Do Anything

People always say: “I wish I could do something. Someday I want to do rescue too. I wish I could help. If only I had the time.” Etc., etc.

Every worthwhile undertaking is overwhelming. No one expects anyone who hasn’t made this her life’s work to jump in to the deep end. But, and this is the most important thing to know:

Just Because You Can’t Do Everything, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Do Something.

If all good, decent and caring people who wanted to help, did just one little thing a month, animals’ lives would change for the much, much better. You don’t have to do everything, and it doesn’t have to be big!

You can:

  • Share information on Facebook, Twitter, your neighborhood, about a dog or cat who needs a home. Re-posting works.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter, or a local rescue organization. Dogs and cats who are walked and given attention show much better at adoptions.
  • Transport. Rescue organizations always need help getting animals from one place to another.
  • Foster. Rescue organizations always need good temporary homes for short periods. It’s a great way to get to know animals without being committed. We pay all expenses and you get a wonderful experience and help a dog or cat who would have been killed at the pound.
  • Donate. If rescue organizations won the lottery, we’d still be in debt!
  • Click on to a local rescue organization near you. Read the organization’s wish list. You are probably throwing away items they could really use. Organize your neighbors too, and deliver the goods.

These are just a few of the little to you, huge to us, things you can do that will make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. Trust me, it helps a lot. More to come.