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Hot Enough For You?

We hope all our wonderful friends are staying cool in these dog days of summer. In a contentious world, we are always happy to share the joyful rescue success stories you made possible with your support.

If you’re new to our organization, we’re the people who catch the little guys before they fall through the cracks. Small rescue organizations, sometimes even one person small, are too little to get grants, or emergency funds, or a quick lift. We have been helping them with our Little Guy Grants since 2001, and hope to continue forever. So please put us in your will. But don’t die. We love you.

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

Southern California

Emergency!!!!!! Rescue organization needs to replace broken water heater asap!!!!!!!


“Hi! Adopt us, we’re all available!”

Dogs On the Move Transport #168 (DOTM) – Pawsitive For Life

From overcrowded Miami shelters to forever homes in the midwest.

Tails of Joy is always happy to help this ongoing transport.

“DOTM Transport #168 hits the road with 13 amazing and well deserving dogs. This transport was not scheduled but added due to the massive euthanizing for space due to the overcrowding at the Miami shelter. Owner surrenders and strays are coming into the shelter in droves and there is no space so we had to act. This transport has many dogs with medical conditions. They range in size from 7 lbs to 65 lbs.”

Tony, Cub, Chicho, Sue, Mac, Cookie, Piruli, Tostada, Baby, Coby, Tom, Pouchlongo, Betty.



Critter Camp

German Valley, Illinois


“(Elayne Boosler’s) Tails of Joy will match donations up to $1000 so we can reach the $2000 we need ASAP !!!! Thank you!!! So we can replace the stairs that go to the top level of the barn (labor generously donated by volunteers!) plus need a new door and some other repairs for the animals! We recently had to have the washer repaired Bc we do 7 loads of animal laundry every day, had the barns sewer ejector pump fixed and the AC fixed too.”

Match Accomplished! $2000 raised for the critters.


North Carolina

Sometimes a facebook Peep needs a little help with a vet bill. We were more than happy to make sure our friend Robbie’s cat got all the help she needed. And she’s doing fine!

Remember, Tails of Joy is your pet health “savings account”. If a time ever comes when your pet is in need and you need financial help, Tails of Joy will refund every donation you ever made to help pay your vet bill.

Lucky Luna

Southern California

Independent rescuer Jennifer Peterson helped rescue Luna from a small cage in a backyard. She heard about our “Little Guy Grants” and contacted us. Luna was understandably unsocialized, confused, and fearful. A huge Cane Corso (such a great dog) in a small cage for a year or two is a bad thing. Jennifer did all the legwork in finding the perfect trainer for Luna, Fahim Jan, whom we are happy to recommend. Tails of Joy paid the bill, and Luna is a perfect citizen now, and ready for her loving, forever home. Please contact for adoption info.

Non Sequitur by Wiley


Our brilliant, rescue supporting cartoonist friend Wiley Miller has done it again. He has created another incredible, heart soaring strip about our love of dogs. This is so beautiful. Click here to see it bigger. If you would like a hand printed and signed-to-you color print by Wiley, for $150, please email and we’ll get it going for you!


DASH – North Dallas Dog Rescue


“This girl is in Nueces County – it’s an all-volunteer semi-shelter – really it’s just for dumping dogs and putting to sleep – only has part time help.

It’s a Drive from Hell but I sent a woman who works nights.

Are you able to help? Of course ZERO VETTING! NADA! And I have a foster in Waco so they have cheaper vets etc. The vetting is $150 for EVERYTHING, it’s the transport (which is en route already bc she gets put to sleep at 5am tomorrow ) making it more costly at $250 minimum in time & gas. There aren’t volunteers for last-minute 12-14 hr trips plus gas.

ANYTHING HELPS and I KNOW she will get a great home – so many people passed her pic around and no one stepped up, nothing wrong with her just misfortune.

Again – whatever whenever it always helps.”

We covered it.

                                   ADOPT US!!

Baja Animal Sanctuary

San Diego, California

Happy to again help this wonderful organization that rescues so, so many.

Beauty’s Haven Equine Ranch and Rescue

Morristown, Florida

We’re always happy to help this excellent rescue organization that gives new lives to abandoned and abused horses, goats, the big guys who are the most expensive to feed, treat, train, rehabilitate and transport. They’re currently in a rough patch while founder Theresa Batchelor’s husband Robert goes in for surgery tomorrow. We were happy to make a “Little Guy Grant“, thanks to a request from our monthly donor Kathy Molloy. If you are one of our monthly donors and know of a local organization near you you would like us to help, we are happy to do so.

Shadowland Foundation

Lake Hughes, California

Wow, what a great organization we discovered right on our own doorstep. Shadowland is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children of ALL ages about wolves and their contribution to the environment. Their pack of ten Alaskan Timber wolves serve as ambassadors for the endangered Gray, Red and Mexican Gray wolves in the wild. They are confident that as people get to know and experience this pack, they will love them too.

“Only Shadowland Foundation offers a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for individuals, families, school groups, youth organizations, corporations, social clubs, etc. to  Meet and Play with our pack of ten Alaskan Timber Wolves in California.”


Ellie the Not So Feral Kitty

We get emails:

“A friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me he saw an injured cat in the parking lot of his office. It’s in an industrial part of town. I went and found her right away. I gave her food, and she came right up to me to eat, but wouldn’t let me touch her. She was hobbling, and walking on the top of her right front foot. She is very very skinny.  I was able to trap her, but need help with funds to get her a work up. (X-ray and senior blood panel/combo test). She is older and SOOOO sweet. Definitely trusted people at some point in her life. She has an ear tip- so that’s taken care of. I just need help with funds. I will foster- and try to find a home— she is too crippled to be out on the streets.”
Of course we helped. That’s what we do, we keep the smallest rescues from falling through the cracks.

Reno Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Reno, Nevada
We have donated several times to our facebook Peep Tina Cook, to help her and her husband continue building their feral cat sanctuary in Reno. This time however, they were just about out of food and supplies, and the call went out. We stocked ’em up good!

Southern Souls Animal League

Eufaula Alabama

We were happy to again help this all volunteer, non -profit organization that seems to be the only help around in underserved Barbour County, Alabama, and surrounding areas. They do so much with so little and we’re always happy to help.

“Look who headed to their foster home to start healing up. Our vet stitched one of his eyes up in hopes it will heal. He is still blind in the other eye. Please consider making a donation to our vet 334-687-6858! Our bill is huge after his stay. And he will still have more treatments.”

Donation made.



Beware Summer Heat

The only reason I couldn’t fry an egg on the sidewalk this week is because the eggs poached in the grocery bag on the way home. Keep yourselves and your pets hydrated, indoors during the hottest part of the day, and never, ever leave children or pets in a hot car, even if you park in the “shade”. If you see a creature in distress in a hot car, GET HELP, break a window if you have to, call 911.

Shopping That Saves Lives

We have so many wonderful goodies on our Tails of Joy Shopping Page. Remember, we are all volunteer, so 100% of your purchase always goes to rescue.


Gorgeous animal themed handmade baby or animal quilts from our sewing angel Judy Isaacs.

Purses, socks, pillows, art, jewelry, all made for us, all unique and beautiful, at Elayne’s Fun Stuff.

And so much more!

Until next time, share the love,