Jesus Saves, We Rescue

We want to send love and strength to all those affected by Mother Nature’s recent nervous breakdown. We have been helping around the country with our Little Guy Grants, and we are here if you need help too. Hang in there!

Below are all of the rescue groups/people we have helped recently. They all contain links to their sites in case you would like to help them directly too, or adopt. Or you can donate to us and we’ll continue to make sure 100% of every dollar goes to the neediest situations of each day. Stay dry, and if you need dry food we can send that too!

Pet Harbor

Search for lost pets. Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma.

Paws in the City, Plano TX

Many of the dogs already in Houston shelters were shipped out to willing shelters around the country when Hurricane Harvey hit. In this way, instead of being killed to make room for the displaced storm pets, they would have another chance in a new city, and the Harvey pets could be sheltered locally while their families searched for them. Paws in the City in Plano, has some gorgeous dogs waiting for you, and they come with great hurricane stories! Adoption info.

Animal Rescue Corps, Washington D.C.

More Hurricane Rescue! In addition to their fantastic work breaking up hoarding situations and puppy mills in Mississippi, Tennessee and elsewhere, Animal Rescue Corps has taken in many “Hurricane” orphans as well.

Leave No Paws Behind, CA

We are an all breed , all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs.”

We love the seniors the most, and this great organization takes in needy seniors; broken, ill, and forgotten dogs and cats when they need tenderness and compassion the most. Sometimes love and healing make them young again and they go on to new lives.

Edith and Julie’s Spay & Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy

We are happy to announce a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” to Pawprints on the Heartland, Southeast Kansas.

Prevention, not destruction.
Pawprints on the Heartland is a non-profit organization located in Southeast Kansas,
that provides spay and neuter surgery at a low and affordable price. Basic fee is $40.00 for
Spay/Neuter of cats and dogs under 40 pounds.Call 620-232-0907 to make an appointment
or for more information.”

More Hurricane Help, Houston

We did give to the Houston Humane Society, and the Houston SPCA, when the storm hit. But I would recommend giving to smaller organizations who are helping the overflow of pets in cities around the country right now. Check your local shelters.

Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue, FL

“Based in Florida, Heidi’s Legacy has helped thousands of companion animals find loving forever homes. These are wonderful animals who often only need love, compassion and training to make them an incredibly awesome family member and best friend.” When we heard Heidi’s had fished a dog out of the river, found floating after having had acid poured over him, we made a “Little Guy Grant“.


German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, CA

We were happy to give a “Little Guy Grant” to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.   German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, (GSROC) has always been known for taking on hardship cases that many other rescue groups pass over.  We are proud that we are able to respond for the dogs that have the greatest needs. But this summer has been especially sad for so many shepherds, and our vet bills have skyrocketed.  With a disturbing number of injured, ill & abused dogs arriving, we are faced with outstanding vet bills topping $25,000.  We need help to continue our important work!”

2017 “Shep-Tember” Match is underway

GSOC’s Shep-Tember Match is in full swing! What does that mean? All donations received this month will be added up – if they can reach $15, 000 – a generous donor will MATCH THAT AMOUNT!

The Smallest, Neediest…

As we say, Tails of Joy helps the smallest, neediest rescues across the country. These are often individual situations when there would simply be nowhere else to go.


Dear Magic, we are so sorry your mommy had to say good-bye to you, but so happy we could help your loving mom do the right thing for you.


This is Lucy. We met her at a New York City street adoption on Broadway in August, with her wonderful group, Uptown Cats. So glad we could help Lucy get a little extra TLC at the vet’s.


We supported great friend to rescue and Tails of Joy Board Member Leon Wagner in his Strut Your Mutt upcoming fundraiser. Leon does so much for many rescue orgs all year long, every day. This is one little way to say Thanks!

John, Leon, and their happy family.

Annnndd…..Race For the Rescues!

We supported our friend Rose again this year. Check out this fantastic event and take part, watch, have a great day out with your pets, and support a friend.


Tails of Joy is happy to be there for our supporters. We always say, whatever you have donated to us over the years goes right back to you, with more added, when you find yourself in need for your own pets. We were happy to provide one of our fb Peeps with several months of dog food to get through this hurricane mess, and we’ll be there if more is needed.

 Dogs On The Move Transport #162

Organizer: DOGS ON THE MOVE by Pawsitive4LIFE – From overcrowded Florida shelters to new lives and new homes in Iowa and Missouri.

This transport of very deserving is going to our partner JCHS in Iowa and Journey Home GSD Rescue in Missouri. DOTM Transport #162 is getting ready to roll out with a wonderful group of dogs ranging in size from 6 lbs to 78 lbs. This is actually our second transport of the month due to the severe overcrowding at the shelter.

Dogs scheduled to depart:

Simon 1885796, Mily 1894251, Nina 1894252
Snowflake 1894608, Herman 1889448, Jackie 1895677, Sadie 1895697 Abe 1881656, Rookie 1894511, Max 1879836, Estrella 1880261 Tessa 1897513, Princess 1647823

It’s Ralph’s Markets Sign-Up Time again in Southern California!!    

Peeps, we need this. If you really want to help animals, this is the one thing you can do this year that will save thousands of them, at no cost or effort to you.

Click here to sign up. We ask our CA Peeps to again link their Ralph’s Rewards cards to Tails of Joy. It’s part of Ralph’s Community Contribution Program, and we want to be your chosen charity. That way, every time YOU shop, Ralph’s donates to US at NO cost to you. This is a very important part of our yearly budget, so please sign up today! Even if you’ve signed up before, you must sign up again every year, starting each September 1st, but any time at all is the right time to sign up. Sign up now and you’ll be enrolled until August 31, 2018. Click here to sign up. Thank you!

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