Tails of Joy! November 2014 – August 2015

Happy Summer, Peeps, Animal Lovers, and Good People Everywhere

November 2014 – August 2015, in no particular order.

I am so happy to update you on our Tails of Joy rescue successes. I know it’s been too long. Due to my right wrist going on strike for more months than I can bear to think of, I was not able to do our quarterly newsletters. Though my wrist did get in the way of typing, it did NOT get in the way of rescuing. Our last update to you was in early November, 2014. Today’s happy stories pick up from then until now. We never stop rescuing, thanks to your valiant support.  We always want you to see where your donations go, so you’ll keep sending them!

Secondhand Animals

In July 2015 we helped Secondhand Animals, in Rosamond, CA, save Sweetie.


Moreno Valley Shelter

In June, Linda Blair and I did a special event at Moreno Valley Animal Shelter.

Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, Linda Blair, Elayne Boosler
Linda, the great people at moreno valley shelter, and me

We spent the Father’s Day weekend at the Moreno Valley shelter meeting residents and promoting adoptions in the area. Tails of Joy made two Little Guy Grants. One was to Linda Blair’s Worldheart Foundation for all they do. Linda even took seven pitties to her shelter that day from Moreno Valley, as they were “left over” and deserved another chance.

Moreno Valley Shelter, Linda Blair, Elayne Boosler

Our second Little Guy Grant came from our newly endowed Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy.

Little Guy Grants at Moreno Valley Shelter
Little Guy Grants at Moreno Valley Shelter

Moreno Valley Animal Services had no program in place for trap, neuter and release of feral cats (TNR), a humane practice used all over the country. Tails of Joy was able to establish TNR at Moreno Valley with a Little Guy Grant from our newly endowed fund. Thank you Julie and Edith!

Romance to the RescueRomance to the Rescue

Every year for the past several years, a group of New York Times Bestselling romance authors put out a boxed set of ten great novels that, for its initial run, benefits a charity.

Tails of Joy was lucky enough to be chosen by these wonderful authors to be that charity in 2015:

The books were great, and the authors and we had contests, raffles, online parties, and everything we could do to encourage people to buy the books and save a pet. The generous authors even let the boxed set be sold for our benefit beyond the initial promised period, which helped us do so much incredibly important work for animals this year. We can never thank them enough, but so many lives were saved this year because of them.  Here they are so you can continue to buy their books and support their great writing:

Marie Force, Bella Andre, Eliza Knight, Debra Holland, Kathryn Shay, Lauren Royal, Julianne MacLean, Shelly Thacker, JoAnn Ross, Glynnis Campbell.

Romance to the Rescue

We also thank our animal-loving friends who made videos for us with their own pets, and supported our campaign, “Buy a Book, Save a Pet”:

Kevin Nealon, Jon Stamos, Carol Leifer, America (the band), Bill A. Jones, Bill Mumy, Jon Provost, and our authors, plus these best selling authors: Marshall Karp, Tanya Anne Crosby, Marie Campisi, Cynthia Wright, Danelle Harmon, Laurin Wittig, Brenda Hiatt, Lucinda Brant, Sharon Ihle, Willa Blair, Debbie Conrad, Amy Jarecki, Selena Laurence, Deb Stover, Kathryn Le Veque, Riley J. Ford, Josie Riviera.

We hope you will support the work of these great writers and their generosity long into the future. Special thanks to our friend Penny Dachel Bunnell, who brought Tails of Joy to the attention of this great group.

Dogs On the Move by Pawsitive 4 Life

When a van puts on so many miles a year driving dogs to their new lives, it’s bound to need major repairs once in a while. Tails of Joy was able to help Dogs On the Move by Pawsitive 4 Life in early January, 2015, to keep that freedom train on its wheels.

Dogs on the Move Van

Here are just a few of the Dogs on the Move transports that TOJ helped:

Transport #128– November, 2014

We helped Dogs On the Move by Pawsitive4Life get all of these beautiful pups out of overcrowded Miami (MDAS) shelter and on to their adoption partners JCHS.

Dogs on the Move

Transport #131 — December Holiday Transport

We helped these dogs get on the road and leave behind overcrowded shelters down south. They made it all the way to adoptions and forever homes at JCHS in Maquoketa, Iowa.

Dogs on the Move

What a beautiful group, headed to their forever homes: Linus, Male Beagle mix, Avenger, Male Shepherd mix, Lady, Female American Bulldog, Nick, Male lab, Shina, Female Shepherd mix, Nino, Male Terrier mix, Janet, Female German Shepherd, Milo, Male Terrier/Doxie mix, Luna, Female Chihuahua, Blackie, Male Chihuahua, Star, Female Terrier mix, Ben, Male Terrier mix, Debbie, Female Chihuahua, Milo, Male Lab, Jack, Male Chow Chow mix.

Transport #133 — February, 2015.

“Looking For Love” Valentine Transport.

Deisy, Diva, Dora, Zoey, Etta, Bella, Scarlett, Al, Chiquita, Paula, Lola, Rocky, Bali, Roki.
Deisy, Diva, Dora, Zoey, Etta, Bella, Scarlett, Al, Chiquita, Paula, Lola, Rocky, Bali, Roki.

Transport #138 — May, 2015

Transport to New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Doggies moving, homes waiting!!

Jake, Zeus, Rocky, Pancho, Nala, Chola, Benji, Zeus 2, Lazaro, Lucky, Lady, Diamond, Barry
Jake, Zeus, Rocky, Pancho, Nala, Chola, Benji, Zeus 2, Lazaro, Lucky, Lady, Diamond, Barry

Transport #139. 2015.

What a wonderful mix of dogs ready to start new lives! Included in this transport is Rick, the dog that was at MDAS longer than any other when we pulled him. 80+ days! Besides Rick, we have dogs that were in danger of being euthanized if we did not step up to take them, such as Baby Bop, Rosie, and Lady Bug. There are deferred dogs that were ultimately surrendered by their owners when no one came forward for them, such as Kloe.  We also have sweet four-month-old Gina, for whom MDAS sent out an emergency email blast due to her injured leg. We had to get her right away. There are small dogs with health issues and big dogs that were overlooked, owner surrenders, and strays. Many of the dogs left MDAS with URI and all dogs going on this transport have been vetted at our outside vet!

All will be going to JCHS, our wonderful partner who is dedicated to making sure our South Florida dogs find amazing homes, as they have now done for over three years!  Jackson County Humane Society in Maquoketa, Iowa has taken over 450 South Florida dogs in three years.

Pawsitive 4 Life
Dogs on the Move

Transport #140. July, 2015.

Happy Independence Day on the Freedom Wagon! These are dogs moved from highly overcrowded shelters in Miami to rescue partners around the country, with homes waiting.


“Please help save my aunt’s baby!!!”

July, Tails of Joy donation. Crippling vet bills should not determine whether a beloved pet lives or dies.


Chews Life Rescue

In June 2015 we helped Chews Life Rescue get Gigi to her forever home, yay.

Chews Life Rescue
Gigi and her first day of freedom, going to her new home.

Independent Rescuers


In February we helped independent Facebook rescuer Yesenia Peppers with some special needy cases.

Desert Dogs Project

When we get an email like this one from Desert Dogs Project, we respond no matter what it takes.  We’ll spare you the photos…


Plz help if you can.  No amt is too small…

Little Guy Grant made. July, 2015.

Pet Adoption League

June, 2015

We helped a wonderful little pittie girl who was out of time in Vidor, Texas, get to safety at the Pet Adoption League in Hackettstown, NJ. See the video on Facebook.


Pet Adoption League


Rescue – A True Story

In June, Elayne again performed her original composition (book by Elayne Boosler, music by Carol Worthey) Rescue – A True Story, this time with the Huntington Beach Symphony, featuring cellist Ruslan Biryukov.

Rescue -- A True Story

Based on the life of Elayne’s real rescue dog, Annie, it educates, amazes, and leaves you laughing, crying, and ready to volunteer!

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

South Florida. June, 2015.

Always happy to help our good friends at Be Kind to Animals Rescue do their great work.

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

Animal Care and Protective Services

February, 2015

In February, I played Florida and visited one of their great shelters. Tails of Joy brought along a Little Guy Grant as well.





Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START)

START_logoWe helped fund a START transport in January, 2015, and then again in May, 2015. We helped START do what they do best — get animals out of shelters and into their forever homes.

We started here with Chula and Biggles…

CHULA is a little Dachshund mix who was sitting alone, scared and depressed in her kennel at the Riverside Shelter. A man in a wheelchair came to the shelter in tears and told staff that he and his wife separated and she didn’t want the dog anymore, as the dog was old.  The man, who is in a wheelchair, had to get a bus to the shelter and surrendered the dog, as he is not even able to care for himself. He was very upset and asked the shelter to please help him find a home for this little girl.

The story of five-year-old BIGGLES makes our blood boil.  We found him on the street in 100 degree heat last year in San Bernardino.  We found a foster for him and got him fixed and chipped.  His owner found him from the fliers we put up and told us he got out of the yard and they missed him and their daughter was crying every night.  We decided to return him as they begged us for their dog back.

Flash forward one year… We got a call from the San Bernardino City Shelter that BIGGLES is in the shelter. A neighbor apparently witnessed his loser owners opening the gate and literally kicking BIGGLES out of the house onto the street.  He was devastated and tried to get back in but ended up at the SBC high kill shelter.

North Dallas Dog Rescue/DASH Dog Rescue

D.A.S.H.Little Guy Grants to DASH Dog Rescue all throughout the year for the emergencies, weather events, and all the special cases they take on.

Just a few: We helped Halley get her front leg amputated. And then she found the happiest forever home.


And in June, 2015, we helped DASH help other shelters during the floods and severe weather that left those shelters in dire straits:

We did step up and help the Humane Society of N Texas, HS of Lamar Co and a couple of smaller rural shelters in desperate need during mid-may. One month later we have everyone spayed & neutered & otherwise healthy and vetted but they DO need HW treatment. Under normal circumstances I would have insisted on tests FIRST to budget but as you know for 29/31 days of ALL RAIN, STORMS, HAIL, FLOODS & TORNADOES there were a lot of risks to keep dogs alive.

Gracie after surgeries and lots of TLC
Gracie after surgeries and lots of TLC
Austin, saved from a sadistic breeder who was about to kill him due to a hurt leg, which he refused to fix.
Austin, saved from a sadistic breeder who was about to kill him due to a hurt leg, which he refused to fix.

And many more….

Noah’s Animal House

March, 2015

In March, Elayne Boosler and Caroline Rhea played the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. They visited Noah’s Animal House, a prototype program in the US that lets abused families escape WITH THEIR PETS. Of course Tails of Joy made a Little Guy Grant.



TOJ grant to Noah's Animal House
TOJ grant to Noah’s Animal House
Noah’s Animal House

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

South Florida. April, 2015.

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

Sometimes they just need a little help keeping the lights on and the kibble flowing…

Dirty Dog Squad

April, 2015

We helped Dirty Dog Squad rescue Dudley.

Dudley -- Still waiting for his forever home
Dudley — Still waiting for his forever home

Baja Dog Rescue

April, 2015

Lots of great dogs to adopt at Baja Dog Rescue!

Our House of Hope K-9 Rescue

Our House of Hope K-9 Rescue in Libertyville, IL received a Little Guy Grant in April, 2015. We love helping new organizations get going!

Our House of Hope K-9 Rescue

All Breed Dog Rescue

April, 2015. Yucaipa, CA.

Our good Facebook friend Rory Murray found these two lovely bonded girls moseying up Route 66. It took Rory, Tails of Joy, and several good kennels to keep the girls safe and well for the several months it took to finally find them new homes. We never give up on happy endings! Many thanks to Mary at All Breed Dog Rescue for networking the girls, keeping them safe and finding their forever homes, with a Little Guy Grant from us.

Rory with Happy and Daisy
Rory with Happy and Daisy


Pound Pals

Pound Pals got a Little Guy Grant in March, 2015!!

San Diego Spaniel Rescue

March, 2015

San Diego Spaniel Rescue is a great rescue organization. And they need foster homes and volunteers. Great pets to adopt here, check it out.



Humane Society of Young County

January, 2015. Humane Society of Young County in Graham Texas.

Humane Society of Young County

Even Humane Societies run out of food in less than thriving areas where the government’s last thought is of helping animals. We heard the cry and sent enough to feed all their animals hoping to find their forever homes.

Guardians of Rescue

January, 2015

We gave a Little Guy Grant to Guardians of Rescue, an awesome organization that takes on every issue to help animals and people. Check them out!

Guardians of Rescue


Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

January, 2015.

Little Guy Grant to Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation for all the great work they do.

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Baja Animal Sanctuary.

January and April, 2015

We love helping Baja Animal Sanctuary as often as possible, supporting all the great work they do, rescuing dumped dogs, cats, and more, in the desert.


Baja Animal Sanctuary


Little Guy Grant to Underdogz rescue in November, 2014. Donation made to fundraiser: “Help Carol Continue to Help the Wasco Animal Shelter!”  Sometimes great rescuers need help helping!

In December, 2014, we made Little Guy Grants to:

Bunny World Foundation

Bunny World Foundation

Wildlife Waystation


Last Chance Animal Rescue


Forgotten Animals of Los Angeles

Forgotten Animals of Los Angeles

West Coast Animal Rescue

West Coast Animal Rescue

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)


Join us to help stop testing on animals!

Howling Woods Farm, New Jersey

Howling Woods Farm

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

December, 2014

Everyone in Florida Has Cataracts. In early December, 2014, we helped our good friends at Be Kind to Animals Rescue, in South Florida, get eye surgery for this little pup. It was much worse than cataracts but together we did it. Success!

Be Kind to Animals Rescue

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

November, 2014

We helped Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama with some special cases.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

Tails of Joy tries hard to respond to pressing needs when individuals are desperately seeking help for a pet emergency. We believe rescue includes keeping animals in their loving homes when help is needed. We do what we can. Here is a list of donations we made across the country to help people keep their pets:

  • January — Petfinder Foundation
  • February — Help Honey Bunny, Palo Alto, CA
  • March — Sable We Love You, CA
  • April — Stroh Ranch Pet, CO
  • April — AV Animal ER, Lancaster, CA
  • May — Quinlan Animal Clinic, TX
  • May — Quakertown, PA, Veterinary
  • June — Yorkville Animal Hospital, TX
  • June — Upshur Veterinary Hospital, WV
  • July — Community Pet, TX


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    Unconditional Love
    Unconditional Love

Check out www.tailsofjoy.net for great shopping and excellent news about pets.

We truly thank our monthly contributors for their devotion to helping us save lives! We truly thank everyone who donates any time, any amount, to help us do what we do.

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