More Memorial Week Rescues

McKinney, TX – At the height of the foreclosure crisis, so many animals nationwide were left behind in empty homes, we named them “The Foreclosure Dogs and Cats”. If only people had turned them in, instead of leaving them abandoned, where they starved and got weak and sick, we could have spent our limited funds on fostering, feeding and rehoming them. Instead we had/have to spend so much on medical care first. Here’s a little guy left behind just last week, now trying to get well at the vet in Texas after barely surviving being abandoned. Of course we helped. Don’t abandon your pets, if your family’s circumstances have changed, there is no shame in turning them in where they have a chance at a new life.

This week we received an email from Desert Dog Project in CA, who had just agreed to take a litter of seven Pitbull puppies born to a stray mom. They got them all off the streets, but the puppies have come down with parvo. Though it often is a very difficult illness to survive, puppies are doing better and better at getting well these days. Tails of Joy was there to help with the costs, and we’ll keep you posted on a hopefully happy outcome for seven little black and white furballs.

Wishing you a respectful and reflective Memorial Day Weekend. This is my favorite picture I took while touring the middle east for our troops. Dogs in service have saved countless thousands of lives, have served our country so well. They deserve to come home with their handlers when their duty is done.