Tails of Joy, “Timeless”, and a Very Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn Everyone!

As you may know, when my new boxed set, “Elayne Boosler – Timeless” debuted, Tails of Joy offered to donate $25 to the animal rescue organization of every buyer’s choice, up to $25,000.

What a soul enriching experience it has been to discover so many more excellent, hard working, small rescue groups across the country. Because many of you who bought the boxed set said “Keep the money for Tails of Joy to use where the need is greatest”, here’s what we did: For the smallest, neediest groups named, instead of donating $25, we donated from $100 to $1000 to each group named in honor of each “Timeless” buyer. That worked out to over half the groups. For the rescues who received the $25 donations, they are now part of the Tails of Joy family, and we will donate again as we can. Thank you all so much for turning us on to even more great rescue organizations.

And a big Thank You to “Extra” tv for having me on over the weekend and promoting “Timeless” and “Tails of Joy” to their millions of fans.


Tails of Joy is going to continue our Comedy/Rescue promotion. You buy “Elayne Boosler – Timeless“, email your receipt, tell us the rescue org. you would like us to donate $25 to in your honor, and we will. We’ll send you the confirmation receipt and a thank you. 

BONUS to Rescue Groups

On December 15, 2018, Tails of Joy will donate $1000 to the rescue organization MOST NAMED by buyers of “Timeless”. In the lead so far: German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and Florida Boxer Rescue.

Here are some of the rescue organizations that benefited from “Timeless”. Some were named several times and received donations more than once. 

Rescue Right (Community Cats), Bedford NY. 

Greater Huntsville Humane Society, Huntsville Alabama

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, German Valley IL

Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley, New Hampshire

Tail Waggers Inn, Grants Pass, Ashland, Medford, Oregon

DASH Dog Rescue, Dallas and North Dallas

Greatful Rescuers Of Wonderful Lives, Montana

Old Friend Senior Dogs Sanctuary, Mount Juliet Tennessee

Community Concern for Cats Northern California

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, Southern California

Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue, Central Florida

Animal Rights Alliance, Warwick NY

Claws and Paws Rescue, West Branch Michigan

Dogs on the Move Pawsitive for Life, Miami to the Midwest Transport #170

Exceller Fund, Lexington Kentucky

Rock and Rescue, National

Tigers for Tomorrow Exotic Animal Preserve, North Alabama

Much Love Animal Rescue, Southern California

Our House of Hope, Chicago, Illinois

Pug Rescue of Florida

Pilots N Paws

Southern Souls Animal League, Eufaula, Alabama

The Robert T. Brentnall Pawsibilities Foundation

Humane Society of Scott County, Davenport Iowa

Old Dog Haven, Arlington Washington

Longmont Humane Society, Longmont Colorado

One Tail at a Time, Chicago

A Purrfect World, Bloomfield New Jersey

Here are some animals (and of course people) you helped by buying “Timeless”:

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville NC,

We sent a “Little Guy Grant” just as Hurricane Florence was approaching. We sent one again  to help them with Hurricane Michael in Florida. This rescue does lots of the heavy lifting down south and can still use your support.

And Justice for Animals

Be sure to enjoy Jennifer Peterson’s new “And Justice for Animals” podcast on iTunes and assorted podcast providers. It’s a fun one-hour show that delves into some of the most topical issues today in animal welfare. Hosted by producer and animal welfare activist Jennifer Peterson, AJFA features well known guests who have made it their life’s mission to save animals and in doing so, improve the world as we know it.

BFF Pet Rescue, Fontana CA

It always takes a village. Rescuer Sharon Allerson put out a plea for anyone to help rescue six pitties from Devore, a high kill CA shelter. Tails of Joy pledged enough funds for each dog to appeal to a rescue group to take them. It took a few days, and sadly, Edgar, one of the pitties, was killed by the shelter. But BFF Pet Rescue got there in time to save Layla, Skye, Wilma, and Marbury, and look how happy they already look. Thanks to all the fine rescuers who made these happy faces possible.

A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs, NY

The long and winding road. Howie came into Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburgh Texas with a broken leg. Since shelters do not spend money to save animals, he was given until 5pm to be pulled by a rescue org, or be killed.

Networking began, and Tails of Joy pledged a large enough amount to get his rescue assured, and surgery going.

A-Team Elite stepped in from Old Westbury, NY, and pulled and transported Howie, now renamed Aikyros. Tails of Joy made the grant, Aikyros got to have surgery in NY and now can’t stop smiling.

Strut Your Mutt

We were happy to once again support our rescue angel and board member Leon Wagner at this year’s Strut Your Mutt, where he and his beautiful Ruby raised funds for Mutt Match LA.

Tail Waggers Rescue, Oregon

We seem to donate often to this small rescue group in Oregon, but that’s because they do so much every day, send out specific pleas and include photos and vet bills.

They specialize in helping homeless people care for their dogs, in turn helping them care for themselves as well.

A good samaritan found these two starving dogs walking a trail, and of course Tail Waggers stepped in, and we helped.

Flying Kitties to our Facebook Friend, Nevada to Chicago

Our cat rescuer friends, Tina Cook and her husband Curtis, while continuing to build a large rescue cat shelter on their property, posted a new litter of kitties they were trying to find homes for. Our friend Annette in Chicago wanted to adopt, but airfare was a problem. Tails of Joy stepped in, and Annette ended up adding not one but two kitties to her happy family.


Luna, and Fahim Jan, a Great Trainer we highly recommend


As we wrote in our last newsletter, animal welfare activist (and writer, producer, director) Jennifer Peterson helped rescue Luna, a large Cane Corso, from a small cage in a backyard. She then contacted us.

Luna was understandably unsocialized, confused, and fearful. Jennifer did all the legwork in finding the perfect trainer for Luna, Fahim Jan, whom we cannot recommend highly enough. He is gentle, loving, and dogs take to him immediately. He trains with kindness, and that is the best way.

Tails of Joy paid the bill, while Jennifer and Fahim continued working with and helping Luna in every way. Luna is a perfect citizen now, and ready for her loving, forever home. Please contact elayne@tailsofjoy.net for adoption info.

Fahim Jan is part of a nationwide dog training company called Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team, with locations across the country. They are a socially conscious national company with a community sensibility, and do so much more than training.

With trainers like this in your community, you will never have to “give up” a dog again. If you need a trainer in California, Fahim is your man.

“Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team has been focused on keeping dogs out of shelters and in happy homes since 1987. Lorenzo’s certified team trainers undergo a comprehensive training curriculum prior to certification to ensure an unwavering commitment to quality animal care and professional conduct.”

Even More For Rescue Groups

Some rescue groups themselves bought several “Timeless” boxed sets, then sent them to us to be autographed so they could use them for fundraising at their auctions.

We went further and made a great idea better: When rescue groups buy at least six boxed sets and send them to us to be autographed, we cover the shipping both ways, and donate back to them $25 x the amount of boxed sets bought.

So the group gets a refund, free shipping, and has some good auction items for their upcoming events.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, Mount Juliet, Tennessee

We were delighted to again make a sizeable donation to this great organization in honor of our Facebook Peep Judi Abbott’s birthday wish. Seniors are the BEST.

Independent Rescuers

Rescuer Michelle Aylward emailed needing funds for Edder, in Northern California. A Great Pyrenees, he and his brother got out and were hit by a truck. His brother died, but we were able to help with Edder’s surgery and get him back home.

We also then helped Michelle with cat food for feral kittens.

And we continue to help our independent rescuer friends across the country.

AMAZON SMILE – NOW through Nov 2, AmazonSmile is donating 5% (10X the usual amount) to Tails Of Joy, Inc. when you shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/91-2159894. Always start at smile.amazon.com, choose and bookmark Tails of Joy, Studio City, and Amazon will donate to us every time you shop, at no cost to you.

Let Tails of Joy be your Pet Health Savings Account

As we always tell you, if and when your pet needs medical care you cannot afford, we will be here to return to you every donation you ever made to us. This month we were happy to help our Facebook Peep Larry, who always supported us and now needed some doggie help to get his three dogs to the vet for checkups, tests, and the medicines they needed. We also sent lots of cat food around the country for cats of donor/friends in need.

To Donate

We thank our monthly donors, our birthday donors, our sometime donors, our happy customers, and YOU!