Another Day, Another Dog (or cat, bunny, snake, whale, bird, tortoise, hedgehog…)

Happy Wednesday Animal Lovers!

We get many requests for help each day through this website. Today was no different:

HACHIKO+AVALON -both 3 legged rescues.

Dear Elayne,
I hope you remember me.
You were on my flight from Tel Aviv last year, and you kindly gave a generous donation to help me bring an abandoned/rescue dog from Lebanon to Toronto. Everything went well, and TARGA was adopted into a loving home…her life has changed for the better. Your donation played a huge part in getting her here.
HACHIKO (7/8yrs old) was dumped, and he waited and waited for his owners who never came back. He was abused, had stones thrown at him, beaten with wood panels and stick, shot, and ran over by a car. His was left for dead but luckily a lady rescued him. His hind leg got infected and had to be amputated.
AVALON – was found when the rescuers were looking for another dog. He is 10 months old, was left on the side of the street. After being rescued, it was clear he was used as a bait dog. His hind leg also had to be amputated, but he hasn’t lost his fun loving spirit.
I’m working really hard to get them both to Toronto, and have found a travel partner coming on June 29!
If there is any possibility to get assistance from Tails of Joy it would be great. If not it’s ok, we’ll find a way.
Thanks again for helping Targa, for the laughter you bring to the world, and for being a great human being.
Hope to see you perform in Toronto one day soon!!

Of course we helped, and we can’t wait to share good news updates on these two dogs very, very soon! And by the way, if you think you might have the right home for either of these two deserving dogs, Tails of Joy will help you adopt them. Here is some further info on both:


(Archoug was his original name)…was abandoned on the street over a year ago. He stayed at the same spot waiting for his family to come back for him…a car ran over his leg..the neighbourhood didn’t want him around..they threw stones at him constantly!
A man even shot him … and he was left there to die slowly.

A rescue in Lebanon picked him up, and treated him…his hind left leg got infected and had to be amputated. He is blind in one eye. He is currently being fostered in the backyard of a poor old lady. If his food isn’t delivered that day, he goes without food, or eats rice that the lady has leftover.

His name was changed to Hachiko, as this boy deserves a new beginning and better life.

He is an 8year old Leon Berger Mix, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered. He is very independent and is very nice to other dogs. He will be happy in a fenced garden. He will love it being in nature yet knowing he is safe. At night he must sleep indoors. He loves to be around people and children. This sweet boy has gone through too much! He MUST be treated as a member of the family.

His name/personality inspired by this true story!! (This is a magnificent story. It was even made into a movie with Richard Gere. Make sure you have Kleenex.)

The Original Hachiko

Avalon’s Story

We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to also bring Avalon along with Hachiko if we can raise enough funds. Avalon, a puppy, was used as a bait dog. He is now missing half his hind leg. He was found on the side of the road while searchers were looking for another dog.  Avalon has made a good recovery, and is a happy dog. He was treated, given all necessary shots, microchipped and is neutered.  Help us bring Hachiko and Avalon to safety and happy new lives.

Grants Pass, Oregon – Tail Waggers Rescue

Tail Waggers Rescue specializes in people who are homeless, who have come upon hard times, and anyone else whose pets need vital emergency help and who cannot afford it. That often includes food, jackets and blankets for both. Our friend Maria Modica, who runs Tail Waggers Rescue, is tireless. Today she drove 178 miles to provide for indigent people’s pets getting vaccinations, heartworm tests, assorted medicines, x-rays, neuters, and some last chance acupuncture. Of course Tails of Joy helped, and we even helped pay for gas.

Our Board of Directors

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