Meant To Be

As rescuers, we all have a haunting list of the ones we can’t forget, the ones who slipped through our hands before we could do right by them. On very special, rare days, maybe once a decade, when all the planets are lined up and the air is vibrating at just the right intensity, we get a second chance to save one that got away.


I’ll let LisaMarie, an independent rescuer, take it from here:

“Back in 2012, I offered spay/neuter and vaccine help for poor pet owners in North Hollywood. I came across a friendly Mastiff girl  named “Mary Jane”. Her owner was eager to get her up to date on vaccines. When a spay appointment was suggested, the owner backed out, explaining he wanted to sell Mary Jane, and her value would go down if she were spayed. Then the owner disappeared.

It was reported that Mary Jane was seen for sale on Craig’s list a few times over the years (the worst place to advertise dogs, as they often meet with horrible fates) but nobody was able to zero in and secure her.

On 2/22/2014, Mary Jane ended up at the East Valley shelter. Like many dogs, she got sick while at the shelter and was facing death row. Her once shiny brindle fur coat, her sparkling eyes and happy wiggle butt were all gone, replaced by a dog who was sad, sick, and broken, yet miraculously still alive after all she had been through.”

Well, she is now, at long last, in the capable hands of LisaMarie, and Tails of Joy is happy to say we have provided funds to get Mary Jane on the road to health. We thank LisaMarie for her true rescuer’s heart, and we know that she will find Mary Jane the perfect, loving, forever home she has waited for. Rescuers spend their lives securing second chances for animals, it is rare and wonderful when they get a second chance themselves. We will keep you updated!

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