Autumn 2021

Happy Autumn Everyone!

We hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to some cooler weather. Well, we are back from Italy after three months of house and dog-sitting. Our own dogs were very happy to see us (“We thought you were dead!”) and we were doubly happy to see them. Tails of Joy continued rescuing all summer as always. So much of our work is online, there was no problem being in Italy and continuing to save lives here in the states, and as it turns out also in Mexico. So please enjoy the happy stories you made possible. A special Thank You to everyone who donated to my Birthday Fundraiser in August. Because of YOU we can do all this. Wishing everyone a very happy fall season, and a spooky and sweet Halloween.

Our First Annual “Edna and Sweetie Weissman Award” goes to…….

Bark Nation


Last year Tails of Joy was the lucky recipient of the generosity and kindness of Mrs. Edna Weissman of Palm Beach, Florida. When she passed away, her estate was left to many worthy charities. Her nephew Dean Feldman is a good friend to Tails of Joy. It was through Dean that we were lucky enough to be named a recipient of Edna’s estate. Our “Edna and Sweetie (her beloved pup) Weissman Award” is given once a year to an animal rescue organization that does the most life changing work in the world of rescue. We think helping to stop dog fighting, participating in investigations, then housing, rehabilitating and rehoming former forced fighting dogs, and also offering free spay/neuter/vaccines to Detroit residents, is a glowing example of the kind of rescue organization that deserves this financial award.

All that they do!

#PitnessProtection program. This program encompasses dogfighting investigations, seizure, live-evidence sheltering and #LifeAfterDogfighting placement. Provide reprieve and healing to up to 100 amazing survivors of dogfighting at a time.

Shelter Enrichment. Enhanced cleaning protocols, bedding, physical stimulation, mental stimulation, training, olfactory enrichment, and more! We LOVE being a part of this process with shelters, and ensuring they have the supplies and training they need to succeed at keeping the dogs they house happy, healthy and enriched.

FREE services to dogs of Detroit residents – sterilization, vaccinations, microchip and City license.

“We are always looking for professional, forward-thinking, non-judgmental, kick-ass advocates to join our hotline and to volunteer at the clinics! Check out our Project Grace Facebook page! Are you a Detroit resident looking for sterilization services? Contact or call (313)855-5866!”

Peeps, when you or your loved ones are estate planning, please think of the animals if you are lucky enough to have the means to make a bequest. We can do so much good in your name, and keep your legacy alive. We always name programs after our benefactors, and while we can’t build a museum wing with your name on it, we can do so much more. We can make the world better for animals and people and save thousands of desperate lives, all in your name. Also, please don’t die any time soon.

Edna and Sweetie Weissman

Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue

Baltimore Maryland

We love anyone who loves and helps the Pitties, wonderful dogs with an unfair bad rap. AAHA is dedicated to rescuing and assisting animals in crisis, with a particular commitment to the Pit Bull. They aim to raise awareness and education about this very misunderstood breed of dog. They also serve as a resource and/or liaison for shelters, individuals and animal control, advocating for any animal in need. And AAHA supports Spay & Neuter initiatives in their local community. A perfect organization for us to help.


Chesed Foundation

Boca Raton, FL

Since 2004, Chesed (loving kindness) has rescued and re-homed thousands of dogs and cats who would otherwise have died in shelters. Now Chesed’s founder is in need herself. She has late stage ovarian cancer and needs help with costs for fighting it. There is a GoFundMe to help her get the care she needs. What a country. Someone who has put every spare dollar into saving lives now has to rely on strangers to save her own. Tails of Joy was at least able to take the worry out of providing for Chesed rescue with a Little Guy Grant.


SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time)

Oceanside CA

SPOT, Saving Pets One at a Time, is a leading San Diego County all-volunteer rescue organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in shelters. Just the kind of rescue organization we love to help.


Touch of Grey Rescue

Melbourne, FL

Touch of Grey gives senior dogs in need a new leash on life. They rescue them from shelters, they take owner turn-ins, they take in dogs whose owners have died (make a will folks!!). They take dogs who have little chance of getting adopted in other situations. They have a great foster program and if a dog has to stay with them, they provide sanctuary. They have a great shopping section where 100% of the proceeds go to rescue senior dogs, please check it out here.

Little Guy Grant made.


Tail Waggers Rescue 

Grants Pass Oregon

Helping the pets of the homeless, and helping the homeless. Food, blankets, vet visits, medicines, toys, leashes, love provided. It seems we help them every quarter, and happy to do so.

Helping Individuals


With Covid still around, and unemployment benefits running out, and rent forgiveness and eviction stays expiring, Tails of Joy is still helping to feed people’s pets and paying for medical care. Here are just a few. If you are in need email

Dogs On the Move By Pawsitive4Life Inc

Florida and across the nation.

Being a smaller rescue, Tails of Joy needs to get a lot of bang for the buck. We donate where our money will help the most animals. When Dogs on the Move takes on cases that will result in very high medical bills, we donate what we can. It takes a village and we are a part of it.

Training fees, vet fees, transportation fees all needed for this boy Ryder, who was let down too many times in his life. We helped.

Then there was Faith, a five month old little Pittie who came to Dogs on the Move as a cruelty case, with so many broken bones, fractures and wounds… We helped Faith too.

And ten year old Glitzy, with almost everything wrong with her. From a hugely enlarged heart to blindness to every ailment you could imagine. But Dogs on the Move was determined to give her a better life than the one she had, so we helped.

And little Lady, hit by a car and left to sit paralyzed for a week before being brought to the shelter. DOTM has her now and hopefully medical help will make her whole again. We helped too.


A group of U.S. rescuers has been helping an independent rescuer named Maria in Mexico. She tries to take mothers and babies to safety as there is no infrastructure there for helping them. She needed to get 27 puppies to safety. Tails of Joy signed on to pay the expenses for everything needed. I posted about it and our good friend, rescuer Judith Ayn Sobel, whose BAS rescue (Baja Animal Sanctuary) Tails of Joy has often helped over the years, volunteered to have the BAS vet meet Maria in Mexico, then get the puppies to the US. How incredibly lucky for us, and the dogs. Maria drove twelve hours to get the puppies to the BAS vet in Mexico. They are now in the U.S. We’ve already lost a few to Parvo as there were no tests done in Mexico. BAS has been getting the rest of the pups healthy and will get them adopted as soon as they are ready. Meanwhile, Maria comes up with about 27 new pups each day. The streets are teeming with stray dogs, litters of puppies, and there is no infrastructure in place to spay/neuter/vaccinate or do anything for them. Judith has taught Maria how to do health tests inexpensively, and Tails of Joy is footing the bills for now. If this one woman can get scores of dogs to safety, the least we can do is carry the financial burden to keep these dogs from the cruelty awaiting them every day on the streets of Mexico. If Tails of Joy can find a way to implement some sort of accessible spay/neuter in Mexico, that will be a huge win for the animals. We’ve already bought scores of tests to be administered while the pups are still in Mexico to insure they are healthy enough to transport. PS – We of course made sure there was a donation in there too for BAS.

Second Acts Foundation

CA and Nationwide

Second Acts does what we do: helps keep the small rescue groups going when they are in need. We are so happy to help them do it.

First Acts (boo!) vs. Second Acts (Yay!)

Amazing Strays Rescue

Southern California

Rescuing dogs and cats from shelters. Taking on cases of abuse and medical needs. Doing all they can to give dogs and cats another chance at a better life. That’s why we help them.


For our California Peeps. If you’ve been waiting to adopt, now’s your chance.

Rescue Dogs Lebanon-Canada

From Lebanon to Canada

We have helped this fine organization many times through the years. We began when I first met Cynthia, the flight attendant who founded the organization, when I was flying back to the states from Israel and Jordan. This one person has now built her rescue into such a life saving organization, it shows how much one person can do. Here is what they do:

“Rescue Dogs Lebanon-CANADA or “RDL-C” is a team of volunteers and friends working together to save dogs in Lebanon that have been dumped, abused, neglected or found as strays. This all began in early 2017. Since then, we have matched more than 300 dogs and some cats with Canadian families.

All dogs are dewormed, de-fleaed, vaccinated and spayed/neutered (over 8 months old) prior to coming to Canada. Many of our cases are tough because they require complicated orthopaedic or other surgeries that are very costly. Along with that, we have to pay monthly boarding/food costs as well. Foster homes in Lebanon request to be paid and, although it may not be a huge amount, this all adds up!

Since air travel opened up again in July 2020 (Covid-19), we have worked very hard to fly as many dogs as we can to Canada so they can begin their new lives. Between July and October 2020, we brought over 61 dogs and 2 cats with “travel buddies” – some who volunteered and some whose plane tickets we covered.

The situation in Lebanon has always been extremely difficult for dogs and became even worse after the August 4th explosion. Humans and animals, alike, are suffering unspeakable hardships. We are now currently providing care for over 30 dogs in Lebanon. Donations and assistance from kind humans are always appreciated. We are a registered Not-For-Profit organization.”


Easy to save animals at no cost to you!

Remember to sign up at and choose Tails of Joy, Studio City, as your designated charity. Then every time you shop, Amazon will donate to us at no cost to you. You’re not shopping, you’re saving lives! Get started here.

If you live in Southern California, please link your Ralph’s supermarket card to Tails of Joy as your chosen charity, and Ralph’s will donate to us every time you shop at no cost to you. Get started here.

Tails of Joy Holiday Shop

Our Tails of Joy Holiday Shop will go up on our site next week. Here is a preview of only some of the special things we’ll have. Elayne hand carried a lot of unique gifts back from Italy for you to enjoy. And though we are not religious, we love that St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of animals. Insurance never hurts, right? So along with several choices of St. Francis protections, bought right at his church, we have Made in Italy dog keychains and small purses, and much more, all bought in the capital of such things; Florence.


Did you know that donating to Tails of Joy causes unbridled wellness, weight loss, hair regrowth, chin sculpting, earlobe reduction, muscle building and perfect posture? Donate and feel ten years younger.


Be safe and well everyone! See you soon.