Newsletter Autumn 2022

Happy Fall Everyone,

The leaves are turning and Halloween is approaching. Yes, they celebrate Halloween in Italy, where we have been living since summer began. Italy shuts down completely every day from 1pm to 3 or 4pm. Nothing is open, which gives me hours every day to concentrate on rescue. Tails of Joy volunteers are in L.A., but I go through the Little Guy Grant requests from here. Italy hasn’t slowed down our rescue work one bit. We’ve given out just a few fewer Little Guy Grants this quarter because we made the grants bigger for bigger projects.

Italy loves its cats. You will find setups like this in just about every town square, every city center and outskirts. They all set up shelter, and refill water and food every day. There are organizations who spay/neuter so there is not an overabundance of kittens being born. It’s very humane.

We did not know we’d be adopted by three street cats but we have been. We feed them every day, and they come all the way up the stairs and into the kitchen to eat. Now they hang out in the house for hours every day, but still go out at night. There are no natural predators here, and they sleep on our outdoor furniture right next to the front porch.

Guardians of Rescue

π†π”π€π‘πƒπˆπ€ππ’ πŽπ… 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐔𝐄 𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π†π‘πŽπ”ππƒ 𝐈𝐍 π…π‹πŽπ‘πˆπƒπ€β€”π˜π˜°π˜³π˜΅ π˜”π˜Ίπ˜¦π˜³π˜΄, π˜•π˜’π˜±π˜­π˜¦π˜΄

“Guardians’ emergency teams have arrived in Florida from New York, and are in action. The devastation caused by Hurricane Ian is overwhelming. Our #1 priority is rushing life-saving supplies to people with pets who would not leave their pets behind, and so could not evacuate. Stranded in flooded houses with their precious dogs and cats, they have no way to get food, water or any other supplies.”

Big Little Guy Grant made. We wish all our Peeps in Florida and affected areas a warm place to stay, safety, good health and a full and fast recovery from this devastating event.

Fences for Fido

Oregon, Washington

We love this organization’s brilliant idea. We in rescue are constantly called by concerned neighbors about “watch dogs” tethered on leashes often 24/7, with no shelter or water or human contact. It is always almost impossible to get the owners to do better, and reporting to animal control in most states, despite laws allowing them to act, is a waste of time. They rarely come out to help. Fences for Fido engages the owners, often people in need themselves, and persuades them to let Fences for Fido build a free enclosure for their dogs, getting them off leash and on to a new life of freedom and space. They also provide an insulated doghouse for each dog as well as spay/neuter services and emergency veterinary care when needed. The construction is done solely by volunteers.

In 2014, Fences For Fido was instrumental in the historic passage of Oregon’s first anti-tethering law, which restricts the amount of time a dog can be chained.

“To accelerate the unchaining movement, we actively support and mentor new unchaining groups all over the country. We’re fully committed to this next step in our mission, and have created the Unchained Planet initiative to further this cause.”

Who Rescued Who

Montgomery, Texas

Canine rescue and rehabilitation. A small but mighty group of volunteers who rescue dogs from the overcrowded shelters in Texas and work for as long as it takes to find their forever homes. Little Guy Grant made.

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Street Paws

GeorgiaA non-profit, foster home – based animal rescue that relies totally on donations. If you live in Georgia stop by! “We have a new office space! Schedule an appointment to stop by, grab a soft drink, look at some Street Paws merchandise, candles, sprays and car fresheners! Just admire the building circa 1900.”

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Animal Rescue Corps

Washington DC

“Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit animal protection organization founded in 2010 that takes direct action in three ways. First, we conduct emergency rescues of animals who fall victim to abuse and disaster. Second, we offer interventions to move high-risk and at-need animals from low-adoption shelters into high-adoption regions and offer other critical assistance to in-need shelters and communities. Third, we raise public awareness of animal suffering, and we offer training for animal shelters, professionals, civilians, and volunteers.”

Definitely deserving of a big Little Guy Grant.


And Mexico to U.S. Rescue Groups

We post each quarter about our ongoing support of our rescue partner in Mexico, Maria Gaxiola, who works with two vets there. They have been successful in getting the government to take spay/neuter seriously and in getting dogs and cats off the streets. Tails of Joy and our five independent rescue partners (just working people who care) pay all the bills to get the dogs tested, treated, vaccinated, sometimes boarded, spayed/neutered, and fit to come to America. We are lucky the U.S. rescues will take them with the overpopulation we have here. Maria does the hard work, often driving alone for hours to get these dogs to the US pickup point. She also has a house/yard full of dogs waiting for help, and has children to care for.Β This is ONE person making the biggest difference you can imagine. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs Maria works so hard to save they are at these US rescue orgs:


Tri County Pitbull Rescue

Mathews, Virginia

Our regular readers know by now that we have been financially building this kennel for Sonja Fitzgerald, the woman in Virginia who single handedly keeps at least sixty five pitties at all times, the only game in town for these dogs not being killed. Sonja’s 60th birthday is almost here and she would like to complete the building of the play area for these dogs. It’s on us. Happy Birthday Sonja!

Austin Boxer Rescue

Serving the entire state of Texas.

You know how much we love boxers. They are the clowns/comedians of the dog world. Well if we have the chance to help an organization that helps boxers in the entire state of Texas, why not? 467 Boxers adopted in 2021. YESSSS!!!!!

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German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County


We love this organization and have supported them for many years. They do an incredible job and rescue unbelievable numbers of these fantastic dogs every year. They are now taking in Belgian Malinois as well so give them a look if you love these great dogs.

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Dogs on the Move by Pawsitive 4 Life

Florida to states across the country
“Transport #200 is ready to get ON THE MOVE. What a milestone and we are so excited to have this group be part of it as they get ready to head to the Northeast! This deserving group is full neglected pups, major medical cases, and so many pups who were stood up and ignored by adopters! We have Roscoe who found himself battling heatstroke with his brother after his dad became homeless during the Florida summer, sadly his brother passed away. There are Amigo and Juanita who were diagnosed with parvo and beat it! Greta and Blanca are huskies whose fur, skin, eyes had major neglect. Oscar and Tasha had URI and were left behind by adopters as well as Finch, Dori, and Cookie who had a front leg deformity.” Now they have a chance at forever homes and Tails of Joy was happy to help get them on the road.


When people in financial need reach out to us we are still here to help when we can. We helped several cats and dogs this quarter, with food and vet visits and medicine, from all across the country.

Maria and Mocho

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Maria and Mocho deserve an extra shout out. We’ve posted about how Maria is a one woman rescue cyclone in Mexico, but Mocho, with his bad leg, was one dog she would not give up on. She spent months getting him well and safe. We paid for boarding while we all networked him, trying to get him placed somewhere he could thrive. It took a village, as usual, but huge thanks to:

Program Director
Baja Animal Sanctuary

And to Carol Tomlinson, who has a dog sanctuary in Napa and who worked so hard to get Mocho to her sanctuary. After months of so many people working to get Mocho a home, Carol has adopted him into her pack. He went from torture in Mexico to wine country in California. No word yet if he is going to dress for dinner…To our merry band of individual rescuers who keep Maria funded in Mexico. And thank you Carol for taking a few extra dogs in the mix, no small thing.

Tails Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass Oregon

We often make grants to this organization set up to help the homeless and the pets of the homeless.Β  We helped several times in this quarter but they are currently out of funds to help with further vet bills. If you live in Oregon and would like to help people doing the great work in your own backyard, please donate to them and help get them back on their feet.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated to my Birthday Wish on facebook and directly for my birthday to Tails of Joy. We can only save these lives because of you. THANK YOU!

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Be safe and well friends. See you next time!



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