Steve Bluestein: Comedian, Writer, Animal Rescuer


Most articles written about my Tails of Joy say something about “comedy saving lives”, and now I am overjoyed to say it again in relation to our Birthday Hero – Steve Bluestein. For Steve’s birthday yesterday (January 15th), Steve made a facebook wish to raise funds for Tails of Joy. By the time he was celebrating yesterday, his incredibly caring, generous and loving Peeps brought his wish to $3500. To rescue animals. Dogs, cats, bunnies, sea life, wildlife, small exotics, big cats, primates, horses, wild burros, any animal suddenly facing slaughter, illness, homelessness, is who we help, which always leads to helping their owners as well. So we save animals, and they save people. Most of our money goes to dog and cat rescue, but we are here for any creature who needs us. And Steve was here for all of us. I cannot wait to report how many lives, both animal and human, he rescued with this wish.

So many famous people have the power to do so much by doing so little; mention a rescue organization in public, give us a shout out in media, make a birthday wish… but so few do. Steve does. He did it on his last birthday and he did it again this year, and that takes someone who looks beyond himself to see what could make the world around him better. It’s a tribute to how much his fans/friends/followers love and appreciate him that he was able to raise this much money from people who love animals but more than that, love Steve.  It’s a tribute to Steve that he doesn’t mind “reminding” you to donate lol. $3500 will bail 70 desperate dogs, or 140 desperate cats, out of a kill shelter on their last day of life. It will allow us to support rescues pulling needy animals because we can offer to supply food, boarding, vetting, training and medicine until they find their forever homes. It just does so much. A million thank you’s to Steve and his incredible friends would not begin to be enough.

If you want to know how funny, talented, vulnerable, open and brilliant Steve is, you must buy his book, “Memoir of a Nobody“. Believe me, I have turned down endorsing some dear friends’ books because my own reputation depends on recommending what is hilarious, brilliant, funny. I could never betray your trust in me as a comedian by telling you to buy something that would leave you asking “why”? and then doubting my word in the future. So trust me when I say, you will thank me for recommending one of the funniest books you will ever read. It’s one way to support the man who has always supported the little creatures who need a friend, and it’s a gift to yourself as well.

Thank you darling generous friends of mine and Steve’s. May all the joy and generosity you bring to others come back to visit you a hundred times over. Thank you Steve!!!!

Much much love,


President, Tails of Joy