Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

Me – OW!

Bastian, a cat rescued by one of our facebook Peeps, had a bad toothache. His mom just didn’t have the funds to take him to the dentist. He’s now being treated at the vet for all his woes, thanks to donations from many generous friends, including Tails of Joy.

Senior Ride Rescue

SRR is dedicated to enriching the lives of senior animals thru outdoor activities, wellness treatments, and transportation services!”

We love the seniors. They truly know you have saved them, and they have been given another chance instead of being thrown away in their golden years. Transportation is key in getting animals adopted, by getting them out of hopeless situations, and getting them to where there is a better chance of getting re-homed. Whether it’s just a ride to the vet, across town, or across the country, transportation is expensive and time consuming. We are happy to support Senior Ride Rescue during their great auctions, and with our “Little Guy Grants“.

Lilith, NYC

I first met the author Louise Bernikow many years ago after reading her beautiful book about being a reluctant rescuer, “Bark If You Love Me“. She has continued to rescue one boxer at a time throughout all these years. Being a great writer doesn’t mean you are going to have money commensurate with your talent, so Tails of Joy is happy to help Lilith, Louise’s little girl, with her current medical expenses.

Latest Update: “It’s working! Less than a week on chemo drugs — with the generosity of all of you– the light is beginning to shine again in Lilith’s eyes! omg we are soo grateful. xox”


Tail Waggers Rescue, Oregon

Helping the homeless and their pets. This month we helped pay for Sonny’s cremation, so his dad could still take him along on his journey. We also bought pet food supplies for those in need.

Edith and Julie’s Spay & Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy

We are so grateful for the bequest left to us by Julie Bell, a wonderful, kind and generous woman who left us all too soon. She made it possible for Macy and Casey, two Texas pups, to get spayed this week, and get their shots, so they can have a great life and prevent more unwanted pups without homes.

Critter Camp, German Valley, Illinois

We love Critter Camp, the only Exotic Pet Sanctuary operated solely by volunteers that is USDA licensed, 501c3, and accepts only small un-adoptable unusual pets – no wildlife, cats or dogs or farm animals.
They care for abused, abandoned and otherwise homeless small exotic pets. We received an urgent plea from Beth, the tireless woman who runs Critter Camp. They needed a “Little Guy Grant” for August, to cover insurance and supplies, and we provided it. Now all the little guys can munch and crunch and hustle and bustle and smile, knowing they are taken care of.

Furry Friends, Groton Connecticut

We were happy to make a “Little Guy Grant” to this excellent rescue and fostering organization in CT, founded in 2014. They are currently caring for forty dogs. They help dogs who might be passed over by adopters or another rescue – dogs with  medical or behavioral needs that make placement a bit more difficult.  They take a number of seniors with medical needs and are currently working on a program called “Seniors for Seniors”.  They’ll be working with senior citizens to place older dogs (7 years old or older) with them, while providing the extra support they may need in terms of integration into the home and subsidized adoption fees for those on fixed incomes.

Some Available Dogs Waiting For You!

Titus and Winston, Texas