Spring Into Summer Rescue!

Happy beginning of summer, everyone! We hope it’s a wonderful one for all. Here are the joyful success stories you made possible with your networking, donations, and kind hearts. We love our supporters and love even more showing you how we use your donations for good. Thank you! In this newsletter alone, we have exponentially helped almost two thousand animals.

If you’re new to our organization, we’re the people who catch the little guys before they fall through the cracks. Small rescue organizations, sometimes even one person small, are too little to get grants, or emergency funds, or a quick lift. We have been helping them with our Little Guy Grants since 2001, and hope to continue forever.

Bedford Cares

Lynchburg Virginia

We are proud to announce that through a big “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy“, we will be funding the Bedford Cares TNR program, helping to make it possible this year for them to spay/neuter and vaccinate their goal of one thousand cats. This prevents the birth of homeless strays, destined to  suffer horrible short lives of desperation. And a lot of lucky strays taken in from the cold get adopted too!

Desert Dogs Rock and Rescue

Victorville, CA

Kona – Beautiful black pittie, hit by a car, found dying in a field, alone. Desert Dogs committed and we funded. We will keep you posted on this soulful boy.

Fix the Ferals of Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach, California

Tails of Joy paid for the “Friends of Bombay Beach” to bring the Animal Action League’s mobile spay and neuter clinic to Bombay Beach! 

That means lots and lots of feral cats would get spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated. We’re helping to slowly cut down on the feral population in this underserved, indigent community, sparing strays horrible short lives of desperation. We made a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy“. We are so proud that we are treating Julie’s bequest exactly as she imagined, and will honor her legacy by using this fund for the good works exactly as she specified. Please think of us when you are thinking about your bequests. We do it right. Thank you.

UPDATE: Due to so much red tape by the city to allow the spay/neuter truck to operate for one day, the dedicated volunteers of Bombay Beach instead are trapping the strays and bringing them to the truck in the next town every week. That is certainly dedication that deserves our continuing support.


Miami, FL

Saving Flipper

“Flipper is a sweet but scared Rat Terrier boy who has no interest from adopters. He is Ehrlichia positive, which is easily treated with antibiotics but adopters seem to shy away from adopting dogs who need anything extra.  He cannot be neutered until this is cleared up so he will be released to us and neutered later.

We are rescuing him but need you to help with money for antibiotics, flea bath, transport to Central Florida and Paypal fees.  We are rescuing a lot of dogs and need your participation to keep up this pace. Please donate and share.”

Of course we helped this sweet boy!

Six Dogs in Vidor, Texas

Ms. Boosler,

My name is Hannah S. I am a volunteer at Vidor Animal Control. Two years ago, you helped a dog named Marla get out of Vidor’s kill shelter. She was an older hound dog that had a malignant tumor on her stomach. I am happy to report that she got adopted very fast, and she has been in the lap of luxury ever since. Her Owners absolutely adore her.

I am reaching out to you because I know that Tails of Joy focuses on helping animals in need, and I have six dogs that are in desperate need of help.”

Of course we helped. Meet the cuties below, along with Missy and Molly.

Wildlife SOS 


Wildlife SOS is the largest wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation group in India.

The project to bring an end to ‘dancing bears’ (read: Lives of conscription and torture) in India was successful because of the focus by Wildlife SOS on retraining the Kalandar people to have a new way to earn an income for their families. Instead of exploiting wildlife, they have learned new skills. Many of the women now create and sell beautiful handmade items. The Kalandar community historically ‘danced bears’ because they had no education and therefore no opportunities. Many of the children now attend school.

Tails of Joy sponsored ten backpacks for Kalandar children attending school. 


Tails of Joy bought five sewing machines for Kalandar women.

Bears sure do love honey! SOS finds a way to keep them busy and entertained by building these honey logs and hanging them in their enclosures. The blind bears especially love them, as they get them up and moving around. Tails of Joy bought honey logs for the bears.

“Free the Bears Fund” volunteers brought along with them a wonderful innovation called Aussie Dog Balls, created to help equines with mental and physical activity. These balls are round and made of a hard, light material that can take a few thrashings. It has an opening on one side through which fruits and various treats are put in. It is then rolled into the enclosure and the enriching part is to see how many bears use skill instead of strength to get the food out. They love it.

Tails of Joy bought Aussie Dog Balls for the bears.

Sanjay, brought to ECCC in February 2017 following an intense emergency rescue operation, had spent more than fifty years in abusive captivity being exploited in ceremonies, weddings and processions. Besides suffering from partial blindness, his feet were in a pathetic state with cracked toenails and painfully swollen foot-pads, and he had a fracture in his hind limb that made even the slightest movement extremely agonizing. The cruel treatment meted out to him in captivity was evident from how meek and withdrawn he was around people. Since his rescue, Sanjay is slowly growing more confident and gradually recovering from his traumatic past, while discovering the joy of nutritious food and people that care about him.

Tails of Joy bought fun hanging food nests for Sanjay and the elephants. 

As I always say, helping animals always helps people too.


Helping to Get Three Dogs Out of Lebanon

We were once again able to help our flight attendant/rescuer friend Cynthia bring abused dogs to the US from Lebanon. Charm, who has an amputated front leg, Mia, whose front foot is cut off, and Patchi, who is older. We know they’re all going to get good care and happy forever homes. 


German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Southern California

A great organization that always has way too many of these wonderful dogs, we always help when we can. These two emergencies were; a beautiful little puppy, Bucky, showing up full of buckshot, and the severely neglected Olivia. Of course we helped immediately.

Guide Dogs of America Auction

Guide Dogs of America is hosting an online silent auction through BiddingForGood from June 1 through June 11, 2018. Be sure to check out their great items, and support all the amazing work they do. Tails of Joy, and our friend and board member Leon Wagner’s Seven Colonial  provided some great auction items too. If you get outbid, you can buy the items on our websites. Go and bid!

At-Choo Foundation


When dogs are in city shelters with extreme medical conditions, they usually don’t make it. City shelters don’t treat animals in need. Rescue groups wanting to pull such animals first need to find the money for treatment, to then get them well enough to be adopted. The At-Choo Foundation commits medical funds to dogs in need in city shelters.

They take them from this:



            to this 






That is worth our support. Our good friend Elaine Seamens does a great job with her foundation.


Transport #167

Miami, FL to the Midwest

We are again proud to help our rescue friends get on the road with another big crowd of amazing dogs, taking them out of the overcrowded Miami shelter to forever homes in the midwest.

DOTM transport #167 is ready to get ON THE MOVE with 15 amazing dogs headed to the Midwest to find their forever homes ❤ We have one that is HW positive, two bonded pairs, and older senior dogs. There are many owner surrenders, as well as owner confiscations, fearful, abused & neglected dogs, dogs with URI and other illnesses and injuries. Dogs are all sizes that range from 7 lbs to 78 lbs (see list below).

Crispy A1951571 10 year old female Maltese 18lbs. Casper A1951563 10 year old male Maltese 14lbs. Chuchi A1953328 8 year old female chihuahua 14 lbs. Chucho A1953329 2 year old male chihuahua 14 lbs. Osito A1207219 10 year old male poodle 14 lbs. Melo A1953740 8 year old male pug mix 23 lbs. Nena A1953874 2 year old female long hair chihuahua mix 19 lbs. Lucy A1953028 2 year old female chihuahua mix 16 lbs. Tony A1954719 10 mos old male terrier mix 17 lbs. Tyson A1945372 2 year old male Australian kelpie mix 55 lbs. Shaq A1946290 2 year old male rottie mix 60 lbs. Troy A1929568 3 year old male lab mix 52 lbs. Tom A1949833 4 year old male retriever 47 lbs. Jane A1946748 4 year old female lab mix 78 lbs. Maurice A1951623 1 year old maleGerman Shepherd 67 lbs.

Wildlife Works Inc.

Wildwood PA            

Our facebook Peep Kris Azzarello had a birthday wish and we were more than happy to contribute to Wildlife Works, a volunteer-based, non-profit organization

serving Westmoreland County and surrounding areas, dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of distressed wildlife and the promotion of responsible attitudes about the preservation of native species, habitat, and the environment.

WWI rehabilitates injured, ill and orphaned mammals, songbirds, and birds of prey who have been victims of human interference, environmental contamination, or habitat destruction.

Angels In Training Senior Dog Sanctuary

Southern CA

We all have a soft spot for the seniors. I personally love them more than anything. They have brought me more joy and life lessons than anything else in my life. At Angels In Training, they rescue elderly dogs  from cold, painful and lonely deaths in high-kill shelters by providing a sanctuary where their medical, nutritional and social needs are met.

Beautiful Fae, at Easter this year.

Lisa and Rufus

Sometimes a facebook friend needs a little help with an adoption, and we are there, whether it’s help with the application, references, or fees, we are there. Here we helped our fb Peep Lisa adopt the wonderful Rufus. He was a little bitey, and might not have had a reprieve without Lisa’s patience and love in working with him.
Remember, Tails of Joy is your “Pet Emergency Savings Account”. All the donations you make to Tails of Joy through the years will be returned to you when and if your pet is ever in need beyond your means. We will be here for you, just as you were here for the animals when they needed you



NEAR – Northeast Avian Rescue

Upstate New York

“Parrots and exotic pet birds are the third most popular pets in America today. Some estimates have the number of pet birds in the US at over twenty million. With the popularity of these pets comes incidents of abuse and neglect. People choose the flashy status symbol on a whim, without regard to any of the responsibilities that owning a parrot or pet bird brings. Tens of thousands of birds find themselves in need of rescue each year. Though we can barely scratch the surface of the need, our mission is to help these animals in any way possible.”

Mutt Match LA

Southern CA


We always donate to this great rescue organization whenever we can. They do spectacular work, and are the best at making the perfect match between adopter and pet.


Halteman’s Haven Rescue

Texas and Arizona

A small rescue, and sanctuary, specializing in special needs cats. We got a lovely email of thanks:

“Thank you so much for your donation. This means the world to us. This will be used this coming week for spay/neuter for  Mama Gray, Jeremiah, Messina, Skinny, BF, and Alastor to get most of them ready for adoption.” Wonderful.

Much Love Animal Rescue

Southern CA

We are always happy to donate to this excellent organization. Much Love Animal Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals from the streets and shelters of Los Angeles and place them in loving homes. Much Love is a 100% non-profit organization run primarily by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and resources to house, train, transport and care for these animals. Since its inception in 1999, Much Love has placed over 3,500 animals into loving homes.




Southern Souls Animal League

Eufaula Alabama


We were happy to help this all volunteer, non -profit organization that helps animals in need. They do rescue in underserved Barbour County, Alabama, and the surrounding areas. We were so glad we were able to make a Little Guy Grant. 
As they wrote on facebook, they were on their last bottle of bleach.

Summertime Safety For Your Pets


In many states, it’s legal to smash a car window to rescue a dog in heat distress. Whether it’s legal in your state or not, it’s always good to save a life.

Shop Tails of Joy for wonderful items that benefit rescue 100%. We’re all volunteer. 

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Thanks everybody. Happy summer!