Start the Week by Rescuing!

Collin County, TX

As long as we have a little bit of money, we help with some kind of rescue, somewhere, every day. Today we are helping our individual rescue partner Louann Smith with this sweet boy in Collin County, TX. He was left behind in a cage, outside a home about to be foreclosed on. Neighbors have been keeping him alive, and yesterday, Louann tracked the owner down and got him to sign the dog over to her. She named him Ralphie and today he is at the vet, thanks to Louann and Tails of Joy, receiving tender loving care. That includes treatment for heartworm, mange, as well as fluids, food, and whatever else is needed. It’s amazing, but the most abused/neglected dogs are always, always the sweetest dogs in the world. They must recognize the rescuers who come and get them for what they are; angels. Thank you Louann.

New York City

Meet Snuggles. Snuggles is a very brave cat who lives in NYC with his mom. He had to have a back leg amputated, and his mom went deep into debt to save him. It was all going great, until Snuggles somehow broke his last remaining back leg. Nine lives, four legs. The vets in NYC think it’s worth trying to save him, and his mom is doing everything possible. Tails of Joy helped with the bill today.

And friends, here’s a great idea. Our good friend Doug Kleiman is a friend of Snuggles’ mom. He made a generous donation to Tails of Joy earmarked for Snuggles (he even put in extra for other needy animals, thanks Doug!) So Doug was able to get a big write-off from our non-profit, and help his friend doing it. What a great idea!!!!! You can always donate to Tails of Joy with specific instructions of where you want your donation to go, or who it is in honor of or in memory of, or for any kind of celebration or milestone at all. We will always send a card letting the recipient know of your donation, and we’ll send you a tax deduction receipt.

Paws crossed for the brave Mr. Snuggles, and we will keep you posted.

Red Kitty for Tails of Joy

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