Thank You to Our New Supporters, From Taz, Ginger and More

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our dear friend and supporter, Wiley Miller, the brilliant mind behind the daily internationally syndicated cartoon strip, “Non Sequitur“. Wiley featured Tails of Joy in a strip last week, and brought us some very welcome kind and generous new friends and supporters. We thank you all. And so do the sweethearts we helped so far thanks to your donations/purchases. Much more to come thanks to you!

This is Taz, who lives in Illinois. His wonderful dad has fallen on some hard times, and Taz needed his shots and some good medical TLC. His dad is happy to be his “seeing eye person”, and contacted Tails of Joy for some help. Thanks to you, we were there.

This is Ginger. She lives in Oregon. She needed medical help and special food for her kidneys. Tails of Joy to the rescue, helping Tail Waggers Rescue do what they do so well.

Street Paws, Inc., McDonough, GA

A Little Guy Grant goes a long way for this excellent non profit.

“Street Paws, Inc. is out on the streets daily taking a progressive, proactive approach to establishing a permanent resolution to the stray companion animal problem through dedicated rescue efforts, spay/neuter, providing food and water for feral colonies and homeless animals awaiting rescue, sheltering, community outreach programs, education, collaborations, and the encouragement of responsible pet guardianship. We have now sterilized 351 kitties as of February 2017.”

Animals awaiting adoption at Street Paws rescue. Why not visit their website and have a look around? You may find the perfect new family member.

Now more than ever we can all use a laugh a day. Get it right here with Wiley’s 2017 daily calendar!

And a laugh for today:

Much more to come soon!