Horses and Doggies and Seniors, Oh My!

Happy Bastille Day Everyone,

And what better way to celebrate knocking down prison walls than knocking down prison walls for our four legged friends?

Ohio SPCA and Humane Society

After receiving this plea, Tails of Joy was able to make a big “Little Guy Grant” to this excellent organization, thanks to all of you.

“Horses are such majestic creatures, and yet they are among the most abused and neglected. We find them starving in pastures or hidden in barns. They are emaciated and often covered with skin infections. Many have serious untreated wounds.”



“Their heads are down and their eyes are dull. For many, our arrival comes just in time. As we lead their weakened bodies to a trailer, they take the first steps on their road to recovery.”


“The journey is long and difficult. As with all animals, equines have a strong will to survive. Our volunteers and veterinarians fight along with them every step of the way. Large animals are costly to rehabilitate. In addition to medical bills, we must purchase thousands of bales of hay to feed approximately 30 horses every month. Knowing that the number could quickly increase when a call for help is received, makes our hay fund even more urgent. Hay nourishes their bodies and provides heat through digestion, thus helping an equine maintain body temperature in cold winter weather.”

“The Ohio SPCA is the only organization to rescue thousands of animals from poor rural counties throughout Ohio where resources are lacking. Our decades of outreach has ensured that animals are not left to suffer and die simply because county agencies cannot or will not respond.” 

Update: Hachiko and Avalon

These two souls went from lives of hell on the streets of Beirut, where each lost a leg, scrounged for food, slept on trash and gravel and fought to stay alive, to becoming US citizens! Thanks to the World’s Greatest Flight Attendant, Cynthia Ashkar, dogs in hardscrabble circumstances often find rescue and new lives.

Hachiko and Avalon, who now have their own facebook page, arrived with the help of Cynthia, Tails of Joy, and many other donors. We can’t spend huge amounts on individual cases, but we can always get the ball rolling and add legitimacy to fundraising.

Awesome Cynthia with Hachiko.

First time I have ever seen them smile. I kid you not, they look ten years younger and happy for the first time. Dog Bless America!

Update on Shyla

Shyla, recently rescued by our good friends, a couple without riches but with lots of love, was thriving for a ten year old who was found abandoned by homeowners who moved and left her tied to a tree for five months. Then on the 4th of July, fireworks scared her and she bolted. By the time she was found, days later, she was a different dog. She is in bad shape but can be saved with surgery and lots of TLC. You can help save Shyla’s life by donating for Shyla through us, or directly here. 

See Shyla’s story on youtube, it’s a beautiful, beautiful story.

Senior Ride Rescue Auction

You have one day left to head on over to Senior Ride Rescue’s auction on facebook. They have everything for the dog lover and especially for the pug lover, which is everybody. TSRR is dedicated to enriching the lives of senior animals thru outdoor activities, wellness treatments, and transportation services!


When life gets you down, remember, these are the things that matter.

Help us help animals and their people. Donate to Tails of Joy!