Boxer Coffee for Tails of Joy

Boxer Coffee is the only company founded, staffed and completely run by Boxer dogs.

Nah! But it is run by people who have loved boxers their whole lives. They now want to help Tails of Joy rescue every kind of dog as well as all the animals we rescue or help rescue (cats, bunnies, all companion animals, all wildlife and sea life, all animals everywhere).

I met my friend Larry, the master coffee roaster, in 1985 when I got my boxer Petey and he had a boxer named Katie. He had a great coffee place in Hollywood called Euro Roasters, the brand then becoming one of the largest brands in the country as well as branding for others under their own names. We both went on to have many kinds of dogs along with our boxers and came to realize our favorite breed is “Rescued”.

Larry has now created this new line of great coffee to benefit dogs and save lives. We are the only rescue organization Boxer Coffee is supporting because they know through us they will be saving every kind of dog in cities across the country as we support the small rescue organizations who need help. We’re all volunteer so 100% of your donation goes to rescue. Please visit the Boxer Coffee website and know that while you are enjoying a cup of delicious coffee, a scared, desperate dog is being taken to safety to find her/his forever home. You did that.