Some June Rescue Sunshine

Very often, individual rescuers do more to rescue animals than some of the huge, national rescue groups who spend zillions of your donations on publicity and fundraising. My Brooklyn, N.Y. compadre, Alicia E., has been working in rescue as long as I can remember, and I’m remembering back about twenty years. Today, we helped her with these three needy Rottweilers: Lola, and Blake and Donovan, named after another rescue friend of ours who saved many, many lives while she was here, Chows being her first love. We want to thank our good friends and consistent supporters at DRS and Associates for helping us save lives day after day. And thank you to our monthly supporters who make sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel all year long. And thanks to ALL! Thank you!

Dogs On The Move Transport #160

Organizer: DOGS ON THE MOVE by Pawsitive4LIFE – From overcrowded Florida shelters to new lives and new homes in Iowa.

DOTM Transport is ready to roll out with 17 amazing dogs, all ready to move on to new and brighter lives.  This is a wonderful transport with a good mix of dogs of all sizes.  We have dogs that were owner surrenders, dogs that had been back to the shelter multiple times and of course, strays.  We also have dogs that were Heartworm positive like Andy and Julio, who needed extensive hernia and prolapsed penis surgery.  Julio is now also getting life-saving kidney treatment for kidney issues during pre-surgical blood work.   There are dogs that were urgent due to the amount of time they were at the shelter with no interest, the color of their coats (big black and big brindle dogs like Ron, Lance & Sora) and some secluded from adopters due to URI like Cody. We also have Lola, a stunning purebred Husky with a gigantic mammary mass that is scheduled to be operated on upon arrival in the Midwest.  Included are two sets of siblings, 2 – 10 month old siblings and 2 – 4 month old siblings.  One of those 10 month old siblings being Heartworm positive.  We have scared dogs like Lance and seniors like Alonso.  We have Rocky, who quite possibly has neurological issues in his legs from when he was a puppy.  This is an amazing group of dogs, all very deserving of another chance and we can give that chance to them with your help.

This fundraiser will help cover the following:  Drivers’ fees, round trip gas and tolls from South Florida to Iowa, incidentals, food, sanitizing the van/linens upon return, routine maintenance of the transport vehicle (oil change prior to departure and the like) and Paypal fees.