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The No Bones Blog makes no bones about it: great info on the latest issues affecting all animals, made easy, funny and entertaining.


Examiner.com’s 10 Holiday Gifts Under $20 That Give Back to Animals. Tails of Joy is #4!

Tails of Joy is so happy to have made #4 on examiner.com‘s list of ten holiday gifts that give back to animals. Please check out their entire list for ten great items that you’ll love, which also help animals. And be sure to visit our Shopping Page for even more great gifts. Tails of Joy Signature Totes […]

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HSUS “Misleads” Again

Wayne Pacelle is the president of the HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States. Here is what Wayne Pacelle posted on his own blog on August 15th:  “United States Moves to End Puppy Mill Imports As a result of an announcement today from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, other nations will no longer be able to […]

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Ape-stract Art

  Cheeta, the great chimp who appeared in all the Tarzan films, spent his last decades living the high life, and painting, in Palm Springs, California. His caretakers gave him a great life, and eventually took in many “retired” primates, who were not treated very well during their years in show business. To support the […]

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Nuns Give Pitbull New Home

NYACK , NY – After spending months in a shelter, a pit bull finally has a new home with nuns. Three nuns from Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine adopted the 9-year-old dog named Remi from Hi Tor Animal Care Center. Smart, loving people know how great Pitties are. For the whole story, and […]

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To Amputate or Not?

August 1, 2013 Dear Elayne, I have a dog question for you…have you had much experience with 3 legged dogs? We just got a bone cancer diagnosis for our 11 year old Rottie mix and I am trying to gather info on if amputation at his age would be the best thing. I feel like […]

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Safe Gates Make Safe Pets

You have no idea how many pets we pick up on the road, who simply took advantage of an open gate. Remember to keep your gates on a lock spring so they close automatically. Keep gates locked whenever possible. Tell all recurring visitors (gardeners, etc.) to always close gates, and to make sure animals are […]

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Barbi Twins National Geographic Interview

Passionate animal activists The Barbi Twins interview Elayne for National Geographic. Barbi Twins: If you were to describe yourself as an animal, what animal would you pick? Elayne: A comedian. Read the whole interview here on National Geographic: No Funny Business in Animal Rescue: Interview with Comedian Elayne Boosler

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