Happy Holidays!

Holiday Greetings Animal Loving Friends,       

We hope your holiday celebrations were happy and warm, and we wish you a joyful, healthy, successful and wonderful new year. We could all use a lot less stress this year, and that is my first hope for 2019. May we remember to lead with kindness and love.

So here we are at the end of another year together. Everything Tails of Joy accomplished this past year, from saving exponentially thousands of lives, to spaying and neutering scores of animals, to keeping the “little guys” up and running so they can continue to do the great rescue work they do, is because of you. You make it all possible.

From our monthly donors, to our sometime donors, to our birthday donors and our holiday donors, every life we save is because you helped us. I cannot thank you enough for keeping us in your thoughts, for trusting us with your donations, for buying our merchandise. Every year since we started has gotten better for animals, with the public’s consciousness  becoming more enlightened. We have more humane laws being passed, more pride in adoption instead of buying, a more informed public when it comes to how animals (including “food” animals) are treated. All of that comes from you, from your active sharing, posting and living in a way that helps our fellow creatures.

So a great big Thank You for all of it, for making it possible, for caring, and most of all, for your incredible support for Tails of Joy. May your kindness and generosity come back to you tenfold. Happy New Year!!


Adore-A-Bullie Paws & Claws

New York

Lovely, gentle stray & recent NYCACC kill list survivor BISCUIT was selflessly saved by a rescue who got more than they bargained for when the poor boy needed surgery for a corn cob inside him! Tails of Joy was there to help Biscuit become corn cob free and ready to party.

Cody’s Friends Rescue

Dallas TX

Cody’s Friends Rescue is an all-breed, volunteer-based, Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex based 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue formed by passionate dog lovers.

This little fella was hit by a car, and waited five hours for someone to come help him. Tails of Joy helped pay for successful surgery on both his legs.

Holley’s Hopping Habitat

Haughton, Louisiana

Holley’s Hopping Habitat is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit domestic (pet) rabbit rescue and education facility in Northwest Louisiana. We love the people who run Holley’s and are always happy to help them. They make very good use of our Spay/Neuter funds!

At-Choo Foundation

California and Mexico

At-Choo joined in another successful (Thanksgiving) rescue trip to Mexico. We helped fund it.

Tail Waggers Rescue

Grants Pass, Oregon

We love helping Maria at Tail Waggers. She drives hundreds of miles a week in frozen Oregon to distribute pet food, sleeping bags and doggie sweaters to the homeless people on her travels who have only their beloved dogs for love and companionship. We also help her provide vet care, and spay/neuter from our Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy. We made a good sized Little Guy Grant for the holidays, and then a separate purchase of twelve sleeping bags so people and their dogs would not freeze to death on the street.

Baja Animal Sanctuary

San Diego, CA

We were delighted to award a “Little Guy Grant” to this wonderful rescue organization that seems to place zillions of dogs into forever homes every week.

More Timeless Donations

As you may know, for every boxed set sold of “Elayne Boosler – Timeless“, Tails of Joy donated $25 to the animal rescue organization of the buyer’s choice. We listed so many in our last newsletter, but here are just a few more. And instead of $25, we donated much more to each to say thanks!

Elayne Boosler – Timeless” Contest Winners!!! Tails of Joy was going to award $1000 to the rescue most often named by buyers of the boxed set. But the numbers were so close, we decided to spread the joy around. We are proud to announce that donations of $1000 were given to each of the following rescue organizations: Florida Boxer Rescue, Animal Defense League of Arizona, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, and $500 to Mutt Match LA. Congratulations to all!


Weimaraner Rescue Of The North/ New York State Weimaraner Rescue

Sometimes we help by donating the perfect items for rescue events, which help the rescues raise money with raffles or auctions. Like this.


DawnWatch’s mission is to encourage and contribute to positive coverage of animal issues in major media. Founded and run by the very wonderful Karen Dawn. Karen has been on the front lines of veganism and animal activism since the very beginning, and has been a fantastic and major voice for enlightenment, change, and awareness. She has truly made the world better for all animals with this great organization.

Tina Cook’s Cat Rescue


Vet Care, Food & Supplies for rescue cats! Continuing to build a safe sanctuary for all the cats it can hold. We have donated often to this endeavor and can’t wait until it is complete!

Boudreaux’s Surgery

PayPal Giving Fund (GoFundMe)

Boudreaux was hit by a car. He’s better now! We helped. A lot!

Tails of Joy Gives on Giving Tuesday!

The ol’ switcheroo. Instead of asking on Giving Tuesday, we answered. These are the rescues we supported:

The Sanctuary at Soledad

Mojave, California

Where every animal has a home. Including these two just born baby goats, left in the trash because they were male and can’t produce milk. “Little Guy Grant” made for two little guys (and more).

START Rescue

Valley Village, California

START will save these THIRTEEN sweet souls from the streets of Tecate, Mexico and their shelters there. These amazing poor souls can have a better life if we can raise $1300 to get them vetted before coming to the US from that hellhole . Not a lot for THIRTEEN lives, $100 per life. They all need spay/neuter, shots, tests particular to Mexico, and health certs. Our fearless rescuer, Laura down there helps these kids (either fosters, or tags them at the shelters and brings them blankets/beds) and you know her from the other Mexico kids START has rescued. We need to get this accomplished before this Thursday’s last START transport of the year.

We could only say yes.

Facebook Fundraisers

Happy Birthday Tracie! And to WAGS, thank you for all you do! Love, Tails of Joy.

Rescue Dogs From Lebanon

Always happy to make a Little Guy Grant to our flight attendant friend Cynthia Ashkar, who brings the saddest and most abused dogs back to Canada from the middle east on her flights. She fixes them up like new and gets them the forever homes of their dreams. She and her crew saved 30 dogs this year, a miracle!


Animal Coalition of Tampa

They’re awesome, and we are always happy to support their great work.

Pibbles and More Animal Rescue

Covering the tri-state and New England area including NY, NJ, PA, CT, NH, MA, ME, MD and VT.

New York City’s Animal Care and Control has a bad track record of killing countless numbers of adoptable, wonderful dogs. Rescue organizations like Pibbles and More are sometimes able to get them out of there at the last minute. Thank you. And Tails of Joy is there to provide whatever costs are necessary.

So thank you all for a great year, and for helping to make the world better for countless needy, homeless and deserving animals. We appreciate all you do, and we hope to continue doing good together in 2019. And remember to check us first when you are shopping for wonderful things. Wishing you and yours all the best!

Elayne, and all the Tails of Joy