2014 Second Quarter Happy Newsletter!

Thanks to all our wonderful Peeps for helping us heal, help, and rescue needy animals during the second quarter of 2014. We always like to show you where your generous donations have gone, so you can see how many deserving animals you have given a second chance at life.

We helped Beyond Breed, with their Brooklyn Ruff Riders Project, which offers pet food, pet supplies, and resources to people in under-served neighborhoods of Brooklyn and NYC. When Michael found a beautiful pitbull abandoned and tied to a light pole in his neighborhood, he fell in love with him and named him Yang. Tails of Joy helped Michael get everything Yang would need for his happy new life in his forever home.



Michael and Yang


In Mississippi, Tails of Joy helped For The Love Of Alex pay for all the many surgeries needed to get sweet little Cissy ready for her new forever home.


We flew beautiful Tanya the cat from NY to LA for her mom Judy to be able to take care of her many medical needs. We’re happy to report Tanya is doing very well.



We helped The Desert Dogs Project with a litter of abandoned puppies:

“Outside of Bakersfield, CA, in the high desert, there is a war going on. The casualties have no voices of their own, no weapons, and did not sign up to become desperate soldiers, trying to survive in some of the harshest territory known to man – the Mojave Desert and the small communities that border it.

There is at least one warrior who is fighting to save these lives – Patricia (Pat) Bonham – with the Desert Dog Project. Working with local residents who report sightings of the abandoned dogs, she gathers them up and gets them to medical help and foster. Sometimes the dogs are so fearful of humans (and who can blame them), that feeding stations and traps are required to be able to rescue them and get them to safety. And sometimes the dogs are so good at avoiding humans, it isn’t until they are nearly starved or badly injured, that they can be brought out of the desert and to the help they so desperately need.”

We helped Be Kind to Animals Rescue in South Florida.



We helped Mutt Match LA. 

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When we heard that  SOS 4 Paws, Inc. in Miami had two elderly fosters who were blind, but whose vision could be restored with surgery, we had to help. We’re happy to report that now they can both see and are so happy in their foster homes.


We helped Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue.


Our friends at the excellent Paws Ranch Rescue  in San Antonio, TX had a raffle. We bought a zillion raffle tickets, really doing it just to donate. When we won a new Kindle and gold earrings, we donated our fabulous prizes right back to them so they could have another big auction and raise even more money.




Our Peep Roni Chambers held a fund raiser for Tails of Joy at her school, Chaminade. Yaay Roni! Now she is off to NYU Stern school of finance where we know she will succeed with flying colors. What a fantastic young woman.




We helped our friends at RUFF (Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends) in Graceville, FL keep their doors open.


We helped Pet Partners Rescue Home too!








On April 19th, an arsonist destroyed the new 10,000 sq ft  clinic at the Animal Coalition of Tampa. In addition to destroying the entire clinic, including all medical equipment, and all supplies, “this unthinkable crime took the lives of 3 of our beloved cats who called the clinic home. Jazz, Boy, and Mama were overcome by the smoke and were found dead after the flames were finally put out”. This clinic was years in the making, and so valuable to the community. Tails of Joy donated in honor of Jazz, Boy and Mama, and we will continue to help until it is rebuilt.


We helped BARC Shelter (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition).





We helped Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.


We donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society

May 30, 2014: “The Wisconsin Humane Society has removed 72 animals from the Orphan Kanines facility, in addition to 19 other animals at two private residences, a total of 91 animals. Your kind words, donations, and offerings of assistance help fuel us as we continue to care for these animals from these truly heartbreaking conditions. We seized 80 dogs, 9 cats and 2 pigs.” Conditions were beyond dire, and all the animals need extensive medical care before they will be ready for adoption. If you would like to help or donate directly, click here.


Sometimes the people who rescue dogs need rescue themselves. Our friend Ena, who ran Horatio’s Legacy Rescue for years, finally could not keep up with the finances needed to keep doing the excellent rescue work she was known for. She is in the process of finding a new home for herself and her own dogs who she will not give up, and we were happy to be able to help a bit in this time of need.

Nice article about Elayne’s rescue work and recent New York shows, where she donated all after show profits to New York City rescues:

BWW Comedyworld.com

How To Get the Most Bark (and Meow, Tweet, Gurgle, etc.) For Your Buck

Always donate locally to small rescue groups in your area. Type “animal rescue” and your zip code into google and find the small, hands on rescue groups near you. Or donate to us, we vet all the groups for honesty & results. Huge groups like the HSUS are simply fundraising juggernauts. They pay huge salaries, pensions, expenses, send you tons of crap from China, and most importantly: do NO hands on rescuing of dogs, cats, or any animals. Here they are on Charitynavigator.com, the largest & best charity rating website, where they receive a 44 out of 70 rating for use of finances related to mission statement. In 2012, their latest listing, they took in one hundred twenty five million dollars and did not save one dog or cat from a pound, or get one dog or cat adopted into a home.

Tails of Joy is staffed 100% by volunteers. We pay NO salaries, NO perks, NO pensions. Our only expenses are the buying of the merchandise we sell for fundraising. When you donate to us, you are saving the lives of dogs, cats, bunnies, wildlife, sealife, endangered species, big cats, and you are helping us advocate for the passing and enforcement of anti-cruelty and conservation laws as well.  100% of your donation to Tails of Joy is used to rescue animals, and make the world better for animals and people.


Our recurring thanks to our recurring donors. It may not seem like a lot to you, but all together, we can save lives every single month, because your donations ADD UP.  Thank you!

Recurring Thanks!!

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Big Thanks to Leon Wagner and Norm Jacobovitz, who donated their birthdays to Tails of Joy through Crowdrise.com. What a great way to celebrate being born, by saving lives. If you’d like to create a birthday fundraiser for Tails of Joy, you can start right here.

Big Thanks to the fabulous Seven Colonial , for donating to Tails of Joy all throughout these months with special promotions on their fantastic site. Seven Colonial, “The warm heart of contemporary design from the Hollywood Hills of Southern California.”

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