Happy Easter, Passover, Peepsmonth, and Happy Spring Everyone!

Here’s all the good stuff we’ve been up to in rescue since our last letter. And Big News: I have stopped doing standup, but I am NOT retired. I am writing my books now (don’t worry, no autobiography, just entertainment and fun). And I am also devoting even more time to rescue! While I won’t be touring, our fundraising continues in fun and wonderful ways, not the least of which is our GREAT shopping section right here, which benefits rescue 100% as we are all volunteer. Enjoy!

Friends of Milo Foundation

Southern California

“Helping Senior and Special Needs Pets.” We helped them help. Seniors are the best; loving, trained, calm, ever so grateful, and move-in ready. Adopting a senior makes your life richer forever.


Dream Team Angels Rescue

All along the West Coast

Dream Team Angel’s Rescue is a group of women who volunteer 100% of their time to rescue. They are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless animals, many of whom are rescued at the very last moment from euthanasia at the city shelters. We were happy to support them.

Angels For Animals Rescue


The last voice for dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at local shelters. Angels for Animals is a California non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. All of the dogs they rescue are in loving foster homes where they are rehabilitated, socialized and receive all of the medical treatment they need so they can be placed in their forever home. We help that happen.

Dogs On the Move Transport #164 (DOTM) – Pawsitive For Life

From overcrowded Miami shelters (MDAS) to homes in Iowa.

We are happy to be a supporting donor for every DOTM Transport. “#164 is ready to get ON THE MOVE with 13 fantastic dogs.  Every one of these dogs either had medical issues, was deemed fearful or was at the shelter for a very long time. Some had MDAS adopter holds that failed to come for them and others were surrendered by their owners. They are going to our rescue partner in Maqouketa, Iowa.”

Dogs scheduled to depart:
Buddy, Shorty, Lindsey, Ariana, Marina, Mily, Figaro,
Max, Joe, Jr., Bear, Diamond, Princess.




Florida Boxer Rescue

Central and Western Florida

We gave a “Little Guy Grant” to our good friends here at this wonderful organization who do so much great work rescuing boxers. To date, almost 4600 boxers rescued and re-homed.                              




Homeless Cats Need Outdoor Kennel

Sun Valley, Nevada

Our independent rescuer friends, Tina Cook and her hubby, have spent decades getting feral cats to safety. Feeding, spaying/neutering, and sheltering. They are close to finishing a shelter attached to their home for hundreds of feral cats to find safety. Our “Little Guy Grants” have been helping them do that.  

Lucky the Lab-by Paws Ranch Rescue

San Antonio, Texas

Sometimes a nice labby gets a bad diagnosis and needs a little help…

Crossing Guardians

Aid for US/Mexico border strays

We made a “Little Guy Grant” to this excellent rescue organization, doing the heartbreaking work of rescuing desperate dogs along the California/Mexico border. Dogs suffering lives of abuse this severe need angels, and they have some with the Crossing Guardians. We donated for the desperate dogs below.












Desert Dog Project  


Desert Dog Project was asked to take in a litter of pit bull puppies way out in the desert from a home covered in broken down vehicles, garbage and trash. The puppies are only about 12 weeks old, in frail condition and covered in severe Sarcoptic mange.  One puppy is now at the vet and in serious condition. The other pups are hiding throughout this junk yard property and are feral so hard to catch. There is a big male who is also infected with the mites and needs to be caught and treated. Tails of Joy helped with the medical expenses for the pups, and is here to neuter/spay and treat the dad and mom when caught. 

S.T.A.R.T (Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team) 

Alicia Esken’s Birthday on Facebook

START funds approximately 1,000-1,200 spay/neuter procedures annually for people in underserved communities, senior citizens, low income folks.

START transports/relocates approximately 1,500 dogs (and cats) to vetted partners in the Pacific Northwest annually.

They bring in 10 dogs from the South Korea Meat farms annually to act as ambassadors to further the cause to end dog meat consumption. They help the dogs of Tijuana and Tecate Mexico.

A small group of SIX people, no offices, no fancy overhead. Alicia is the only full time staff.

Happy Birthday Alicia! We are so happy to help, and continue helping this great organization.

Buster the Cat

North Carolina     

Somebody’s cat needed to go to the dentist, and they emailed Tails of Joy for help. Of course we helped:

“Good Morning,

Just a quick update.  Buster wanted me to tell you how grateful he is that he will feel better soon because of you! 

Glamour Shot to follow.  🙂

Have a great day!

Much love,


Meet Billy and Lainey

From Lebanon to Canada

Yes, these two desperate dogs from Lebanon, now headed for Canada, were named after me, and my husband Bill. Not because I’m blonde and he’s Canadian, but because Tails of Joy always helps this fantastic group of women who rescue dogs living lives of horrible abuse and neglect in Lebanon, and brings them to Canada to find loving, forever homes.

“BILLY – this handsome, sweet, loving and very funny boy is coming to Canada on April 9!! He was dumped on the street in Beirut, all alone, scared and hungry. We asked that he be picked up right away and be placed in a safe boarding facility. He’s doing well, vetted, was neutered and all shots up to date. He has a pending adopter in Ontario. We can’t wait to meet him!! Thank you Gladys for all your help with this very special soul ♥️🐕🙏🏻🐾🤗♥️. Thank you Elayne Boosler for your continued support, it means the world to us.”


Nitro’s Heart Surgery

Hollywood, California

When a rescue organization acts poorly, it reflects on all rescue organizations, which is why we felt compelled to step in here. An adopter was not only charged an exorbitant fee and forced to purchase several hundred dollars worth of supplies from this ostensibly “non profit” organization, but was given an un-neutered dog who he was assured was given a clean bill of health by the organization’s vet. This “healthy” seven month old puppy turned out to have a soon to be fatal stage 6 heart murmur. The “rescue” did nothing to help, and as the adopter had already fallen in love with his puppy, we not only made a donation towards the surgery, we helped the adopter fundraise. Surgery was successful, and we will reveal the name of the offending organization when all legal hurdles are cleared. Thanks to all our supporters who donated too.

Happily getting to meet Knightro after his successful surgery.

Tail Waggers Rescue


They needed some spay/neuter funds, Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy provided.


Birthdays for Tails of Joy on facebook

Thank you to everyone who dedicated his/her birthday to fundraising for Tails of Joy on facebook. And thank you to our friends Norm Jacobovitz, and Susan Storm for your birthday fundraisers for us too! It means the world to us. We just want to let everyone know that we cannot thank you enough for your donations to friends’ birthdays for us. We see and appreciate every birthday wish and donation. We try to thank everyone personally on facebook. When the check comes from Network for Good it lists every single donation as “Anonymous”. So we try, but if we have not thanked you in the actual thread, please know we are aware of your incredible donation and we thank you thank you thank you for helping us save lives.

If you haven’t visited our Shopping section in a while, we have so much great new stuff, and more amazing, hand made quilts from our sewing angel Judy Isaacs coming in a few days. 100% to rescue.







As always, a HUGE Thank you to our monthly donors. We could not do it without you. 

Please Donate. Thank you so much!

Elayne after her last show on March 3, 2018

March 3, 2018, was my last touring standup performance after 46 of standup comedy. I want to thank all the wonderful fans and beautiful friends who supported me all along the way, and I hope I gave back as much as you gave to me. I hope we’ll continue to laugh together through my books, and see each other again on book tours and who knows where else. And of course, see you on the internets!





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