Summer/Fall 2017 — Thank You and Enjoy

Happy Baseball Season Everyone!

If you love baseball you are currently in heaven, if you hate it, it’s a great excuse to eat out and do a lot of shopping. At least that’s what I tell my husband to do while I’m watching all the games. Neither rain nor snow nor baseball season keeps us from our daily mission: animal rescue.

I personally want to apologize to you for how long this thank you took to reach you. I always say if a rescue thanks you in a timely manner, they are not rescuing enough. But really, because we are all volunteer, and pay no salaries nor use donations for anything but saving lives, we do get behind. Rescue means every day is an emergency, and it always seems to postpone other important things, like thanking you for opening your heart and your wallet to help us. Please know we might be late, but we appreciate every penny. I know we are lucky you chose to trust us with your generosity, and the best way I can think of to thank you is to show you all the wonderful, beautiful, life saving things you made possible with your donation. It means the world to us, and to the animals, and it is much, much appreciated.

If you donated to us because you learned about us from Wiley Miller’s “Non-Sequitur” cartoon strip, I want you to know I made a copy of every donation and sent it on to Wiley, who was overjoyed his cartoon was able to raise life-saving money for rescue. If you found us on your own, thank you thank you thank you. And to our monthly donors, you are always the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for continuing to help the animals. Please enjoy all the happy stories you made possible.

Help Us Fill the Trucks for Irma and Maria Victims

Animal rescuers from everywhere band together to help when disasters hit, no matter where. Florida and Puerto Rico are still reeling from hurricane damage, and animals are desperately in need. We were able to make a donation to help fill a truck with supplies headed from West Jefferson, N.C., bringing needed supplies to Hardee Animal Clinic in Naples FL, which took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, and The SATO Project in Puerto Rico.

Paws Ranch Rescue

From our good rescue friends in San Antonio, TX: “Please, Donate. We had a power outage and hundreds of dollars worth of vaccines were destroyed!” Of course we helped.

Baja Animal Sanctuary

This is a wonderful organization we help as often as we can. Their current plea:

“The number of puppies we have is way up again. Last month we took in over 25 puppies! Puppy care takes a big portion of our budget. They need vaccines, they need to be sterilized and some of them need medical attention. Please think about donating to help get these babies ready for their forever homes.” We did! 

“In 2016 we placed 311 dogs and 91 cats in their forever homes!
We took in 364 dogs and 104 cats.
We presently have 318 dogs and 89 cats at the Sanctuary.
We spayed/neutered 603 animals!”

They have so many GREAT dogs for adoption. Just click to find your new family member.

Peeps, if you live in California, we really need you to link your Ralph’s market card to Tails of Joy. Please see how you can save lives at no cost to you at the bottom of this newsletter.

Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy – Paws in the City

We are happy to announce a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” to Paws in the City.

“Paws in the City is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer, no-kill organization with the commitment to ending the overpopulation, abuse, and neglect of Dallas/Ft. Worth area dogs and cats.  We have no paid staff – 100% of all funds raised goes directly to the dogs and cats in need (primarily medical care). Our goal is that every adoptable dog and cat get a loving home. We have grown from a handful of exuberant volunteers to more than 150 dedicated volunteers. We are now one of the largest and most respected animal rescue groups in the Metroplex.”

Check out Paws in the City for these great adoptable dogs and cats.

More Edith and Julie

We are now on a first name basis with the Chillicothe Animal Clinic in Ohio. One person alone can do so much, and our good friend Margie Geeb traps as many feral cats as she can every few weeks, takes two buses each way to get these cats spayed/neutered, plus shots and any other care they need, and then returns them to their colonies where they cannot add to overpopulation. This exemplifies our mission: We help the smallest rescuers doing the hands on work, even when it’s a rescue of one!

Our friend Loretta’s little pup Charli loves our bling totes!

Ohio SPCA and Humane Society

After receiving this plea, Tails of Joy was able to make a big “Little Guy Grant” to this excellent organization, thanks to all of you.

“Horses are such majestic creatures, and yet they are among the most abused and neglected. We find them starving in pastures or hidden in barns. They are emaciated and often covered with skin infections. Many have serious untreated wounds. Their heads are down and their eyes are dull. For many, our arrival comes just in time. As we lead their weakened bodies to a trailer, they take the first steps on their road to recovery.”


“The journey is long and difficult. As with all animals, equines have a strong will to survive. Our volunteers and veterinarians fight along with them every step of the way. Large animals are costly to rehabilitate. In addition to medical bills, we must purchase thousands of bales of hay to feed approximately 30 horses every month. Knowing that the number could quickly increase when a call for help is received, makes our hay fund even more urgent. Hay nourishes their bodies and provides heat through digestion, thus helping an equine maintain body temperature in cold winter weather.”

“The Ohio SPCA is the only organization to rescue thousands of animals from poor rural counties throughout Ohio where resources are lacking. Our decades of outreach has ensured that animals are not left to suffer and die simply because county agencies cannot or will not respond.” 

Race For the Rescues

“Race For The Rescues is a unique, 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia. By creating this fundraising platform we help animal non-profits raise much needed funds. Our largest annual fund-raising event, Race for The Rescues Southern California, began eleven years ago and has raised 3.25 million dollars to help animals in need. The event includes a 5K, a 10K, a Kid’s Fun Run and a 1K Dog Walk.” We supported little Elvie, who raced to raise funds for Perry’s Place. It’s never too early to teach children what a wonderful part of their lives animals can be.

Strut Your Mutt

Strut Your Mutt is the big yearly animal fundraising walk put on by Best Friends Animal Society. Participants raise money for their teams, and the money gets distributed to the rescue groups of their choice. Rescue groups participate also. It’s a fun-filled festival that bring together four- and two-legged participants of all ages to raise money for saving lives. As always, we found lots of worthy people/rescues to support with donations:

Forte Animal Rescue – One of our favorite rescue organizations. To date, they have saved and placed over 1,300 dogs in their permanent homes.

Mutt Match LASheilah Aragon. Mutt Match is a fantastic organization. Mutt Match is the right name for it, as Sheilah Aragon takes pride in making perfect adoption matches. She has the fewest returned animals of any organization we know, because she gets it right the first time. Leon Wagner is also walking for Mutt Match. Leon is a computer genius who donates all his free time to rescue, his hubby, and their three rescued dogs.


Adopt a Boxer Rescue

Not only do we donate money, we often donate items for rescue groups’ auctions, sales, raffles. These donations turn into even more money for the group. Adopt a Boxer Rescue which operates in seven east coast states, has a big event coming up, and so, we not only sent a check, we donated our most popular Boxer Pillow  to raise even more from their boxer loving public.







With all this reading, maybe you need a nice comfy pillow to snuggle on.

Update on Shyla

Shyla, recently rescued by our good friends, a couple without riches but with lots of love, was thriving for a ten year old who was found abandoned by homeowners who moved and left her tied to a tree for five months. Then on the 4th of July, fireworks scared her and she bolted. By the time she was found, days later, she was a different dog. She is in bad shape but can be saved with surgery and lots of TLC. You can help save Shyla’s life by donating for Shyla through us, or directly here. 

See Shyla’s story on youtube, it’s a beautiful, beautiful story.

Florida Boxer Rescue
Another great rescue partner of ours, Florida Boxer Rescue has been saving homeless boxers since 2000. Aside from awarding them “Little Guy Grants” we help find great items for their fundraising. We came across a collection of 75 vintage boxer bowls, totally cool, retro, hip feeding/water bowls which we knew would be awesome for their upcoming fundraiser. We donated them, along with the shipping (more than a watch!), and they’re already getting rave reviews.


Paws in the City, Plano TX

Many of the dogs already in Houston shelters were shipped out to willing shelters around the country when Hurricane Harvey hit. In this way, instead of being killed to make room for the displaced storm pets, they would have another chance in a new city, and the Harvey pets could be sheltered locally while their families searched for them. Paws in the City in Plano, has some gorgeous dogs waiting for you, and they come with great hurricane stories! Adoption info.

Animal Rescue Corps, Washington D.C.

More Hurricane Rescue! In addition to their fantastic work breaking up hoarding situations and puppy mills in Mississippi, Tennessee and elsewhere, Animal Rescue Corps has taken in many “Hurricane” orphans as well.

Leave No Paws Behind, CA

We are an all breed, all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs.”

We love the seniors the most, and this great organization takes in needy seniors; broken, ill, and forgotten dogs and cats when they need tenderness and compassion the most. Sometimes love and healing make them young again and they go on to new lives.

Our friend Janet’s pup Linus loves our totes!

Edith and Julie’s Spay & Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy

We are happy to announce a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” to Pawprints on the Heartland, Southeast Kansas.

Prevention, not destruction.
Pawprints on the Heartland is a non-profit organization located in Southeast Kansas,
that provides spay and neuter surgery at a low and affordable price. Basic fee is $40.00 for
Spay/Neuter of cats and dogs under 40 pounds.Call 620-232-0907 to make an appointment
or for more information.”

More Hurricane Help, Houston

We did give to the Houston Humane Society, and the Houston SPCA, when the storm hit. But I would recommend giving to smaller organizations who are helping the overflow of pets in cities around the country right now. Check your local shelters.

Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue, FL

“Based in Florida, Heidi’s Legacy has helped thousands of companion animals find loving forever homes. These are wonderful animals who often only need love, compassion and training to make them an incredibly awesome family member and best friend.” When we heard Heidi’s had fished a dog out of the river, found floating after having had acid poured over him, we made a “Little Guy Grant“.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, CA

We were happy to give a “Little Guy Grant” to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.   German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, (GSROC) has always been known for taking on hardship cases that many other rescue groups pass over.  We are proud that we are able to respond for the dogs that have the greatest needs. But this summer has been especially sad for so many shepherds, and our vet bills have skyrocketed.  With a disturbing number of injured, ill & abused dogs arriving, we are faced with outstanding vet bills topping $25,000.  We need help to continue our important work!”

“Shep-Tember” Match 2017 is underway

GSOC’s Shep-Tember Match is in full swing! What does that mean? All donations received this month will be added up – if they can reach $15, 000 – a generous donor will MATCH THAT AMOUNT!

The Smallest, Neediest

As we say, Tails of Joy helps the smallest, neediest rescues across the country. These are often individual situations when there would simply be nowhere else to go.

Dear Magic, we are so sorry your mommy had to say good-bye to you, but so happy we could help your loving mom do the right thing for you.








This is Lucy. We met her at a New York City street adoption on Broadway in August, with her wonderful group, Uptown Cats. Check out their fantastic TNR spay/neuter program. So glad we could help Lucy get a little extra TLC at the vet’s.

Race For the Rescues!

We supported our friend Rose again this year. Check out this fantastic event and take part, watch, have a great day out with your pets, and support a friend.

Tails of Joy is happy to be there for our supporters. We always say, whatever you have donated to us over the years goes right back to you, with more added, when you find yourself in need for your own pets. We were happy to provide one of our fb Peeps with several months of dog food to get through this hurricane mess, and we’ll be there if more is needed.

 Dogs On The Move Transport #162

Organizer: DOGS ON THE MOVE by Pawsitive4LIFE – From overcrowded Florida shelters to new lives and new homes in Iowa and Missouri.

This transport of very deserving is going to our partner JCHS in Iowa and Journey Home GSD Rescue in Missouri. DOTM Transport #162 is getting ready to roll out with a wonderful group of dogs ranging in size from 6 lbs to 78 lbs. This is actually our second transport of the month due to the severe overcrowding at the shelter.

Dogs scheduled to depart:

Simon 1885796, Mily 1894251, Nina 1894252
Snowflake 1894608, Herman 1889448, Jackie 1895677, Sadie 1895697 Abe 1881656, Rookie 1894511, Max 1879836, Estrella 1880261 Tessa 1897513, Princess 1647823


Me – OW!

Bastian, a cat rescued by one of our facebook Peeps, had a bad toothache. His mom just didn’t have the funds to take him to the dentist. He’s now being treated at the vet for all his woes, thanks to donations from many generous friends, including Tails of Joy.

Senior Ride Rescue

SRR is dedicated to enriching the lives of senior animals thru outdoor activities, wellness treatments, and transportation services!”We love the seniors. They truly know you have saved them, and they have been given another chance instead of being thrown away in their golden years. Transportation is key in getting animals adopted, by getting them out of hopeless situations, and getting them to where there is a better chance of getting re-homed. Whether it’s just a ride to the vet, across town, or across the country, transportation is expensive and time consuming. We are happy to support Senior Ride Rescue during their great auctions, and with our “Little Guy Grants“.


Lilith, NYC

I first met the author Louise Bernikow many years ago after reading her beautiful book about being a reluctant rescuer, “Bark If You Love Me“. She has continued to rescue one boxer at a time throughout all these years. Being a great writer doesn’t mean you are going to have money commensurate with your talent, so Tails of Joy is happy to help Lilith, Louise’s little girl, with her current medical expenses.

Latest Update: “It’s working! Less than a week on chemo drugs — with the generosity of all of you– the light is beginning to shine again in Lilith’s eyes! omg we are soo grateful. xox”

Tail Waggers Rescue, Oregon

Helping the homeless and their pets. This month we helped pay for Sonny’s cremation, so his dad could still take him along on his journey. We also bought pet food supplies for those in need.


Tail Waggers Rescue, Oregon.Helping the Pets of the Homeless

This little girl needed food, so we helped buy her some.

Little Guy Grant to Bosley’s Place, Atlanta, GA

All these pups are available for adoption.

“Bosley’s Place Inc., is a nursery and sanctuary for neonatal and underage homeless and orphaned puppies. What many people don’t know is that most, if not all, humane organizations cannot intake underage puppies because they do not have the personnel to provide the special attention these little ones need, and a puppy under 8 weeks that has not been weaned from its mother will not have an immune system substantial enough to survive in that environment. They are often euthanized. We take in as many as we can, as long as there are foster homes available.

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Did you know that the week leading up to the 4th of July is the highest kill week in the shelters? The killing at the shelters has already begun, to make room for people’s pets that run away from the fireworks! 

LBWF’s Newest Rescues

These dogs were in danger of losing their lives to make room for the upcoming Holiday intake. Now they are safe with us.

Do We Get Lollipops Too?

A dear old friend of ours needed a helping hand with medical bills, and thankfully her fundraiser helped keep her afloat. But her two adorable dogs did not know how to set up a “Go Fund Me” for themselves, so they emailed Tails of Joy instead. “We can’t eat nuffin! Our teefs hurt and we aint happy! Now our mommy feels better and we feel worse. Hewp us pweeze!” Well of course. Anything to stop the cute talk.

Mac and Mikey in their Halloween drag.

North Dallas, DASH Dog Rescue

Today we helped our friends at DASH Dog Rescue in North Dallas. They do so much, and though they concentrate on Aussie Shepherds, they always have a diverse line-up of breeds in their care because, well, that’s the way rescue goes.Right now they are desperate for foster homes. If you have it in your heart to foster a wonderful dog for just two weeks, so he/she doesn’t have to go to a boarding facility, or worse, get passed over, DASH could use your help right now.And DASH also currently has three female Black Lab puppies in its care. If you’ve always wanted a Black Lab (and who doesn’t?) now is the time!
This week we made a Little Guy Grant to a fund set up by a dedicated facebook friend, to build a shelter for FIFTY feral cats. Our friend and her husband have spent their lives caring for thousands of feral cats at their own expense, and are now trying to build a sanctuary to get them off  the streets. That is something worth donating to. Here is her story:PLEASE HELP US BUILD A HOME FOR 50 FERAL CATS!by Tina CookHow awesome would it be for you to know that you were a part of helping us build a large habitat and save the lives of 50 homeless cats? Believe me when I tell you it is not a pretty life for them on their own. It is a rough life, especially when they are sick or injured we can’t always catch them right away or at all, it isn’t fair that they suffer needlessly when we can do something about it! Ferals are tough to trap a second time, but if they are confined we could help them immediately. Please know we need to reach a large goal, you can scroll through our updates and see the estimate from Home Depot. Donate Now for the Kitties! We have to start building so we can start catching these guys and relocating to their new Furever safe home with us! Thank you all!! You are the difference!!                            
Other Ways to DonateYou can also go directly to Pay Pal and donate to That’s how Tails of Joy donated. Or you can send items, a check, or gift cards to:The Cooks
PO Box 20083
Sun Valley, NV 89433

Happy Targa Update!

From a lovely, rescuing flight attendant who helps fly dogs from no hope countries to safety:

“Elayne, I attached a picture of Targa who you helped in March!  She’s doing so well, happy in her new home.  You helped save her from a life of breeding or abuse in the streets. Thank you.”

Yep, you know a dog has settled in when she starts tearing up the toys.


More Hachiko and Avalon

That same flight attendant is raising money to bring two, three legged dogs, Hachiko and Avalon, from hardscrabble lives on the streets of Beirut, to Canada, in July. Of course we helped. They’ve had awful lives on the streets, they deserve to go to some hockey games. Hachiko is the Leon Berger Mix and Avalon is the Golden/Loulou Mix. They will arrive and get all the vet care and health care they need, and then be ready for loving homes. If you think you might like to adopt either one, please email us. Here is the whole story.


HACHIKO+AVALON -both 3 legged rescues.

Dear Elayne,
I hope you remember me.
You were on my flight from Tel Aviv last year, and you kindly gave a generous donation to help me bring an abandoned/rescue dog from Lebanon to Toronto. Everything went well, and TARGA was adopted into a loving home…her life has changed for the better. Your donation played a huge part in getting her here.
HACHIKO (7/8yrs old) was dumped, and he waited and waited for his owners who never came back. He was abused, had stones thrown at him, beaten with wood panels and stick, shot, and ran over by a car. His was left for dead but luckily a lady rescued him. His hind leg got infected and had to be amputated.
AVALON – was found when the rescuers were looking for another dog. He is 10 months old, was left on the side of the street. After being rescued, it was clear he was used as a bait dog. His hind leg also had to be amputated, but he hasn’t lost his fun loving spirit.
I’m working really hard to get them both to Toronto, and have found a travel partner coming on June 29!
If there is any possibility to get assistance from Tails of Joy it would be great. If not it’s ok, we’ll find a way.
Thanks again for helping Targa, for the laughter you bring to the world, and for being a great human being.
Hope to see you perform in Toronto one day soon!!

Of course we helped, and we can’t wait to share good news updates on these two dogs very, very soon! And by the way, if you think you might have the right home for either of these two deserving dogs, Tails of Joy will help you adopt them. Here is some further info on both:


(Archoug was his original name)…was abandoned on the street over a year ago. He stayed at the same spot waiting for his family to come back for him…a car ran over his leg..the neighbourhood didn’t want him around..they threw stones at him constantly!
A man even shot him … and he was left there to die slowly.

A rescue in Lebanon picked him up, and treated him…his hind left leg got infected and had to be amputated. He is blind in one eye. He is currently being fostered in the backyard of a poor old lady. If his food isn’t delivered that day, he goes without food, or eats rice that the lady has leftover.

His name was changed to Hachiko, as this boy deserves a new beginning and better life.

He is an 8year old Leon Berger Mix, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered. He is very independent and is very nice to other dogs. He will be happy in a fenced garden. He will love it being in nature yet knowing he is safe. At night he must sleep indoors. He loves to be around people and children. This sweet boy has gone through too much! He MUST be treated as a member of the family.

His name/personality inspired by this true story!! (This is a magnificent story. It was even made into a movie with Richard Gere. Make sure you have Kleenex.)

The Original Hachiko

Avalon’s Story

We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to also bring Avalon along with Hachiko if we can raise enough funds. Avalon, a puppy, was used as a bait dog. He is now missing half his hind leg. He was found on the side of the road while searchers were looking for another dog.  Avalon has made a good recovery, and is a happy dog. He was treated, given all necessary shots, microchipped and is neutered.  Help us bring Hachiko and Avalon to safety and happy new lives.

Grants Pass, Oregon – Tail Waggers Rescue

Tail Waggers Rescue specializes in people who are homeless, who have come upon hard times, and anyone else whose pets need vital emergency help and who cannot afford it. That often includes food, jackets and blankets for both. Our friend Maria Modica, who runs Tail Waggers Rescue, is tireless. Today she drove 178 miles to provide for indigent people’s pets getting vaccinations, heartworm tests, assorted medicines, x-rays, neuters, and some last chance acupuncture. Of course Tails of Joy helped, and we even helped pay for gas. As Maria says:

“When you’ve lost your home, your job and all hope, the last thing you want to lose is your best friend. Help us help homeless pets. Donate today!”

New York City

Meet Snuggles. Snuggles is a very brave cat who lives in NYC with his mom. He had to have a back leg amputated, and his mom went deep into debt to save him. It was all going great, until Snuggles somehow broke his last remaining back leg. Nine lives, four legs. The vets in NYC think it’s worth trying to save him, and his mom is doing everything possible. Tails of Joy helped with the bill today.

And friends, here’s a great idea. Our good friend Doug Kleiman is a friend of Snuggles’ mom. He made a generous donation to Tails of Joy earmarked for Snuggles (he even put in extra for other needy animals, thanks Doug!) So Doug was able to get a big write-off from our non-profit, and help his friend doing it. What a great idea!!!!! You can always donate to Tails of Joy with specific instructions of where you want your donation to go, or who it is in honor of or in memory of, or for any kind of celebration or milestone at all. We will always send a card letting the recipient know of your donation, and we’ll send you a tax deduction receipt.

Paws crossed for the brave Mr. Snuggles, and we will keep you posted.

A Special Thank You to DRS and Associates

Very often, individual rescuers do more to rescue animals than some of the huge, national rescue groups who spend zillions of your donations on publicity and fundraising. My Brooklyn, N.Y. compadre, Alicia E., has been working in rescue as long as I can remember, and I’m remembering back about twenty years. Today, we helped her with these three needy Rottweilers: Lola, and Blake and Donovan, named after another rescue friend of ours who saved many, many lives while she was here, Chows being her first love. We want to thank our good friends and consistent supporters at DRS and Associates for helping us save lives day after day. And thank you to our monthly supporters who make sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel all year long. And thanks to ALL! Thank you!

Dogs On The Move Transport #160

Organizer: DOGS ON THE MOVE by Pawsitive4LIFE – From overcrowded Florida shelters to new lives and new homes in Iowa.

DOTM Transport is ready to roll out with 17 amazing dogs, all ready to move on to new and brighter lives.  This is a wonderful transport with a good mix of dogs of all sizes.  We have dogs that were owner surrenders, dogs that had been back to the shelter multiple times and of course, strays.  We also have dogs that were Heartworm positive like Andy and Julio, who needed extensive hernia and prolapsed penis surgery.  Julio is now also getting life-saving kidney treatment for kidney issues during pre-surgical blood work.   There are dogs that were urgent due to the amount of time they were at the shelter with no interest, the color of their coats (big black and big brindle dogs like Ron, Lance & Sora) and some secluded from adopters due to URI like Cody. We also have Lola, a stunning purebred Husky with a gigantic mammary mass that is scheduled to be operated on upon arrival in the Midwest.  Included are two sets of siblings, 2 – 10 month old siblings and 2 – 4 month old siblings.  One of those 10 month old siblings being Heartworm positive.  We have scared dogs like Lance and seniors like Alonso.  We have Rocky, who quite possibly has neurological issues in his legs from when he was a puppy.  This is an amazing group of dogs, all very deserving of another chance and we can give that chance to them with your help.

McKinney, TX – At the height of the foreclosure crisis, so many animals nationwide were left behind in empty homes, we named them “The Foreclosure Dogs and Cats”. If only people had turned them in, instead of leaving them abandoned, where they starved and got weak and sick, we could have spent our limited funds on fostering, feeding and rehoming them. Instead we had/have to spend so much on medical care first. Here’s a little guy left behind just last week, now trying to get well at the vet in Texas after barely surviving being abandoned. Of course we helped. Don’t abandon your pets, if your family’s circumstances have changed, there is no shame in turning them in where they have a chance at a new life.

This week we received an email from Desert Dog Project in CA, who had just agreed to take a litter of seven Pitbull puppies born to a stray mom. They got them all off the streets, but the puppies have come down with parvo. Though it often is a very difficult illness to survive, puppies are doing better and better at getting well these days. Tails of Joy was there to help with the costs, and we’ll keep you posted on a hopefully happy outcome for seven little black and white furballs.

It’s Ralph’s Markets Sign-Up Time again in Southern California!!

Peeps, we need this. If you really want to help animals, this is the one thing you can do this year that will save thousands of them, at no cost or effort to you.

Click here to sign up. We ask our CA Peeps to again link their Ralph’s Rewards cards to Tails of Joy. It’s part of Ralph’s Community Contribution Program, and we want to be your chosen charity. That way, every time YOU shop, Ralph’s donates to US at NO cost to you. This is a very important part of our yearly budget, so please sign up today! Even if you’ve signed up before, you must sign up again every year, starting each September 1st, but any time at all is the right time to sign up. Sign up now and you’ll be enrolled until August 31, 2018. Click here to sign up. Thank you!

Shop Amazon, Save Lives

AmazonSmile for Tails of JoyJust about everybody shops on Amazon. Now, just by clicking to Amazon through the link right here on Tails of Joy, which you can (should lol) bookmark, you can help save homeless and needy animals’ lives. Every time you shop. At no extra cost to you.

The wonderful AmazonSmile Program will donate a portion of your purchase to us every time you shop through our link to Amazon, at no cost to you. (Well, you do have to pay for your purchase, but not a penny more!)

We hope you will shop Tails of Joy for yourself and all your gift giving needs. Our new merchandise is starting to come in, so please check back often. We are all volunteer so 100% of your purchase rescues animals. Thank you!

We are staffed entirely by volunteers, so 100% of every donation is dedicated to animal welfare.

Your money goes to pulling animals from shelters, giving them food, shelter, and medicine, spay/neuter programs, emergency help and so much more.

No donation is too small. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Wishing you and yours a happy autumn.

True Love Knows no Fences