#Ukrainian friends,
If you are evacuating with #animals, the below group has gathered a list of over a thousand safe homes in Poland where you can shelter yourself & your animals. #Polish #vets are also offering free medical assistance to your #pets.” #Ukraine #dogs #Ukrayna #Poland
1. “International Fund for Human Welfare (IFAW)”
They are preparing to send supplies to several animal shelters in Ukraine.
Charity Navigator states “Donors can Give with Confidence to this charity”.
2. “Shelter Ugolyok”
This shelter is located in Ukraine. My friend lived in Ukraine for a long time and told me this shelter is 100% legit.
Here is a link if you would like to help:
****Share this information with family and friends that might be affected with their pets in the Ukraine …..
****If you are fleeing or know someone who has, help has been offered for your pets. The animal protection association Casa lui Patrocle supports and offers help for families with pets who enter Romania from Ukraine via the Sireten.
The shelter is located in Suceava, about 40 km away from the Ukrainian border.****
** Many people are desperately trying to leave #Ukraine right now. Entry into #Germany can be difficult for families with #pets because they lack the necessary proof of rabies vaccination.
#Animal Shelter #Munich will provide quick help and temporarily accommodate for #animals
To Ukrainian citizens who want to leave Ukraine with pet(s) and enter Germany due to the current situation: Please contact at Munich Airport for organisation. The team there does everything possible to get the people and their animals out of there.
Poland is offering help for people w/Pets.
Contact for assistance and temporary housing !!
Volunteer Natalia: 518 667 614
Credit for compiling info: Coty Hohanshelt
According to the information received from the Director of the Border Bureau of the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, due to the emergency and martial law in Ukraine, the Veterinary Inspectorate’s authorities do not block the entry of people traveling with pets from the AU to the EU.
The procedures have been implemented at the border crossing points, so all travelers are asked to declare that they have a pet and show their veterinary documents, IF they have any. The next steps will be indicated by customs officials and official veterinarians at the border crossing point.
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Thank you

And another comprehensive list for helping, donating, and getting great information.