Thanksgiving Newsletter

We wish everyone a happy, healthy beginning to the winter holidays. We have been busy as usual making our Little Guy Grants to rescue organizations far and wide, and to individuals in need as well. We’re always here to help, just reach out.

Special Adoption Offer

New York City Animal Care and Control is a nightmare for animals in their care. We have testified at their board meetings for years. No mayor ever makes it better for the animals there. We need to get them out. For anyone who adopts any animal from NYCACC between now and January 31, 2023, Tails of Joy will provide one full year of free food, treats, and toys plus leash, collar, pet bed, spay/neuter if necessary, vaccines, two standard vet visits and medicines if needed. You adopt, email and we take it from there for a year. Click for all the fantastic adoptable pets waiting for you. ADOPT US!



Tails of Joy goes the extra mile. We got an email from a dog dad who had to spend his rent money to pay 2 different emergency vets to save his dog’s life. Now he was out of rent and in trouble. We couldn’t pay his rent. So we had both vets refund his payments and we re-paid them. “Let me put you on hold.” “I’m calling from Italy. Don’t go to lunch.” Everyone is happy and doggy is doing great.

We have also helped many individuals in need these last few months. I have always said when you donate to Tails of Joy, we will always refund all of your donations if your pet ever becomes in need of them. Let us be your pet savings account. Several of the people we helped were donors and asked if that was really true. They found out it was.

Perry’s Place Heaven on Earth

Los Angeles

Perry’s Place is the perfect recipient of funds from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy”. 

So far in 2022 they have taken in 778 cats, adopted out 557 cats, sent 629 cats to foster homes, TNR’d 934 community cats through SpayShip, and spay/neutered 3455 cats at their own clinic. This is exactly what Julie Bell’s bequest to us was meant for, and we are proud to keep her name and her generosity alive. If you leave a bequest to Tails of Joy, we will name a fund after you and your name will live on in the best way. Please put us in your will, and promise us you won’t die any time soon! 

They’re Back!!!

Our gorgeous totes, which sell out every year, are back! The company had discontinued them because they always move on to new designs, but they realized they had a winner here and started making them again! For a limited time they come with a little holiday extra too. Order yours.

Just Four Paws Rescue

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue

Canada and Mexico

Tails of Joy received an email asking us if we could help pay for surgery for an abused dog in Mexico. We took a look at the great work these two rescue organizations do and we made two Little Guy Grants, to help each rescue organization individually with much more than that. Thank you for all the great work you both do, in Canada, the US, and Mexico.


ADOPT US!!! Peeps, Bone Voyage Rescue has literally HUNDREDS of fantastic, amazing, beautiful puppies, dogs, and seniors all ready to be yours in the US, Canada or Mexico. Please check out the link.

Holyland Donkey Haven Inc.

Mt. Calvary Wisconsin

I love donkeys and mules. I have always loved them. The two greatest sounds in the world to me are dogs whimpering in their sleep when they’re dreaming, and donkeys braying. This is a wonderful organization that takes in abused and abandoned donkeys. After getting them healthy and happy, they adopt out the ones who are adoptable, and the ones who cannot be adopted are kept in their sanctuary happily living out their lives. Did you know that donkeys can live to thirty years old, and even fifty? Wow. That takes a lot of money and maybe even a second generation of caregivers. We hope our Little Guy Grant helps.

Baja Animal Sanctuary

California and Mexico

Little Guy Grant made in honor of our friend Judith Ayn Sobel’s birthday, who has worked tirelessly for the Baja Animal Sanctuary for years. ”

“In 2021 we placed 417 dogs and 56 cats in their forever homes! We took in 469 dogs and 63 cats. We sterilized 487 dogs and cats for BAS to place for adoption. Our Spay & Neuter Clinics sterilized 360 local dogs and cats. We presently have 215 dogs and 77 cats at the Sanctuary.”

Happy Birthday Judith!

ADOPT US!!! We are all waiting for YOU! More HERE.


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Animal Rescue Foundation Inc.


Little Guy Grant made to help ARF with their mission. “To rescue, house, feed, clean and medicate stray, abandoned, injured, neglected and abused dogs, cats, puppies and kittens; spay and neuter when feasible; rehabilitate and find suitable, caring, permanent homes. Be No-Kill. Promote humane treatment and assist individuals with challenges concerning animals.”

Adopt US!

Luckie Street Project

Kennesaw Georgia 

Little Guy Grant made to help Luckie Street continue to be “focused and committed to helping those with animals through hardship. We believe in family and community and understand that life is difficult at times, sometimes you just need a little help to make it through. Our primary purpose is to provide preventative, recovery and emergency assistance to safeguard the health and well-being of the animals of families in need in our community.” I love their motto: One Less Worry.

Pennine Animal Welfare Society


Pennine rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes dogs and cats. But they lost their lease and have been desperately trying to raise enough money to either buy land for a new shelter or at least find a long term rental property for their organization. While Tails of Joy isn’t equipped to help build shelters, we did make a Little Guy Grant to help them feed and care for their animals while they fundraise for a new home for their shelter.

Ways to Help For Free!

Ralph’s Supermarkets Community Contribution Program

Ralph's Community ContributionsIn California, linking your Ralph’s Rewards Card to Tails of Joy means we get a tiny bit of your grocery total every time you shop. Ralph’s makes the donation. It costs you nothing, and you are saving lives! Please help us get life- saving free money. Thank you! START HERE.

Donate and feel your heart lighten and your smile brighten. We are all volunteer so every penny is used only to save lives. 

Best Wedding cake ever!

Stay safe and be well everyone. Thank you for your support. Thank you to our monthly donors who keep us going, we cherish you! Thank you to all our individual supporters as well, you make so much possible. Happy Holidays to all and may kindness rule!