Weekend Wescue News

Happy Saturday Everybody!

And of course we try to make it even happier for needy animals.

This week we made a Little Guy Grant to a fund set up by a dedicated facebook friend, to build a shelter for FIFTY feral cats. Our friend and her husband have spent their lives caring for thousands of feral cats at their own expense, and are now trying to build a sanctuary to get them off  the streets. That is something worth donating to. Here is her story:


by Tina Cook

How awesome would it be for you to know that you were a part of helping us build a large habitat and save the lives of 50 homeless cats? Believe me when I tell you it is not a pretty life for them on their own. It is a rough life, especially when they are sick or injured we can’t always catch them right away or at all, it isn’t fair that they suffer needlessly when we can do something about it! Ferals are tough to trap a second time, but if they are confined we could help them immediately. Please know we need to reach a large goal, you can scroll through our updates and see the estimate from Home Depot. Donate Now for the Kitties! We have to start building so we can start catching these guys and relocating to their new Furever safe home with us! Thank you all!! You are the difference!!                 

Other Ways to Donate

You can also go directly to Pay Pal and donate to teenareno@att.net. That’s how Tails of Joy donated. Or you can send items, a check, or gift cards to:

The Cooks
PO Box 20083
Sun Valley, NV 89433



Happy Targa Update!









From a lovely, rescuing flight attendant who helps fly dogs from no hope countries to safety:

“Elayne, I attached a picture of Targa who you helped in March!  She’s doing so well, happy in her new home.  You helped save her from a life of breeding or abuse in the streets. Thank you.”

Yep, you know a dog has settled in when she starts tearing up the toys.

More Hachiko and Avalon

That same flight attendant is raising money to bring two, three legged dogs, Hachiko and Avalon, from hardscrabble lives on the streets of Beirut, to Canada, in July. Of course we helped. They’ve had awful lives on the streets, they deserve to go to some hockey games. Hachiko is the Leon Berger Mix and Avalon is the Golden/Loulou Mix. They will arrive and get all the vet care and health care they need, and then be ready for loving homes. If you think you might like to adopt either one, please email us. Here is the whole story.















Hot Hot Hot Even in the Shade

Peeps, the hot weather is here. Do not leave your pets, kids, or anything with mayonnaise in it in your cars. It takes only a few minutes for a tuna sandwich to go bad, and a dog to die. Seriously. And if you see an animal perishing in a hot car, break the window and get him/her out. Then call the police.









Hey, How About a New Purse?

When you shop Tails of Joy, we use 100% of your purchase dollars to rescue animals. We’re all volunteer, we don’t pay nobody nothing!