Summer 2022 Good Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Happy hot weather. We’re a bit late on our newsletter, but rescue never stops and we’re never late for that. It’s been a great run of saving lives and rescuing the rescuers. This period, we did more large grants that made big differences to organizations needing infrastructure to continue their life saving work.

Enjoy all the good news you made possible. And thank you.

PS – We spent last summer dog sitting in Italy and rescued even more in America because our rescue work is done mostly online and Europe sleeps between 1pm and 4:30 pm, just when comedians are waking up. We’ll be back in Italy soon and we’ll check out the rescue world there as well. Meanwhile, here is our TOJ vice president, already just arrived in Italy, reuniting with Toby whom we babysat last summer. 

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue


This is the auto mechanic lot in South Central LA where Toro spent seven years on the end of a heavy chain as a watchdog, often going without food and water. Then the owner decided to get rid of him.

With every place being full, and Toro being dog aggressive (though people friendly), he’d have never survived a day at the pound.

Thank dog Pacific Coast Dog Rescue stepped in.

Toro had to be on two rounds of expensive antibiotics as well as ATOPICA to clear up his skin issues. He had lesions on his legs, his neck, his muzzle, his tail and in between his toes which caused his feet to be swollen. His ears were cut so short, the vet had a hard time even cleaning them. He also needed to be neutered, vaccinated, chipped. Tails of Joy saw the large vet bill and paid it. Toro is already learning to be gentle and affectionate and LOOOOOVES car rides and walks. He’s learning to give kisses without being a snap turtle, lol. These photos show you that any and every dog can be saved with a little bit of love.

Contact Ingrid at Pacific Coast Dog Rescue to adopt Toro.

Florida Boxer Rescue


Boxers are our heart dog, and we have supported this awesome rescue for years for the great work they do.


Adopt Us!

Tails of Joy Helps Individuals when They Are Helping Animals


“Hi Elayne.  I want to thank Tails of Joy for offering that $500 in regards to the pitbull that we took in. We were able to find a 501c3 rescue that is taking him. I believe she said she knows you. I did tell her of your offer and I know it helped. I will give her your email address. We will be taking him to their veterinarian in Chino tomorrow afternoon.

I just took the attached picture of him for you. He’s currently drifting off to sleep.
Enjoy your evening, and thanks again for your generosity. I will remember come donation time.

Sincerely, Caren.”

“Dear Elayne, I want to thank you for all that Tails of Joy has done for Angel. My nephew Mike and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts . Mike is disabled from a few strokes that he had a few years ago. He had these at around 40.  Your check paid for medication that neither he nor I could.

I have some bad new about Angel. Mike called me to tell me that Angel came back from her walk and died in front of Mike and his daughter. I’m still stunned. You made her last days better and I will always be grateful. I will sing the praises of Tails of Joy. I’m sending a photo of her with my thanks. God bless you and your work .

Your friend Gerald.”

Rescuing in Mexico

Mexico to US.

We first helped an independent rescuer in Mexico named Maria to get this litter of puppies safely to the excellent BAS (Baja Animal Sanctuary). That was last autumn. Our friend Judith at BAS got the survivors healthy and ready for adoption. We realized sending dogs from Mexico to the US without first vetting their health was a heartbreak all around and a waste of rare resources. Since then, Tails of Joy has donated to Maria’s vets in Mexico SIX times to provide all the testing kits needed to make sure the dogs are healthy to come to the US, and to provide any meds they might need. We pay for the tests done in Mexico, as well as the test kits and meds needed including vaccines and dewormer.

This will remain ongoing.

PS – We received this email from Judith at Baja Animal Sanctuary on November 6: “Layne was the first of the Hermosillo pups adopted today!!” And then: “Look at “Boosie”, now “Zooey”! That is one happy girl.”

Ralphs Supermarkets Community Contribution Program

Ralph's Community Contributions

Help Tails of Joy get a small donation when you shop at Ralphs. NO COST to you. No effort!  

In California, linking your Ralphs Rewards Card to Tails of Joy means we get a tiny bit of your grocery total every time you shop. Ralph’s makes the donation. It costs you nothing extra, and you are saving lives! Please help us get life-saving free money. Thank you! Start here.


“DDP was called last week asking if we could help a young female pitbull set to die. Grayci was pulled a few months ago from a local shelter and dropped off at a vet’s office for boarding. They wont tell us who the rescue was but after a couple of months Grayci’s rescuer vanished and left her to die. DDP will be picking her up Tuesday and taking her to a rescue out of the area. We are raising funds to pay for all her costs and transport to get her to safety. We have one day to arrange this.  She deserves a chance and we want so badly to see her smile and see her come back to life.
Please help us give her a life that she has never known.” Tails of Joy certainly did.

Reva Foundation

Southern California

Tails of Joy received an urgent plea to save Bella, a Pittie girl, from the shelter. Her time was up. We had no place to put her, so as we often do, we offered a dowry to a reputable rescue who could take her. The Reva Foundation stepped up and found a willing foster. As you can see, she is so happy to be safe and loved while she waits for her forever home. There are millions of dogs just like Bella who are killed every day due to lack of homes. Please spay and neuter your pets. And never buy a pet from a pet store. Adopt, Don’t Shop. Even more importantly, become a foster mom or dad. Fostering SAVES LIVES.

The Luckie Street Project

Atlanta, GA

Luckie Street is a good small rescue organization that provides the means for families in their community without enough funds to get the care they need for their pets. They provide emergency assistance, spay/neuter, food, TNR, and adoptions. I always say keeping an animal in a home is as good as putting an animal in a home. We were happy to support them.

Rescue Pets Serving Vets

Georgia, South and North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee.

“Placing Rescues in loving homes with special priority given to Veterans for companion, therapy and service pets. We partner with a number of other organizations to pull dogs from high kill shelters in Georgia, South and North Carolina, Texas, and occasionally Tennessee. Transporting dogs to states like Pennsylvania that have lower euthanasia rates is essential to saving animals’ lives and giving them better chances of waiting for their forever homes. ” Buddy the Boxer was found abandoned and needed help. We helped.

Adopt Us!!

Bruce Baum’s Noggin Blast Hot Sauce for Tails of Joy

When Bruce Baum, my comedian friend of  over forty years (yipes! He’s old!) asked if he could do a special run of his new hot sauces to benefit Tails of Joy, I explained we get a lot of offers to endorse products and I couldn’t just endorse a product because of our friendship. It had to be a great product. Well. WOW! NO hot sauce is hot enough for my husband Bill, but he finally had his bluff called. Not only are the sauces hot (there are milder ones too) but they are so flavorful. Just a few drops can transform any dish. Bruce has a whole bunch of new ones added to the line. The special Tails of Joy run sold out right away, and they had the kewlest label made for us (can I find it on my computer now? No.) Thank you so much my good friend for a fine product and for using it to save lives. Bon appetit!

Dogs on the Move Pawsitive For Life

Florida to across the nation

#1. Dude.

“This past Saturday Miami Dade Animal Services sent out several emergency pleas for dogs in very bad shape. They needed to be rescued immediately. Dude is one of three emergencies we rescued that day. His body is completely ripped up, either from getting caught in some sort of machinery or being hit and dragged by a car. Can Tails of Joy please help us cover emergency treatment, surgery, boarding for recovery?” Tails of Joy was only too happy to help this beautiful boy.
#2. Simon.

“Hi Elayne, We really need help with Simon. This dog was terribly neglected. He is a mess physically and emotionally. He’s only four. He was adopted as a puppy; a calm sweet friendly boy in perfect health.  A year later he was picked up as a stray in terrible condition. He recovered and was again adopted. Two years later he was back at the shelter in the worst shape ever. He is in agony and needs so much help.” We of course helped.

3. Sofia. 

“We need help paying for a 4 week training program for former bait dog Sofia. Sofia has been through more than most dogs. Pregnant, puppies taken, starved, emaciated, thrown into the ring at her weakest moment, she fought with all her might to come out of the depths of hell she found herself in. Six surgeries to include reconstructed face, lips and nose, loss of teeth and toes and 3 months in the hospital, Sofia emerged as the Queen that she is. Kind, beautiful and so very smart. She is loved by all who meet her.” We helped get Sophia on her way.

Thank you to our incredible animal loving Peeps on Facebook for donating their Birthday Wishes to Tails of Joy. These have raised so much rescue money for us and we cannot thank you enough. Wishing you all a wonderful birthday year!

Robin Tyler


Penny Dachel Bunnell


Steve Bluestein


Street Paws 


“Celebrating nine years of rescue, including spay/neuter of all animals, especially street cats to reduce overpopulation; rescuing from shelters, providing vaccines, humane education, and rehoming of animals.” They are out on the streets daily, bringing abandoned and needy animals inside to warmth, help and love. We were happy to help.

Tri County Pitbull Rescue


Several years ago Tails of Joy funded a kennel in Virginia to house the many pitties (usually between sixty and eighty) that Sonja cares for almost single handedly. Sonja’s son and his friends donated the labor, she already had the land and everything was more affordable in Virginia. They did a great job, and this year Sonja asked if we could fund further kennel building and improvements. Seeing how well she used her “Little Guy” building grants, we were only too happy to do so. In March and June, we funded kennel improvements. Two months before that, in January, Sonja missed ten days at work due to Covid and needed food for all those dogs. We bought that too.

LBWF Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation


We know how hard Linda herself works at her huge kennel. She takes lots and lots and lots of pitties who would otherwise have no chance. We have supported her rescue through the years and this year made a very big Little Guy Grant to help her keep doing this great work.


California Transport

Sometimes you can’t really announce how/what/where/when you saved the lives of some dogs due to internet rescue politics, shelter restrictions, etc. etc. Just know we did save some deserving lives with our friends here at START.

Strangest Angels

California and Mexico

In May we got a text from our longtime rescuer friend Elle of Strangest Angels. She had taken in six dogs from a desperate situation. They had been living under a house and were in bad shape. And they were just about feral. But she took them in, calmed them, charmed them, got them healthy, and got them all adopted! Even the blind eight year old and the ones who initially wouldn’t even let her touch them. Yes, she got quite a few bites (thank goodness they were smaller dogs) but she has always been a true rescuer. We did the money part.

Tails Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass, Oregon

Helping the pets of the homeless.

As always, we helped some more.

Soldier and Bruiser

Undisclosed Location

It took a village

This was one of those facebook pleadings that we avoid as soooo many people and rescue organizations get involved/not involved it’s hard to keep track of what is real. The bottom line is, as we eventually figured out, this beautiful blind boy named Soldier was bonded to his friend Bruiser who took care of him and was his seeing eye dog. The shelter was closed, then open, he was listed, disappeared, listed again… the shelter wouldn’t let them go out of state but only out of state rescues could accommodate. I won’t tell you the specifics except to say Tails of Joy spent a truckload of money to get these boys to safety where they are happy, loved, wanted and together.

Paws For Life

California and Hawaii

Great organization with HUGE vet bills. Actually all rescue organizations have huge vet bills. We partnered on a few dogs and then Tails of Joy decided to make two very big “Little Guy Grants” to help relieve some of the pressure.

Rescue Dogs Lebanon-Canada

From Lebanon to Canada

If you read our newsletters you know we often help support this incredible organization run by our now good friend Cynthia whom we met on a flight to LA from Jordan. She was a flight attendant bringing dogs to Canada from Lebanon and you’d be lucky to find four whole legs on any one of them. This organization has blossomed and saved so many dogs. They all have committed adopters in Canada before even boarding the plane. Here’s the thing: The dogs need shelter and care while they are in Lebanon waiting for transport. That was all left up to one elderly woman who took them in for the rescue. With everything going on in Lebanon she could not continue. Tails of Joy stepped in and made a rare Capital Projects Grant. We don’t do that often because we don’t have that kind of money. But because we got a bequest from a dear friend’s dear aunt, and because Rescue Dogs Lebanon Canada gets so much bang for the buck and does so much in an area where they are the only hope, we granted our second (DRUM ROLL):

Edna and Sweetie Weissman Award

Edna and Sweetie Weissman

Tails of Joy was the lucky recipient of the generosity and kindness of Mrs. Edna Weissman of Palm Beach, Florida. When she passed away, her estate was left to many worthy charities. Her nephew Dean Feldman is a good friend to Tails of Joy. It was through Dean that we were lucky enough to be named a recipient of Edna’s estate. Our “Edna and Sweetie (her beloved pup) Weissman Award” is given to animal rescue organizations that do the most life changing work in the world of rescue. Edna would be ecstatic to know she brought a little bit of peace to the Middle East.

Make a Plan.

How many desperate requests a week do we get begging us to take in the pets of recently deceased people? A million. Make a will. You would not leave your underage children without a solid guardianship plan in case of your death. Your pets are no different. “Oh, they’ll get adopted. They are so wonderful”. No, they probably won’t get adopted. They were yours. They are older now. They will start needing vet visits which means expenses for adopters. Make a will and leave a monetary account to cover their medical expenses as they age. We get so many abandoned pets whom the deceased friend/family/neighbor/son/daughter/etc/etc promised to take in, only to dump once they got whatever was coming to them in the will. Make a will. Get a notarized signature from your pets’ committed future caregiver/caregivers. Make that person’s inheritance contingent on keeping your pets, and keeping them healthy and happy.


When you or your loved ones are estate planning, please think of the animals if you are lucky enough to have the means to make a bequest. We can do so much good in your name, and keep your legacy alive. We always name programs after our benefactors, and while we can’t build a museum wing with your name on it, we can do so much more. We can make the world better for animals and people and save thousands of desperate lives, all in your name. Also, please don’t die any time soon.

Independent TNR Feral Cat Rescuers


Our good friend, comedian, rescuer and trapper Jann Karam spends all her offstage time volunteering with groups who feed, trap, spay/neuter/release cats from feral cat colonies. She makes such a difference in the world. Tails of Joy has made several Little Guy Grants to the organizations Jann is working with from our (DRUM ROLL):


“Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

This fund was from a bequest made to us by a wonderful, caring woman, Julie Bell. We let her name it and she honored her mother and we honored her. We have honored her name and her love for animals for years.

Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue</h2

It is crushingly expensive to save the big animals. The food and vet fees alone… We love this rescue organization and always help when we can.

Scooter’s Pals

Grass Valley, California

“First, thank goodness none of our animals were injured!  Not unlike others in our community, Scooter’s Pals Sanctuary in Grass Valley suffered a tremendous amount of damage as a result of the most recent storm. We have assessed the damage and have begun clean-up, however, although insurance will cover some of the damage, the outdoor kennels and fencing are not covered. In addition to the storm damage, the tree company doing the clean-up has determined that several other trees need to be removed before they cause additional damage or injury. The estimated cost of all the repairs and tree removal not covered by insurance places a strain on our budget, which is spent helping dogs get healthy and find new homes. Our Sanctuary is a critical part of the work we do, not only sheltering old dogs not suitable for adoption, but also providing a place for training dogs before they go to new homes.  We appreciate any help you can provide.”

Tails of Joy to the rescue!

Did you know that donating to Tails of Joy causes unbridled wellness, weight loss, hair regrowth, chin sculpting, earlobe reduction, muscle building and perfect posture? Donate and feel ten years younger.


Shop Tails of Joy! 

We have so many great new items for summer. And because we are all volunteer, 100% of your purchase price goes to rescue. Here’s a peek:


Be safe and well everyone! See you soon.