2019 Off to a Happy Start for Rescue!

Happy first quarter of the new year everyone! We hope your 2019 started out with a bang, without the flu, or bronchitis, or laryngitis, oh wait, that’s just me. No matter. Nothing gets in the way of our rescuing. Here’s to an early, warm and sunny spring!


Wildlife Waystation


We love donating to the Wildlife Waystation, a 160-acre private animal sanctuary located in the Angeles National Forest just north of LA. They are home to over 400 wild and exotic animals of over 125 different species. They provide refuge, healing and safety for animals in need. They rely solely on donations. Check their website for great articles, upcoming events, tours. Plan an event there, it’s awesome. It’s a unique and wonderful place to spend time and help support their huge mission. 

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County


We donate often to GSROC, but sometimes a special case needs a special donation. We were so happy to help Bruce on his way to health, and a forever, happy home.

We got this nice kitty spayed and vaccinated for a comedian friend of ours in Las Vegas who needed a bit of help.

A Big Thank you to Optical Connection

For the second holiday season in a row, Optical Connection in Studio City, CA, hosted a month long pop-up store for Tails of Joy. They again brought in a meaningful amount of money selling our totes and ornaments, and we thank them so much. I’ve been seeing Dr. Ruth Lipson there, and having my glasses made there (ask for Armen), for about twenty five years. I cannot recommend them highly enough, as professionals and as people. The animals thank you so much!

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Brooklyn NY and the south


“Saving Badass Dogs From Idiot Humans.”

Now that is a load of puppies saved from the south. If you would like a puppy, or two, or eight, please contact this fantastic group directly.




Lenawee Humane Society

For our friend Vicki Atkinson’s facebook birthday wish.

LAAS Harbor Shelter

While we prefer supporting smaller organizations, sometimes a special request comes through and we donate where needed.

Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Cleveland, Ohio

This was one of the first organizations Tails of Joy got to know during our first year of existence. They are still going strong and we love their work so much, we donate whenever possible.

Steve Bluestein, Animal Rescue Hero

This year again for his birthday wish, our good friend, writer/comedian/actor Steve Bluestein, chose to fundraise for Tails of Joy. His incredibly caring, generous and loving Peeps donated enough in his honor to help us rescue many dogs, cats, bunnies, sea life, wildlife, small exotics, big cats, primates, horses, wild burros, any animal suddenly facing slaughter, illness, homelessness.

If you want to laugh, a lot, buy his book, “Memoir of a Nobody“. It’s one way to support the man who has always supported the little creatures who need a friend, and it’s a gift to yourself as well.

Thank you darling generous friends of mine and Steve’s. May all the joy and generosity you bring to others come back to visit you a hundred times over. Thank you Steve!!!!

Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition

Los Angeles, CA

A “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” was made to this excellent organization, to support their work of TNR (trap, neuter, release) of feral cats, as well as the ongoing feeding and care of those cats once returned to their original locations.

FCCC’s mission, in the interests of feral cats everywhere, is to support feral cat caretakers, gain recognition of the beneficial role that caretakers perform, implement the trap, neuter and return (TNR) method of population control, and promote the adoption of long-term, caretaker-based solutions regarding feral cats.
Specifically, our purpose and commitment are to:

  • Facilitate the work of caretakers in caring for feral cats and controlling feral cat population growth.
  • Provide a communication network and support resources for caretakers.
  • Project a strong unifying voice for feral cat caretakers and their colonies.
  • Work with and educate property decision makers and governmental agencies in appropriate and humane solutions for feral cats.
  • Implement and manage programs that benefit the constituencies we serve.

Strangest Angels Animal Rescue

So Cal and beyond

Elle Wittelsbach is a “walk the walk” rescuer we have known for over twenty years. She has helped rescue animals forever, and just had a hand in bringing four Jindos to America from the Korean dog meat markets. We were happy to help. Now they will be in their forever homes and get dinner, instead of being dinner.

Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue


Casbah was rescued by Happy Hearts, a great organization that saves Shepherds and Shepherd-type dogs, often at the 11th hour. Casbah was a sweet soul so worth saving, but he really needed training, and a place to go until a rescue had room. Tails of Joy paid for all of it so he could come out a model citizen, ready to find his forever home.

Beware This Woman

Louann (Murray) Smith, of Mckinney Texas, is a multi-convicted felon with a rap sheet going back to the ’70s. She uses Facebook to scam rescue/charitable organizations. Do not give her money. Spread the word to spare unsuspecting charities.









Happy upcoming Easter and Passover holidays everyone! Remember, chicks and bunnies are living animals, requiring years of commitment. They’re not to be given lightly as “cute” holiday gifts that wind up in the shelter, never to make it out. You know what the best holiday gift is? CANDY!! And love. Til next time!