cats leading short, desperate lives. Tails of Joy has paid for these cats to be spayed/neutered vaccinated and treated through our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy”. We have partnered with several veterinary offices, including Huntington Pet, Alton Main Animal Hospital, Stanton Pet Hospital, Anchor Pet Clinic, Anaheim Animal Care and Pet Hospital, Ozark Veterinary Clinic, and more. We work with vets who offer a rescue discount. These independent, cat loving, tireless feeders and trappers are true heroes. Always taking money out of their own (not deep) pockets to help the strays, we are so happy to help them.

With so many months of rescuing since we’ve caught up, if we printed our usual amount of detail for each organization we helped, it would be waaayyy too long for you to read. For all those below who got our “Little Guy Grants”, we helped with one or more of the following: food, medical care, building projects, rebuilding after a fire, emergency surgeries, intakes, hoarding situations, etc. etc. etc. In many cases, we made multiple grants to these rescues throughout the year. Below is a partial list. We hope you will click on them to see all the great work they do and what little creature might be there waiting just for you!

Our Lil Bit of Heaven Rescue and Sanctuary

Poland, IN

Saving Hope Animal Rescue

Fort Worth, TX

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue 

Brooklyn, NY

Tail Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass, OR

Ralph’s Supermarkets Community Contribution Program

Ralph's Community ContributionsIn California, linking your Ralph’s Rewards Card to Tails of Joy means we get a tiny bit of your grocery total every time you shop. Ralph’s makes the donation. It costs you nothing, and you are saving lives! Please help us get life- saving free money by clicking the link, scrolling down a little and following our directions. Thank you!

Senior Ride Rescue

Throughout Western America

We’ve also done some undercover rescue that we can’t be too specific about. We saved some desperately needy lives in Alabama. Those dogs are now in witness protection lol. Also, aside from providing food, spay/neuter for cats, we have made Little Guy Grants to three independent cat rescue groups. And of course we’ve donated to other rescue organizations’ birthday wishes on Facebook.

We don’t care who saves lives, we just want to help them do it.

The Little Red Dog


R&R Boxer Rescue

Southern California

Angels in Training Senior Dog Sanctuary

Southern California

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

German Valley, IL

New Albany Pet Rescue


Rock and Rescue

Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers

Cherry Valley, NY

Dogs On the Move

From Florida to the rest of the country.

We helped DOTM Transport #178 get on the move to freedom, transporting dogs from overcrowded South Florida shelters to the Northeast of the United States. These great dogs all got a second chance at life, leaving South Florida and heading up to beautiful Vermont to The Humane Society of Chittenden. This transport had mostly bigger dogs on board with only one small one. The bigger dogs always have a difficult time leaving through the front door but not this time!

Dog Squad India


Dharamsala Animal Rescue


“Sandeep in Gurudwara Road#dharamsala alerted me to GANGA and YAMUNA, sister pups who need #animalbirthcontrol. They’re included in our next round March 1st, supported by @ElayneBoosler #tailsofjoy!”

“Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” made a big Little Guy Grant to help spay/neuter the street dogs of India through these great people.


“Dog Squad India loves & serves the street dogs of Dharamsala, India. The #GreatMonsoonPuppyRescue saves puppies from rain, vehicles & disease, cleaning & vaccinating them, placing them in homes, & spaying the mother dogs & other adult dogs, to prevent repeating the cycle. Elayne’s Tails of Joy, will you gift dog food for the #rescuepuppies in Himachal, north India?”

Our reply:

“We’re happy to tell you that your entire Amazon wish list is on its way.”

From twitter: “@DogSquadIndia – DAY 2 of freezing rain in #mcleodganj #himachal. @Dogshala denizens are frustrated & the place is a wet mess. But at least we have dog food thanks to @ElayneBoosler and #tailsofjoy!”

From twitter: “Mission Accomplished: 12 Indian #streetdogs sterilized & released today w help of @ElayneBoosler, #tailsofjoy.”

Tri-County Pitbull Rescue


We know you’ve seen our donations to this rescue in previous newsletters, as it’s the only rescue in that area taking in every pittie possible. This past fall, we decided to fully fund their kennel building project, to keep fifty plus pitties dry, safe and warm this past winter and forever more. Sonja, the founder, and her son and his friends made the funding go further by volunteering their building services for free.

We got it done! They now have a high volume, heated shelter, and we’ll share the finished pictures in our next newsletter.

Every Christmas, Sonja cooks a full Christmas dinner for every dog in her care.

American Maltese Association Rescue

Vancouver, WA

Taffie had so much wrong with her after her elderly owner surrendered her, it would take pages to list it all. Just know we helped get her healthy and ready for her forever home!

Strangest Angels Rescue

Southern California and Mexico

Tails of Joy has made several “Little Guy Grants” to Strangest Angels this year. They place so many dogs each month, we always say yes.

Blue Lives Bully Rescue

New York and New Jersey

Happy to have helped get Pearl out of harm’s way and into this excellent rescue.


Las Vegas, NV

Tails of Joy spent a lot of money training and boarding Buddy, a gorgeous, young, loving and playful Pittie/American Bulldog. His family wasn’t able to keep him, so he is currently adoptable in Nevada. He is a perfectly trained, wonderful dog who needs an owner familiar with the breed and someone who can match his high energy level and keep him out of mischief. For more info: elayne@tailsofjoy.net. See his video on our Tails of Joy home page.

At-Choo Foundation

Saving dogs in Mexico and California.

Alfie’s Kitten Rescue

Westminster, CA

The TriState Noah Project

Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana


We donated to help rescue Chase through a twitter plea. He was taken in by a New York rescuer, and got his new chance at a forever home. Gorgeous boy.


We hope everyone stays safe and well during these difficult times. There are bright days ahead, and pets make everything so much better. We thank you all for your support. We thank our monthly donors from the bottom of our hearts. We thank our one time donors, and all of our shoppers. Remember, there is always new, great stuff for sale on our shopping pages. And we thank all of our wonderful Peeps who helped us by doing facebook birthday fundraisers for Tails of Joy. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for helping the animals. And if you need us, we are here for you.

Be safe and well.


Supermarkets and stores are letting us bring or own bags in again. We have the perfect ones! Heavy recycled plastics can be washed with soap and water after every outing!