Happy Spring 2019!

Happy Spring Everybody!

We hope the warm weather starts to hang around so we can all get outside with our pets. We have been so busy rescuing, we want to thank all our supporters for making that possible. Please enjoy all the happy stories that happen every day thanks to you!

Dogtown Ranch

Rockdale, TX

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab takes in emergency cases and injured Pit Bulls who have been subjected to dog fighting or abusive situations, who would otherwise be euthanized or abandoned. They provide care, love, safety, and a forever home. In 2012 they agreed to take Vinnie from a California rescue who found him handcuffed to a tree. That left him not very adoptable, and they provided him with the environment he could not get here (not being surrounded by other dogs). He recently needed vet care, and we were only too happy to help.


Riverside, CA Shelter

Smokey, a beautiful, sweet Pittie, was dumped at the Riverside CA shelter as a stray by his owners who failed him, letting a huge mass tumor grow on his rectum, untreated for years. We’ll spare you the (unbelievable) photo of that and just show you his beautiful face. Of course we donated to get him well. Here he is after surgery, happy and healthy.


North Carolina

As we always tell you, when a facebook, or any, Peep, who has been a supporter of Tails of Joy, needs vet money, we come through. We’re sort of your pet savings account; we get your money back to you when it is your pet who is in need. Here we helped Poppy in N. Carolina, as we’ve helped her housemates over the years. So donate! We’ll be there for you.


Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance

Goffstown, New Hampshire

Tails of Joy is always looking for new, small rescue organizations to help across the country. We’re happy to add Hearts and Tails to our list of Little Guy Grants, so they can do big things.

Second Chance Cocker Rescue

California, neighboring states, and Canada

The biggest expense for rescue organizations is vet bills, and when you rescue lots of dogs in a year, they can add up quickly. This great organization, like most specific breed rescue orgs, also takes in other breeds, because it’s always hard to turn away dogs in need. We were happy to help.


Panola County Cat Rescue


We are delighted to make a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” to this new non-profit in Mississippi. TNR (Trap, neuter, release) of stray cats is the best way to cut down on the feral cat population and prevent stray cats being born to short lives of hardship and misery on the streets. This group saw a huge need in the community and is going to put its efforts into helping to fix it. Julie Bell, for whom the fund is named, knew the best way to stop killing animals was to implement spay/neuter whenever possible. We are happy to again honor her gift this way. While we’re at it, why not leave us a bequest so we can name a fund after you and keep your legacy and goodness alive too. Any amount is welcome, and also, please don’t die, we love you.


Strangest Angels


We are always happy to help one of our longest running partners, Elle Wittelsbach, who founded and runs “Strangest Angels” rescue. As always, she has accepted several hard cases at once and we are so happy to help someone who never gives up on an animal.


Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

We want to thank our friend Robert Litvak for his birthday fundraiser on facebook for Tails of Joy. So kind and thoughtful, and it helped us save even more lives. Thanks so much Robert. And fb Peeps, if your birthday is coming up, think about a facebook birthday fundraiser for Tails of Joy. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate life with life!

BFF Pet Rescue


“These 2 dogs needs out by 5 today or they will be killed. The black one is sick and the white one has a broken leg. Do you think your friend Elayne could donate towards their care if we pull them today?”
Of course Tails of Joy helped.

Stray Central


A non profit cat rescue and sanctuary. While many cats get adopted, some just never will, and they get to live out healthy, happy and safe lives here, with lots of friends. Tails of Joy was happy to help with a “Little Guy Grant” for spay/neuter, rabies shots, and more.

Rescue Dogs From Lebanon – Canada

We are always happy to help our dear flight attendant friends bring dogs back from the rock bottom worst conditions in the streets in the middle east, to be healed and adopted into forever homes in Canada. So far, this little group of volunteers has rescued and re-homed eighty dogs in two years. That is fantastic.

✈️WE NEED YOU✈️ if you’re traveling from Beirut to Montreal/Toronto please consider adding one of our #rescue#dogs or two as traveling with you. They are fully vetted, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped, come with all the necessary paperwork for customs. Their adopters or rescue will pick them up upon arrival at the airport. It’s EASY. We explain everything ahead of time. Please contact us ASAP if you can help. We will give you a $100 thank you gift. WE need you. THEY need you. 🙏🏻✈️

Available for adoption dogs just arriving in Canada:

Forgotten Tails Animal Rescue


An independent rescuer who pulls desperate dogs from shelters under the banner of Forgotten Tails asked for help with a sweet and suffering Beagle named Mac. While I was chatting with the receptionist at the vet’s office in Texas, she said the rescuer and her team actually were currently helping nine dogs at the vet’s, and that they were an absolutely fantastic bunch of true rescuers. We made a “Little Guy Grant” directly to the vet, to catch them up with their bills and to make sure all the dogs would be healthy and ready for their forever homes.

Baja Animal Sanctuary

Northern Mexico

We help Baja Animal Sanctuary whenever we can. They’re located in Rosarito, Mexico, just 22 miles south of the San Ysidro border. BAS, the only no-kill shelter in northern Mexico, provides a safe haven for dogs, cats, and presently, one beautiful horse. Rescued from the streets of Mexico, they now receive food, medical care, and love for the rest of their lives. Once the puppies are old enough, or the sick ones are well enough they are spayed/neutered. They try to find each and every one of them a forever home. When this can’t be accomplished, the animals that are “un-adoptable” will make BAS their permanent home.

Rock n Rescue


“Urgent. Two dogs living on a remote desert property.  Tiny is the tan female and we rescued her litter of puppies from under an old container.  But the Black male BOBO was unable to walk…He would stand  up then stumble around as if he is drunk.  We knew  that something was horribly wrong.  He tried to bite us snapping like a crocodile when we carried him to a crate in our car.  He is getting treatment at ARK animal hospital.  Blood work came back that he was POISONED.  Bobo is FIGHTING for his life right now and we are doing all that can be done to help him pull thru. We really want this puppy boy to live.  He is about 11 months old.” 

We made a “Little Guy Grant” to make sure there was enough money to help cover all they will need.

Tails of Joy Heroes

We owe a huge thank you and a debt of gratitude to Charles William Gameros and Kathryn Becker Gameros of the Atwood Gameros LLP law firm in Texas, for their incredible assistance to Tails of Joy. As you may know, we were scammed by a lifelong felon who lives in Texas. Our fb friend David Rubin brought this to the attention of this animal- and- justice -loving couple, who are representing Tails of Joy in our suit to recover our money, and are doing so without charge, because, as they said to me, “We don’t like people who hurt animals”. Tails of Joy could never have afforded to bring a lawsuit without this kind and generous couple donating their time to us. Thank you so very much. We are going to win and keep other rescues from getting scammed too. Now everybody in Texas, go out and sue somebody and hire this great firm!


I have some sad news for you. Someday, you, or a relative, or someone you know, who has a dog, is going to die. There is no doubt about it. Yet few people make provisions for what will happen to their pets after their own deaths. They make provisions for where their money is going, where their jewelry is going, where Aunt Sadie’s candy dish is going, but they leave their pets, their dependent family members, abandoned without instructions, funds for care, or even certainty of life, as many of these wonderful animals end up being killed in shelters.

This is the one thousandth email like this I have received:

“Orphan Dog Needs Home”

Please help and share! My mother passed away and she has left behind her beloved companion Jade.  I am heart broken that I cannot keep her in our family and must re home.

My mother said  that Jade is the best dog she has ever had.  She is very loving, gentle and low energy.  She is easy to care for and would be perfect for a senior that would like a loyal companion.

I have several dogs as does my family which is the reason we cannot take her.  She would probably do best in a home with no other pets but, I don’t know for sure.

Jade is approximately 13 years old.  She has been spayed, in good health and up to date on her vaccines. She still enjoys a game of fetch.  She is house trained and  does not need to be crated.

Jade is currently in Ohio but, we can transport to TN and possibly other states nearby if we find a home that is a good fit.

Here is how to plan for your dog’s or cat’s future without you:

First, my guess is, this woman told her mother she would be taking Jade when she passed away, because that is what children usually tell their parents so as not to be cut out of the will. I have seen it hundreds of times. Once the person dies, the children do NOT take the pet in.

This woman was elderly. She should have already had a plan in place, and her daughter should have been honest with her. If her daughter WAS honest and had told her mother she would not be taking Jade, they should have spent some time securing a new placement before the death of the older woman. Then there could have been a smooth transition for the dog once the time came, and Jade would have seen the relationship between her old and new mom/dad and had an easier transition.

Now, what stranger is going to take in a thirteen year old dog, who will undoubtedly incur old age, and end of life, medical expenses, and who probably doesn’t have that much time left? Without some money set aside for the dog’s medical care, the chances are close to zero. And when a dog is this old, taking her to the pound is certain death. So, what can you do?

First, if you are trying to get the pet adopted by a new owner, Have the Facts. Saying, as she does above: “She would probably do best in a home with no other pets but, I don’t know for sure”, is wrong and probably dishonest. After all these years, this girl knows if this dog gets along with other dogs. And clearly, the dog does not if she is saying this. It reeks of dishonesty and will further turn possible adopters off. Always tell the truth. If you “don’t know” something, find out before you post.

Second, and I believe equally important, is to leave a reasonable fund behind for the future medical care of your dog. Humans who foster humans are paid by the government to do so. If you are hoping someone is going to care for and love your dog, you can make it so much easier to say yes by leaving money to cover expenses. The fund can be controlled by your relatives, where the adopters call when a vet needs to be paid, or a payment needs to be made for dog food, meds, toys, etc. etc. And you would still be lucky to find someone who wasn’t an old friend or family member to take your dog.

Third, if you cannot find anyone who will take your pet, a rescue organization is a good choice, IF you leave them money to cover your pet’s needs. Rescues spend all their time trying to get pets adopted. A much older pet is either going to stay at the rescue forever, being loved and cared for, or if adopted, may take a much longer time to find a home. Rescues are always, always in debt, carrying huge vet bills and providing for the needs of adoptable dogs. To simply think any rescue organization is going to take your less adoptable dog in, and provide for her/him for the years left, is wrong. They simply cannot. But many rescue organizations have animals they know are never going to be adopted, and they love and care for them, which drains their resources. So those spots are limited. If you want your pet to have good care after you are gone, to be able to get the medical care she/he needs, and to be treated the way you would have treated her/him, you must leave some money behind.

Fourth, Get it in writing. I cannot tell you how many times dogs come to us from people who had committed to take the dog after the death of a friend, only to then say to us, “I said I would but I just can’t”. What good is that to anyone? Make sure the person means what she/he says, make it part of your will, get it in writing. And if your pet has a medical condition, provide the money to take care of that for the life of your pet. My neighbor died, leaving a three year old Shih Tzu with a very bad eye condition (breeders!) that required daily medicine inserted in the eye, and expensive eye doctor follow ups. She left three million dollars to family members, who did not want the dog. I took the dog and got her placed with a wonderful, hard working family. A few months later the dog needed major eye surgery for $1500. I called my neighbor’s family who all said, “Put the dog to sleep”. So Tails of Joy contributed for the surgery, because I loved my neighbor, and this dog had a dozen years left. You see where I am going? Would you just “hope for the best” for one of your children if you were going to die? No. If you want your pet to live and be loved when you die, you need to make good preparations. They deserve it.

Spring Shopping

We have so many beautiful things, including art, jewelry, housewares, and gorgeous and useful bags for spring! And as always, 100% goes to Rescue.




Have a beautiful spring everybody. Be safe and well and we’ll see you here next time.