Adopt Lily! All Costs Covered

photo-2Here is a wonderful cat! This is Lily. She is in the L.A. area. Her mommy truly loves her but no longer has a way to keep her. Lily is 5 years old, petite, female, short-haired with pretty multi-coloring (calico looking). Lily is very sweet & affectionate, & in the right environment (when she feels safe) can be quite playful, nuzzling, rolling around & pawing. Unfortunately this little sweetheart has a heart murmur and needs a pretty calm environment. She would be good in a relatively quiet home either as the only pet or with other friendly cats (possibly a mellow small dog).

lilly1Lily has mild allergies, and to manage this eats special food* (Royal Canin Protein LP) and gets a Cortisone shot approx. every 6-8 weeks ($15-$20/shot). Lily is up-to-date on all vaccinations and is currently on a Wellness Plan* through Banfield Hospitals ( that includes comprehensive vet exams twice a year, and helps with other medical needs/costs as well. Due to her heart murmur Lily is not spayed. Lily’s mommy is willing to cover significant costs for Lily, including her Wellness Plan, food and cortisone shots. This little lovebug pretty much just needs a good home and lots of TLC. Her mommy will make sure you do not incur any costs in taking this sweet, loving little girl into your home. Finally, someone forced to give up a pet who will stand behind her for the rest of her life. Can you please think about taking Lily in? Or maybe you know someone who is looking for a loving soul mate? Please email us right here for more info/adoption application. Thank you.